leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, December 27, 2013

Fight problems....

Hey I would call but I cannot remember our phone number probably because we move too much. So here is the deal as of right now we are going to getting here in Salt lake at like 9 at night- 9: 30. I love you al and I am kind of disappointed but what can you do. 
Love you 

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My last letter

It has been a long time…. And yet it feels like yesterday I was in the  MTC dreaming what my misión would be like. I remember my first Bus ride to my area in Dolores with Elder Elliott and asking him so many questions, filled with so much excitement about having real investigators, and helping people come closer to the Savior. I remember getting up every morning in Dolores so stoked and walking through the streets barely understanding anything and speaking less and seeing my first miracle. I barely remember now my struggles and hardship even though if you read my journals you find it. Now looking back  I see where it has brought me. I cannot believe  how I am already here…. It is hard to handle still but I have accepted it I am going home.

Seeing as this will be last letter It better be a good one no? I pray that the Lord helps me give what I desire with all my heart and soul to give in this short letter. I hope you can feel my passion for this work and love for each of you wherever you are and whoever you are through this letter. It really is not the same Reading it as hearing it like Nefi says in 2 Nefi 33: 1, but I´ll just do my best. Forgive the spelling mistakes and my weaknesses I still have a long way to go.

 [And now I, Nephi, cannot write all the things which were taught among my people; neither am I mighty in writing, like unto speaking; for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men. (2 Nephi 33:1)]

First off Mom I got the Christmas Package thank you you're too good to me. About skype I like doing it Christmas day so I am planning on calling then let me know if there are any objections. Remember I want to hear the testimonies of each of you. And then I want to give you mine. It will be the first time I have testified in English in like 2 years. I am very excited to see a lot of the faces I love. Sorry it took me so long to email. Life is crazy right now But I am planning on calling home Christmas day at night not quite sure what time But I am thinking about 7 or 8 my time.

So What shall I talk about? Divisions with Jerry, Presidents son, or doing Changes (the mission changes) with President. There are a lot of things that happen to me throughout the weeks it is imposible to write it all down luckily I will be with you all shortly and I will tell you in person. We have had to do the Changes of the missión early this year because we are trying to have things down for Christmas and NewYears because here in Uruguay around this time it gets super difficult to travel. All the bus systems shut down and everything and so we have had lots to do. I feel like God answered my prayers though because I got to do something I have always dreamed of and see how changes are done in the mission. I testify that it is inspired and after we all look at the final results you get a good feeling. Wow the lord has blessed me so much. One of the toughest parts about it all is planning for the next concilio of leaders in the mission, getting all excited for what is to come and how inspired it is and then realizing I wont be here to see any of it. But My will is his will.

 To all of you I wish to express all the gratitude I can possibly muster. I am so blessed and so grateful for having each of you in my life for all the letters emails, prayers, wisdom. And so many Little things you all have done for me that have helped mold me into who I am. I Love this Gospel. I Love my Savior. I am so blessed to be able to serve him this Christmas what joy it gives me to do what he would do on this day.

To all of you who are serving missions my advice is never stop running. The misión has changed me forever and now as I near the end i just cannot believe it. People ask me how do you feel (mainly sister Smith) and I always tell them it is like my heart is breaking (a little exaggerated). I wish I could be a missionary forever and keep giving all I can to the Lord. I started the mission giving everything I could to the Lord and that is how I am going home giving everything! As I bore in my last testimony to all that were there, my mission is not done It will never end I will not have my missionary tag over my heart but it will stay seared in my heart forever! I will never stop sharing what I know to be true. I will be a disciple of my Savior forever. Like Elder Holland said When we are called as disciples of christ the comisión is forever and I testify with everything I can muster that the mission may end but I will never stop serving!!!

My advice to you all in all your lives where ever you are is this: Believe! Missionaries serving right now If you go out each day and don´t have faith that there are people out there to find to preach the gospel to I promise you! YOU WILL NOT FIND! First you must believe then you can receive. The next is understand that When you are struggling with a companion or someone in your zone or district is struggling we often think to ourselves well What do I do to help him. In my mission I have found that the way to truly help someone change or to help someone learn how they can give more to the Lord is first help them be converted. We often go on divisions work with the missionary as hard as you can and find him a bunch of investigators so he cannot tell you that he has no one to teach.   But after a while you will have to do the same thing again because he is not looking for investigators. The only thing you can do is help someone be converted that is when real changes happen.

I love the Mission I would stay here if I could but God wants me home so I will go. But I will never stop being a missionary!!

 (I wrote everything different days but today when I am sending this it is the 23)

Yesterday Carlos was baptized such a happy day!! Today a missionary who served in our mission met up with his family in the mission home I have known him my whole mission I watched him hug his parents and weep... A very different experience. 

I love you all I wish I could write more but it is impossible there is always too much to do You will see what I mean when you see the circles under my eyes:) I love you all. If you are in the mission keep strong, Love, be obedient, and work with everything you have because one day you´ll be writing this letter and weeping to yourself as I am. I hope they are happy tears. My mission means everything to me!!!!

I love you all I will probably send a little email if there are questions about the call. But it should be christmas day at 7 or 8 

Elder Stewart-Chester   

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Time flies when you are saving lies

Well folks I as usual am running a thousand miles an hour today with lots of things to do and not enough time to do it. I did not read your email yet. So i´ll read it after. I love you all though can I just tell you. I cant believe I will be with you in 2 weeks !!!!! What!!! Lots to do before then though. 

Lets see this week was Crazy we like Ben had the visit of a 70 called Elder Gonzalez this last week which would definitely have to be the highlight of my week.  We had to do preparations and we had half of the mission together  here in Montevideo and the other half in another area. It was nuts,  but wow did we learn so so much. Elder Gonzalez is a 70 from Uruguay so it was special for him to be here and he loves the Football team Peñarol and talks about it all the time in all his talks and everything. The big focus was helping all the missionaries understand that they needed to baptize. Something that has happened is with so much of a focus on working with less actives missionaries have forgotten to branch off of them and look for investigators. I am not going to lie working with less actives is changing Uruguay so many are returning to church. However there are more that need the restored gospel and lots of times missionaries forget to find and help those who do not know the truth. Lets just say Elder Gonzalez came down and said exactly what our mission needed to hear. It is so amazing to me how perfectly he clarified everything we needed to do in the scriptures. He is known as a master of the book of Mormon and lets just say he lives up to that name. I was dumbfounded on many occasions. As he showed us a scripture in D and C 39 that the lord is telling a man that he has to be baptized. Within that same month he disobeys the commandments and goes inactive. He asked us after why did the Lord himself ask him to be baptized if the Lord knew he was going to be inactive. He told us we need to listen to the spirit do not, not baptize someone because you feel they could go inactive but baptize them with faith and do everything in your power to keep them active if they live up to the requisites. It was powerful stuff. 
Something awesome he told everyone in the middle of his talk, with the 5 zones, was he said (as he was talking about the importance of learning English in the mission) "The assistant with the really long last name  speaks really good Spanish" that was me :)

Today we almost went golfing but yet again Uruguay sees the need to close the entire course when there is a tiny tournament..... Jerry was not happy. We are making a BBQ in a few hours for a small branch in an area in our mission called Carmelo that has turned itself around and are bring the largest group in history to the temple they have ever brought. It is a miracle. They have had lots of trials and the work there was very slow but The Lord is hastening his work and the elders and sisters there are doing miracles. So president asked us if we could help feed them. 

We also have had some spiritual experiences lately with a lady who wakes up crying and is trying her absolute hardest to quite smoking and after attending Church the other week she told us she had stopped crying. God is a God of miracles. 

We are teaching some amazing people I wish i could explain it all in detail but their is no time. We are teaching this one teenager who my second day here we had a lesson with him and he went back to church he is such a stud and now we have him memorizing all the scriptures in the scripture mastery program. He lives so far from the church in some hard circumstances but gets himself up early for church and brings all his siblings. Super stud.  

What else can I say. I  got the calender of chocolate from mom and the chocolate from Henry, Molly and Fiona.  Thank you all so much I am  so grateful for everything I wish I had more time to write and tell you all personally but even as I type my companion is telling me we have to go. 

Know that I love you and am excited to sit down and give you my testimony in the skype call christmas. Thank you for loving me I Will see your happy faces soon . 

Elder Stewart-Chester

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Big leadership meeting. Most of the zone leaders are coming home!!

Week 1 in the offices 11/23

First off sorry I am emailing so early it just works out better that way. We go early in the morning here and play futbol with the office elders and then come here to the offices and then print our letters. I might email later on other days but we will have to wait and see. 
This week has been a big change for me. It is really hard to describe how I spent so much time working and taking buses and teaching investigators and then moving on to thinking about a district how my district was doing and how I could help them. When I was made district leader you begin to have more responsibilities and you sometimes have to travel and whatnot. I loved to help and lift my district. Then I went and was a zone leader and had to worry about my zone and Try and help them the best way that i possibly could as well as juggling my own investigators etc and having les time. Now as an assistant my responsibilities are much the greater I lose even more time  and juggling the schedule is an almost impossible task or so I am told.  

In the last 4 days I have slept less and worked harder that ever before in my life. But the truth was it wasn´t really that hard because I love the Lord and I have given every last bit of myself to Him and so You just keep going and give all you can. It was really a special blessing teaching all the trainers here in the mission last Wednesday. My companion and I after driving around like lunatics doing so many things for  changes Tuesday we had little time to really plan what we were going to really be focusing on in our teaching.  But as always the Lord provided and the Spirit was strong and I felt the excitement of all the trainers as they left to meet their new sons and daughters. We taught what president has taught me which has changed my life. Teaching about giving their new elders and sisters the experiences they need to have the beliefs they need to be true missionaries. Truly if we really all focused on trying to help others obtain the belief they need to get the results they need,  it changes everything. In my time here in the mission I always thought things like, well this missionary is not having success because he is not doing this or this and he needs to do this and then he will have success. But I have come to learn that as a leader and a guide of these children of God, the only thing that will really change that missionary is not the way he works. I have learned that a true leader must help them to be converted. To me that is the key I can go to the area of missionaries find them investigators teach them how to do it and teach them how to teach etc. But if they are not converted many will not give their whole heart as an offering to the Lord. This knowledge has helped me to become a better leader and I felt prompted to share it with you. We cannot just change the actions we do to get the results we want we have to change the beliefs we have as well.  

Something pretty cool that is happening in our mission is that we have 4 Assistants in the mission right now however we are not all here in the offices. My Companion and I Who is called Elder Bossa (he is from Colombia as well and has also been a good friend of mine for my whole mission) and also Elder Brown the old office AP and Elder Geshwandtner who what we call Traveling Aps that are traveling the whole mission doing divisions with all the Zone leaders. So we are here in the offices and they travel around teach etc. It is a new good set up because it is going to help us a lot because the majority of all the missionaries here in the mission do not have much experience.  We did a coupe of capitatition together the 4 of us and then we took them to the terminal and they are already in other zones working their tails off. 

One of the perks of being Ap is I have eaten really well lately haha and get to hang out a bit with President Smiths son Jerry who is such an awesome kid. He may go out on divisions with us today. I also went to the airport the other day and took a group of elders who were in the CCM with me to the airport to catch their plane and I thought it would effect me more than it did. The truth is everyday is so exciting and new I did not even feel slightly homesick. Mom I am rethinking extending my mission maybe for just a week my question is would you forgive me? It may not even be a possibility anymore but I just wanted to know what you thought? 

I love you all like crazy I am not going to lie it was really hard leaving barrio 4 but I know that Elder Miranda is going to have a lot of success there. We had some miracles in church last Sunday. An elderly lady we have been teaching for sometime  and were almost going to stop teaching asked a neighbor to take her to church because she is very old to walk alone. And she went with her and they both for the first time went and enjoyed our sacrament meeting. The Lord works in very mysterious ways who knows how someone will receive the gospel. 

Honestly I do not have much to say things are different and I am very happy. I love my Savior He has done so much for me I do very little for Him. Do not forget the Commitment of Elder Ballard in the last General Conference pray to find and have someone to share the gospel with before Christmas and millions will feel the love of the Savior we just need to reach out to just 1 just 1 and think about the difference it would make in the world. 

Remember always that I love you oh and my Credit card is here in Uruguay thank you so much Mom 

Lots to do the work of salvation is being hastened we are close to the end

Elder Stewart-Chester


More Halloween party pics

these are fotos that a lady in the ward took and sent them to me
I dont have my cord so I cannot send my pictures because I was packing and I dont know where I put it

Pictures from activity for Halloween 11/19

I am up on the stage trying to get everyone to stop talking and cheer for the best costume
My companion was a Jedi

friends in the mish and all the people who gave their last testimonios they were all in the CCM with me. 11/11/13


one of the toughest days of my life

Well folks I know I just got you all really excited about the title of this email but first I just want to tell you all that I love you all so much. I am so grateful for everything I have been given.   I cannot tell you how many times I tell people my father taught me or my mom said this or my teacher in seminary or sunday school or bishop or good friend taught me this and the truth is you all have a big part of who I am. Thank you for  loving me enough to teach me. 

First off to explain the pictures. This last week We had our Leaders meeting here in the mission. It was the biggest one we have ever had because we invited lots of district leaders to come because a lot of the zone leaders go home this change and we needed some of the younger guys who may take their spots to be there. Lots of people Can you all believe how far we have come people I went from the kid who hated to be outside his comfort zone to a missionary who teaches and testifies to over 35 missionaries. Can you believe it? I am so grateful for what the Lord has helped me to become. I still have so much to go though like Elder Dube said we do not look back we look forward! There are miracles yet to see here in the mission. I am writing this letter from the mission home again. My companion went with President to a stake conference pretty far away so today my companion is Jerry Smith the son of our mission president. the great news is he is Fletcher so It is like hanging out with Fletcher all day. Today we went to the Golf course to try to play golf but it was closed for a tournament (because jerry is almost a pro golfer) but then we went out to eat and I helped move a lot of things here in the mission home. Fun stuff. 

Anyway mom a couple of things,  you need to get on my Facebook and add some people but be careful because most people in this country send invites to anyone so they can make friends. You could also upload some pictures and Quotes from my lettres to help share the gospel with all my non mormon Friends.. 

Anyway lets get to the exciting things well.... These last couple of weeks We had been working on some new ways to teach, to demonstrate to the missionaries in our leaders conference. But when we got down to two days before conference we went to have a meeting with President and as we talked it through we all felt that it was too much and that is was going to overload the missionaries. And we all felt that it was not what we needed to share to help the mission. So two days before the meeting we changed everything. Almost everything and all we really did was just get everyone super super hyped up for the end of the year the end of the year 2013 when god began to hasten his work. We have huge Goals and lots to do to bring to pass miracles this end of the year. We are all so excited. 

During this whole time I have been talking to President Smith about extending my mission. We called salt Lake to see how much it would cost we talked about what I would be doing if I stayed How I could work and help the mission in this extra time. And after an interview with president he told me Elder I feel Good about it we can use you but lets see what the Lord thinks. So I left from there looking for the Lords will and the truth is I have been praying a lot lately to know if I can stay. So as the leadership of the mission We all were going to the temple and I knew that is where I would get my answer. I could not believe the clarity in the temple as I went through.  It was the first time in a while and now they had updated and wow.  I felt one answer after another and in the final room I said to our father in heaven I think I have received my answer is this it. I need an answer. I got my answer..... No..... It was so hard for me as I stood there tears falling down my face knowing that I could not go against His will and that I would be Going home. How I love serving Him and it was so hard to just say thy will be done. But I have done it His will is my will. I do not know quite why But I know I am needed home. So I will be home on the normal time. I wept. there is still lots to do here and I plan to go down giving every last bit of myself to God before I go. 

First off I just have to tell you all I Love you As usual I have no time but Just feel my love and know that I have lots to share. I love you all be safe 

 I was thinking about something this week The importance about having a testimony about the sacrament ponder it this week. I love you all 
Elder Stewart-Chester

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All My Loved Ones

Well I have not come to a conclusion here whether I stay or if I go quite yet this week I will be in the temple praying and i'll find out then. But until then whatever happens will be the will the lord. 

Today I am sitting in President's house hanging out with his family. It has been such a good day and made me feel like I was home with you all once again. We even had a water fight. you know how much I love water fights. Well I am so happy to hear from you all the truth is I miss you all and this thanksgiving I just want to tell you that truely I could not ask more from God than the family I already have.  You are all amazing I love you all so much. and everyone who wrote, thank you.

My thanksgiving was great just to let you all know as well. There is a missionary senior couple that work in the offices and they cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for all of us in the offices.   It was fantastic. Some day when I'll tell you all more about all my journeys. ( ps from mom: I hate when he says this!!!!! I want more!!!!!)

The truth is there is no time whatsoever. But just to answer some questions really fast I am soooooo happy!!!! I love it here.  I have been so blessed by the Lord. We have a stake conference starting shortly and today was the birthday of one of the AP's so we are eating with everyone here in the mission home.   It is great forgive my short letter I love You all.  

I am with Hermana Smith right now and she wants me to tell you that You have an amazing son and that she is so happy to have me closer here in the mission and she said if I did not write it in she would take the computer and write it for me.

Elder Stewart-Chester

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Big News---My Last Stop

Well I am sure you all wondering where I am headed and where will I be serving the last parts of my mission..... Well lets go through it shall we?

So saturday during the day we were expecting a phone call from president telling us what was going on how everything was going to be working out and whatnot, which one of us would be leaving and to where. I expected to leave because I have been here for 6 months and that is kinda like the max normally someone is in an area so ya but because I have only 1 change left we thought maybe we will stay together or maybe I´ll stay. Anyway so after doing visits thinking about how to help our investigators progress and attend church the next day, we were knocking a door who did not attend to us when we ran into a recent convert walking to visit her family that was in the plaza nearby. She talked with us and asked if we knew who was leaving yet and we told her we did not know and that we would be passing by in a half an hour to teach her husband who is going to baptised this next month. We were in midsentance saying we dont know who is going and staying when we got a call from the mission home. My companion handed me the phone and I talked to president.

He asked me If he felt our Zone Oeste could handle not having me in the area and I said yes if thats what the Lord wants. Then he told me that I would be going in to work with him. My new change is= Assistant. I have been enormously blessed to have the opportunity to finish my mission learning from president and teaching with him. I was to say the least overwelmed and shocked.... I am excited and know that it will be something that will change my life completely. 

I did not want to tell anyone so I kept it a secret for a while but slowly the whole mission calls one another and everyone finds out. Sunday morning I asked God in my personal study what He wanted me to know and what He needed me to focus on as i entered into this new resposability I needed to know what he needed me to know. and he brought me to a talk that opened my eyes and brought tears and peace to my heart. It was a talk by Elder Uchtdorf in the General conference in october 2011 called= "You matter to him" I remember it impacting me huge when I was at home listening to it but here in the mission it gave me the vision I will need. I cannot explain how I got there to that talk all I did was after my prayer look up think I am going to read a talk and I grabbed the Conference Liahona that was sticking out the farthest oppened it up looked at the table of contents traced the titles of all the talks with my finger and I could not get past that talk so I did not get very far. and then I read. One of the things that most jumped out at me was this phrase:    
                The Lord doesn’t care at all if we spend our days working in marble halls or stable stalls. He knows where we are, no matter how humble our circumstances. He will use—in His own way and for His holy purposes—those who incline their hearts to Him.

The truth is in the mission field for those who have served here or are serving here we all know that where I am going is the most coveted spot. But what God revealed to me is I have been called to serve. To serve harder than I have ever served before. Give more than I have ever given before and that To God it does not matter if I am AP or junior comp what matters is I give him my whole heart my whole being my whole soul. I love my Saviour I could not do anything without him. 

I have some very busy days ahead I have to get the mission ready for the presiding 70 of our area here in our area Elder Gonzalez and Tomorrow I will be capacitating all the trainers of the mission how to make a difference in their child's life. And that is just a small sample of what lies ahead. 

The truth is all that I have been given is a huge blessing it has nothing to do with who I am or how I teach or that I have had lots of success. The Lord needs me here to learn to give to be taught. I feel like the most spoiled man alive I get to learn from president himself almost every day. God has been so good to me. i am nervous but I know He will lift me to where I need to be. I will need your prayers more than ever but dont worry the Lord has been preparing me. 

There is so much more I would love to say about my week.  Another spiritual experience was as I knelt in prayer with a missionary who was doubting his testimony and the spirit engulfed us and he remembered that he knew. I committed him to write it down. Satan always tries to make us forget. The holy Ghost helps us to remember. 

The only thing left to say is the Church is true I know it!! The saviour Lives and loves us all. Be strong and of good courage because He overcame the world for us. I love you all

Elder Stewart-Chester
ps. I will have another pday saturday my new pday is saturday and Rodrigo is doing really well miracles are raining from heaven for him and it looks like he will be able to have the operation  and everything thank you I love you all 

pps. If I dont reply to you all individually it is not because I do not want to there is just no time I love you and love your letters that fill me with stregth and peace I love you 

Monday, November 11, 2013

my zone in zone conference

I wept

Just as we all expected folks I got up to the pulpet to say my final testimony and I had already begun to leak from my eyes as I sat with the other missionaries... I walked to the pulpet tears streaming down my face and began my testimony telling everyone the things that the spirit has helped me to know to be true. It was a miracle from God aswell because he knows that when I cry I cannot speak and he wanted all the other missionaries to understand what I had to say. So when I sarted to speak the tears stopped even though I got very emotional and everyone knew I was on the road to tears flooding down my face God let me have all the emotion but not until I closed in the name of our saviour and turned to set back down with all the others My eyes streamed once more.... I told them all If I could I would go Straight from this mission into another that I did not want to leave and it is the truth. Sometimes lately I am a bit trunky but the truth is if I could go again I would. There is so many more to help so many more to teach. I love this Gospel.

It was a powerful zone conference. There were 3 zones instead of 2 which is the norm. And we did a music number like none other we kinda a little bit changed one of the hymns into a fight song But we did not chant we sung and seeing as our zone is all men it came out really well. we even brought out our zone title that my companion made and it really showed the other zones the unity and strength there is here in our zone. The great thing was our Stake president also went and was very impressed with us. We also did a tug of war between districs in the diferent zones and Oeste our zone dominated that as well. We beat out all the other competition and it was Oeste agaist Oeste in the final. It was a good day. 

After that day It was like I had an extra jump of the spirit. I love testifying and since then I have felt the spirit a ton as I have testified in the lessons. I love being able to do this. I cannot imagine not being able to. that is why I will always push myself to share the gospel. 

Our Halloween Party was a super success. Lots of fun the Rootbeer that I did with dry ice lacked sugar darnit but they got a kick out of all the smoke it put out. We have been having troubles lately finding new investigators and now that is what we have to focus on this week every lesson every person who is being prepared by the Lord. 

Anyway I know this is a short one I am sorry I am tired and have much to go look for because this could be my last full week in this area. Next week we have changes so expect my letter with where I will be spending my final months here in the mission serving the Lord full time. 

Look for those in need and lift them up always. I love you guys.
Elder Stewart-Chester

Dear mother I am sorry I completely forgot my camera at the rerun of the halloween party but the sister missionaries took lots of pictures and so did members so we will get them all on Facebook aswell. But here in the orange I painted and my costume they painted my face at the end of the night. It was not painted at first

Monday, November 4, 2013

Well Folks It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission but I learned lessons this week that I will never forget.

I hope You all enjoyed the pictures of the activity it was a success despite all the problems we faced but because of all the problems we will be having another halloween party this friday as well. But I´ll get to the whole story in a bit.

First I love you all A ton and Boy was that trunky to see pictures of my Comps in our home. But hey Next month right:) Time goes by too fast tomorrow I give what we call here in the mission Your "Testimonio de fiel" which is the last testimony you give here in the mission right before you go home. I can tell you right now I am going to Cry I already know it. It will be so hard to register that I am coming to an end but I will always have my missionary tag seared into my heart and I and going to fight always for my Saviour. 

I was going to say that is great I dont mind if they want me to also speak in California or Idaho I would Go and Speak there aswell I have lots of homes and lots of loved ones. 

This week Was extremely hard as I lost my focus and Faced serious sad situation one after another someone we have been teaching for some time now informed us like it was nothing that he moved in with his girl friend after all we had taught him. It broke my heart than me and my comp wasted lots of time this week making decorations and lost lots of the Lord's precious time because we wanted to make the best activity ever and We lost the spirit as our guide as we offended some members for forgetting that we had lunch with them and Then the day of the activity it was supposed to be a huge storm and we were maybe going to cancel it but then we didn't and the bishop got mad and just one thing after another and getting frustrated in our companionship and then we made goals Saturday and worked our guts out and sunday we partook of the sacrament and now I feel bright and new and feel that guide That I have always depended on my whole mission. Personally I feel like this week was such an important week for me as a man as I learned not only that I am no one without god but I cannot do anything without him either. I did not have that same feeling of ok this is what we are going to do that I always had and I suffered this week. How I love my saviour and the atonement How much I need not just somedays but every day. I cannot do it without him. Not one day. 

A scripture I wrote in my agenda to send was alma 3: 27 not really sure why I wrote it as it has been some time since I worte it down but maybe as you read it. it will touch one of your hearts. 

We have some wonderful people we are working with and should have a baptism before I leave as we complete a young family I love I cannot wait to share that day with you all. 

I just want you all to know that there is no better feeling than the spirit and having someone thanbk you for having helped them to learn how to feel it. We all need to stop nd take a moment to look arround and help others feel the spirit What a difference we can make in the world. I love yiou all so much Be happy love the lord and give him your whole heart. Fletcher Give your whole heart to the lord not your Girl friend:) 
I love you all more than I have really ever expressed in words. 
Elder Stewart-Chester

painting Oranges because there are no pumpkins here that are not super expensive it was a good idea

The mess we made and we made more and more decoration and me exausted from cutting so many things out

fotos This is me and my companion making halloween party decorations

I was A Gaucho look it up on the internet basically a Uruguayan Cowboy I did not get many fotos of myself but we are doing the activity again next week and I´ll have someone take lots of fotos for me 
Halloween party that we set up in our ward with the other elders and sisters from a ward that shares our chappel

Bobbing for apples 
Making braclets with the beeds you sent me mom was a super big hit. 

A game we played in the activity that an other elder thought of where they inflated a balloon ran did 5 circles arround the stick and then ran back and popped the balloon I ran into the wall and so did the hermana in the foto she is running into the wall. 

and fog in the morning


Brady's trainer Elder Elliot and companion Elder McCraney are at BYU they came to visit;)