leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, March 25, 2013

Dear lovely Family and friends

The good news is I took notes on things I needed to write about so It should be a better letter this week. first off

Mom I just want to thank you so much for all the time you spend sending me all these stories and fotos of people on facebook and who is going on a mission and to where no ones mom does that for sure you are the best. Not gonna lie that foto of jordan and tyson making a movie makes me trunky but I´ll be there soon enough.

We had another strong week. I have never returned to the house as tired as I have this week. With our area so huge it is so extremely difficult to get to every investigator we have and we spend hours walking from place to place. I wish I had something to count the miles that we walk because it would amaze you. My kid is awesome and has yet to complain. The thing is we have so many that we are working with that are really good investigators that we have to organize our time so that we can be in the different zones of our area to visit them all around the same time but the problem is we have somedays that we have to be in an area at the last hour of the day and so we cross our entire area to get there and have to go all the way home. But we work like dogs and still had a really good number of lessons with all the walking we had to do as well.

Anyway lets go through the week shall we. First off we found a super amazing young adult called Charaline and we had an amazing first lesson with her about the restouracion. The thing is she speaks completely and utterly in only portugues because yes she is brazilian and also talks a billion miles an hour but God blesses us and I was able to understand almost everything and share with her our message. My poor son had lots of troubles with the portugues but he too recognized that she felt the spirit. As we shared the first vision her eyes watered and tears fell. I dont think she even understood why but we sure did. She is married and we hope to meet her spouse soon. Brazilians are way nicer... Ben and Matt have it easy.. jk jk hahah

This week me and my comp had to step in and play with the kid in nursery that consisted of him destroying everything and calling us muchachos(boys) it was funny

I wanted to tell you about the first day I brought Elder Diotaiuti to Rivera on his first real full day on a mission. so we go to a park. Well it is the dividing plaza between Uruguay and Brazil and we always go there to eat after district meeting and of course on that day it was colder and for some reason there was a drunk sleeping in the middle of the grass under a tree and when he saw us pass by he stumbled up and ran up to us. (it was a group of 4 of us) and he began to tell us how we werent better than him and how what did we ever do for anyone. He was completely drunk. I´m thinking this never happens its like the drunk knew it was him and this other kids first day. Anyway then out of drunken rage to show us he was so poor he tore his jacket off to show us he did not have a shirt underneath. The sad part was he destroyed his zipper and we all thought to ourselves he is going to be cold later. poor guy. anyway he did not do much after that he would come and say a little more when we were eating but nothing more. the funny thing is that never happens.

We have been having amazing experiences together for sure and me and my companion get along super well he is a stud.

On a more spiritual note I recieved a piece of in-depth revalacion the other week. We watched a video showing the atonement of the savior. I thought [to myself] Christ bled from every pore yet it never talks about the apostles or the soldiers or judas who betrays him with a kiss noticing even a hint of blood or the smell on his cothes or beard or hair. I wept as I envisioned the savior washing his blood that he shed for us, FOR ME cleaning himeslf before being taken to die. Where did he find the strength to clean himself off after all he had suffered, I realized it talks about him being only a stone throw away from peter james and john yet they slept The saviour struggled in silence every pain I have screamed out loud when I felt. I cannot fathom what the saviour did for me and grateful that God opened my eyes just a little bit more.

I plan to think of the saviour more during the Easter holiday there is too much to be grateful for. I love my saviour and I am grateful for the testimony I have that I know he Lives and that he Died and bled for me that I can have the hope of returning to live with our father in heaven. He lives! ask God

Elder Stewart-Chester

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