leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, March 1, 2013


Buenos Dias... I just realized that it is probably early morning where you are all at. crazy not gonna lie I love you all like crazy I pray for you all often and trust me I pray a ton on the mission. I love you all for each and every piece of me that is made up with pieces stories lessons advice love from each of you I am extremely blessed.
This week was just an all around killer week here In Rivera for us here. We worked super hard I gave the lord even more and it showed because people went to church!!! Juanita I´m glad you asked mom is doing well she just has her fears of comitting to baptism. She wants to know that it is right first but she is not putting forth enough effort to get her answer from God. She actaully went to Montevideo to visit her daughter who is the member of our Church who is studying there. She went a baptism there and we are hoping that all went wonderful. We are teaching two young girls who are the friends of a member and we are really hoping that they keeping coming and we can help them learn a better way to live. I love the opportunity I have to teach things like the Law of Chastity and the word of wisdom becuase I have seen so many sad things that have happened in this world through these things that I love teaching young people so they can be stronger happier and have faith. I love the gospel.
Well my first District meeting was well.... I did not like it that much the room was freezing and I just did not like the way it came out in the end. But I learned a lot from it. I mainly just needs to come from the spirit I always write a ton of notes and then when it comes down to it. I dont even look at them. So Tommorrow is going to be way better. I am going to talk mainly about how to invite the sprit into the lesson. It is going to be more of a group descussion It should be great I pray.
We have Zone conference this week which will be great. I´`m excited one of my best friends here in the mish is a zl in the other zone. That will be good to see him.
My district are awesome we had 4 baptisms this last week so Friday I ran around and gave interviews to all 4. They were were all teenage girls for some reaon but wow every single one had a string testimony I told one in the interview that my sister was 17(it still scares the heck out of me) and that she was planning on a mission. I asked her if she would like to go on a mission. She said she would love that. It was an amazing experience to see so much light and exitement for their baptisms the next day. The church is true fowlks.
I find myself with less and less time every week now that I have more responsabilities. I need to write so many people but I get home and there is just no time forgive me all you wonderful people. Listen I am heading home ealier now to write some letters so maybe I´ll get some done. Elder McCraney is the best He called me today... Such a good missionaryI miss the guy a ton he told me he gave his last testimony and balled I will ball aswell I can already tell you that.
We did a "Choque de Fuerza" this last sunday which is we went to one elders area and just got to work we all went contacting trying to help them in their area. It went really well I think I am going to do it every sunday to keep everyone working super hard.
It was a super happy week for me I went on divisions with Elder Brown our ZL and I felt like it was there that the lord wanted me to get my answer of what I needed to do more and that was be like I was when I started the mission talk with everyone smile at everyone and just open my mouth. It was a really good day there and we had more that followed. I went on divisions with elder Goeckeritz and we had a really good day aswell the next day. Just working hard it felt wonderful.
I just love the lord and I am so grateful for all that I have been given. It is freaking me out how fast the mission is going. in may I will be calling home again..... what hapened to january and Febuary.. I just have to work harder than ever. It goes too fast. I love it here
I love you all be safe. Listen to that still small voice even when it is inconvienent it will never lead you on a wrong path.
Elder Stewart-Chester
ps. Fletch read your scriptures man. wait till your 16 to date and dont waist time on the stupid things when there are so many great things in this world. Take Teddy and Bo Sledding! What I wouldn´t give to be able to do that. Be a disciple of Jesus Christ

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