leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, September 24, 2012

Spring is here!

Well one and all spring is here and it is really getting hot! Especially on the bike and everyone here keeps talking about 45 degrees cel.... like 110 fh yikes its super humid and with all the missionary garb you are like cooking meat.
I had a pretty darn good week Yesterday they had a baptism in my last ward someone who I was teaching who was super prepared and is going to be an amazing member. She brings the missionaries over there food like every night(lucky sods). I was going to go to the baptism I actually went on divisions to my old area and taught her a lesson over there and told her I was going but it turned out we were going to have a baptism over here aswell at the same time right after church so I couldnt.
The sad news was The baptism did not go through becuase  the font was freezing and our investigator is 71 and there was no way that it would be healthy for her to get in and so we prosponed it until next week with another baptism of a young 11 year old who is the brother of Carina who was baptised not too long ago. I completely forgot about the baptism in my old ward and we ended up just going to eat in the house of a member. ELder McCraney baptised her and told me the spirit was super strong. 
Elsa is the 71 year old we are teaching and she is hilarious. She really does not understand or comprehend much of the things we have taught so we´ve had to reteach her many things over and over and still in her interview she told our district lider E McCraney that Coacoa was agaist the word of wisdom and that Joseph smith was a son of god very important:) she loves the church and loves to sing all the hymns. She tells us that when she is alone in her house and she hears music she just dances all over the place. She also lives in a poorer part of town and informs us  of all the gosip that passes through. She still works and is very active.
We had a 3 Zone, Zone Conference this thurday with one of the area 70 that is actually from Uruguay that we have and it was so powerful Wow. Elder ViƱas look him up in the Ensign. He talked a tone about the doctrinal base of what we do and why and who we need to be. He talked a ton about rescuing tons. It seems as though that is what the lord wants of us right now to look and rescue those who are not lost they are just hidden. Its was powerful someday you will have to ask to see my notes wait they are in spanish so you will have to ask me to translate them...What:) he did an amazing comparision with us as missionaries as those who the lord is mad with in Malicah in the old test. He is mad with them because their sacrifices are sickly they are not the best they can give. We have to give the lord the best we can give everyday.
I just ate lunch in a house of two members that moved here from spain they are super awesome and it made me think of our trip there and to Tangers what a crazy trip.
I have read Ben and Matts letters and I am filled with love and the truth is a little bit of jealousy. They´re working so hard and having such powerful experiences I wish I was there with them fighting through. I love it here I love being a missionary even when its hard and all you do is knock doors all day. I´m trying to give him my best everyday and that won´t stop now. I would love to get ELder Hasting and Elder Sommers letters home aswell and I would love to hear from my buddy E Stevens once again
I love you all Conference is coming invite your friends to listen to a living prophet who in this conference will answer every question they have ever had in there hearts. I Know i´m where I am supposed to be and the Lord has his hands in everything.
Elder Stewart-Chester
Oh mom got the G´s they will help

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I don't have much time forgive me...

Ok so I had so much to do today and things went longer than usual so I do not have much time at all to talk. 

Something I forgot to tell you al last week was we had a baptism in my new area she was already ready when I got here but her name is Carina 13 yrs old and was brought to church by her best friend who was member, Our ward has a temple trip this week and I think that she will get to go with them:) which shall be really cool for her. Her brothers and sisters are in the pictures I am sending isnt that little guy awesome his name is Daniel and loves me tons he tried to give me his dinosaur as a gift the other day. He also was giving me a big hug and got so much stickyness on the shirt I had just cleaned. 

In that one photo aswell I found Mac and Cheese here in the city lets just say I know my way around Salto. 

We are working hard. It is getting so hot and humid it looks as though is about to rain and then huge amounts of humidity come and kill us. the bike makes  things harder. Was quite a bit sick this week stomach problems not good on the mission. But I got through it and am fine now. 

ok lets keep going I was thinking about the other day when I was doing baptisms for the dead in the Temple with Tate and Fletch and I got to baptise them...Wow good times. 
I am so greatful that I was worthy to be there enjoying that. I have such a different perspective now I have learned so much and the truth is changed tons too. I cannot wait to go to the temple when I get home. There is no other place like it as wierd as I was as a teen I had faith I guess I remember running off my anger in Rexburg Idaho running to the temple becuase I had faith it would calm me down. It did just that.

My comp is difficult I´m praying lots for guidance Its just hard to know what I should do and what would help be the best he can and what would not help him. Its really scaring me to be a parent now. Its a good thing we have the lord huh. 

We have a lot to do in our area. No one showed up for church this last week and if you ask me it was because we did not do enough. Its super hard theres not much I can do. We had a lot drop us this last week aswell pretty sad after she had felt the spirit so strong Sandra the lady we found on my B-day said it was impossible she could not change I committed her to pray about the Book of mormon and felt really strong the spirit and she committed  we´ll see if she will follow an answer from God because it will come it always does.  

Anyway I gotta Email presidente  I Love you all so Much Fletcher Girls are trouble stick with Magik and  D and D and just live life to its fullest right now dont give your heart away. 

I love you all so much thanks for everything I have so much so much love Thank you Grandma Jaqui for the chocolate. 

Until next week 

Elder S-C

Monday, September 10, 2012

Emergency changes

What a week 

Well right after I emailed last week we went back out to work and that night the Zone leaders called us and told us we needed to go to an Elder's house in our District becuase his Aunt that he was really close to died. President wanted someone to be with him so we went late that night. It was a sad experience filled as well with a powerful priesthood blessing and lots lots of tears. We took a ride back to our house very late that night. It was change night.

Well with this whole experience we had the rest of the week to work district meeting and we worked super hard this week it really showed becuase someone we contacted that week came to church with us. She is pretty funny obsessed wih johney Depp. Anyway We worked super hard this week the Sisters had an amazing baptism he cried throught the baptism and then throughout the sacrament just filled with the spirit. 

President called us this morning told us that he had really been praying about These two elders in our district (the one who had lost his aunt and his comp) and he felt that the Lord needs us to have an Emergency change with them. So I am having changes Today infact. I am going to their area on the other side of Salto with his Name is Elder Garner from Mesa Arizona. While my Comp will stay with the other Elder who is the one From Brasil I told you about. My new area is called Barrio Artigas and is poorer than my current area. I also wil be on bycicle a lot now! Which is kinda cool. This area has not had a lot of success as of late but has tons of potential It should be a good next Change very different. 

he sad part is for those I have taught here I have one day to say goodbye and they are going to be really sad. Good thing is I am not too far away and I am going to start teaching some of there family members.

I have a lot to do pack clean and hopefully sleep I am so tired you never get your sleep back on the mission you always have to go and do something. We went as a district to an all yu can eat Buffet and ate way too much I feel super sick but it was very good for our district. 

I´m kinda bummed but ready for the challenge that is what president said to me when he talked to me on the phone you ready for a challenge:) 

Mom I love you I am so glad you were Born! I pray for you all like crazy. I feel your pain siblings as I moved all those many times aswell keep your chin up and ask heavenly father for the comfort of your saviour. 

I love you all

Elder Stewart-Chester

Week 1 Barrio Artigas

Hello All,

Its been a week for sure let my tell you my new area is quite a bit difficult I mean its a different hard Let me explain. It is one of the poorer areas here in Salto and the people are really friendly and will talk you about pretty much anything, the hard part is its really spred out so we go everywhere on bike but it is hard to get members to the lessons. I really love our area though there is lots to do our church is beautiful but the members are few I hoping to help that:)

Lets start with my Birthday no well lets just say it was a day like any other I had things planned in our other area like a lunch with cake but I switched. Anyway it rained like crazy that day and we spent the entire morning contacting in the rain. All of the sreets are dirt streets well most are and so we were covered in mud flicted up from the Bikes. We actually found 2 really good people on my birthday tracting in the rain. One experience is Sandra who told us (as most do ) that she was catholic in the begining. After talking for a bit she told us how she always felt something different when the missionaries visit speak and pray with her. Things she has never felt her entire life in her Church. She explained the reason why she had never followed these feelings is for her parents who are super catholic and feels like it would be betrying them. After explaining the resteration  and asking her if she recieved an answer from god would she follow it no matter where it would take her. She has a lot of faith in God. My Comp asked her if she would offer the prayer  and to ask God if it really was the right path. She prayed super quietly and after she had finished wiped away tears and told us about the firery burning feeling she felt inside.....Awesome! she has committed to go to stake conference next week. 

My new companion is from Mesa Arizona and is a little difficult I wouldnt say we get along the best but we´re on the same team and we both want to serve the Lord. He is not the one who had the death is his family he comes from a family of 12 where all the kids are adopted. Pretty interesting. 

There are a couple of families in this new area that I just love. Our Ward mission lider is amazing the best I have ever seen tries so hard goes out and visits our investigators goes to inactive part families tries to help them always asks us what can he do how can he help. The best! His family is amazing aswell such good people his wife also goes out and helps in the work. 

what more I GOT THE PACKAGE way fast too right before my birthday still have not celebrated it maybe next P-day! 

I am on the final chapter of Jesus the Christ!

I actually love the bikes hurts your backside quite a bit when you first get on the thing but after a while it just makes the work better faster more offecient. I am really fast already growing these leg muscles:) my comp is pretty slow. 

What more oh my first day we went to the poorest part of area and got into the poorest house. Super nice people lots of sad things things happen in the poorer parts of town. I hope to take a picture someday maybe when there isn´t people to steal my camera. 

Anyway I still Cannot believe I am 20 I feel young still I keep thinking I will wake up someday and be back in jr high... 20 its a strange one I am no longer a teenager... wierd.
I eat tons and tons of oat meal at the moment I know your thinking wow way healthy ya I put sugar in too. 

I love you All more than Life be Safe always go to church and never ever forget to pray 

Elder Stewart-chester

Ps. all you better thank the lord everyday expecially the surfer that you dont have to move again:)