leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

He loves his "son"

Well this email is going to be all sorts of spread out because I want to send all these pictures. 

Where do you begin on a week such as this?
Well my son... 

His name is Elder  Diotaiuti
and I know what your thinking...no he is not Tongan.  His father is Italian, but he is very American.  He is from West Jordan Utah. Can I just say that He is one of the best companions I have ever had. I have never been so exited to work as I am now. My Son is full of faith and a desire to work and I love it!! WE have already begun to see miracles in our area and we know more are coming. The lord has blessed me with a son who will far surpass anything I do here and I am so grateful to be his trainer. Get this we are so similar as well.  He dominates in futbol we played today and we killed it. We look somewhat similar and well he is going to become one of my best friends I can already tell. Our area is huge now so huge and it just fills us both full of exitement to know that there are people prepared in our area. 
Here i will write more dont worry.

Well anyway so I spent all wednesday down in Montevideo picking up my son and then when we had had a lot of capacitations from presidente and the assistants and hermana Heaton we took off to the temple to go and pick up my son he was standing in a line with his back facing me with all the other people in his group.   The tradition is the trainers go behind and sing called to serve and then after the first verse they turn around. Those are the pictures you see. 

We later ate talked a lot then went to the gaint terminal where we found out that we did not leave until 6 that night so we went and put his bags in a bag carrying place and then went and contacted for a lot of hours. We had some really good contacts aswell. Elder Diotaiuti does extremely well in spanish he understands a heck of a lot more than I did when I got here and he has already given out his first baptism date to this super prepared lady we found. The lord is already blessing us in our weakness and we had the most number of investigators i have ever had in church. WE are working super hard and I love it. 

I dont want to write too much today becuase I need to leave. But I am just super happy everyone I cannot believe how great it is to be on a mission. I love it how blessed I am. Mom I love you you know that I just felt impressed to write to you about that. I know you already know it I have just wanted to share with you that god will bless us even faster we need those blessings so just remeber to love the journey pay and then trust. I love you so much you know you taught me everything i know. Keep loving the lord

What else not much I have much to say but mostly my son is the best and will be one heck of a missionary his dad is from Italy so me and his we dominate in Futbol. 

Oh I am not DL just training. Im grateful because with ewverything there is to do in this area being so big it would be hard with having to do divisions and everything else aswell. 

I love you all Trust in the lord with all thine heart Enjoy my pictures.

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