leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well how do I describe this week hmmmm successful but tough very tough. But first, questions and a sad story First I broke my camera I did something stupid and now it wont turn on darn it all! and we have the baptism tonight and the whole shabang lets just say I am very sad so if at all possible could you send me the same camera I could go buy one here but I don´t really like the technology here. That was the best Camera Dad you know what type. If not let me know and I can just buy one on this end. the way to send it is in a box with other things hidden in a different kind of box to hide it and put stickers of the virgin mary. 2nd I do not no why you sent me medicine I have to much already I´ll probly leave it at the house next change. I need to start cleaning out what I don´t need so cambios dont kill me. 3rd I have recieved 2 packages one filled with chawlk sent forever ago and one with the calender! thanks so much I love it. It´s awesome. I also already destroyed my soccer shoes but I´m taking them to a zapataria tonight so he can fix them up for me. ok now to the good stuff.... Ok first No I didnt change I´m still with my same comp in dolores for another change he is now DL and we are getting another newby here tommorow so I wont be the youngest which is pretty cool cambios are crazy the mission is like on edge and then errupts into phone calls. usually you stay in an area for 3 changes before you leave but I have a hunch that I am going to leave next change. No we don´t have bikes in our mission there are some areas with bikes the problem is you put anything down here and go inside for a min and its gone. And the Ap´s and the Office elders are the only ones with cars in the mission. Ok the baptism now here is the crazy part. So it is still the same family I was telling you about remember how they moved into their friends well the next day we went by again and they told us they were going to move back to CaƱada nietos 20km away. they told us it would be cheeper and they could take a taxi to church. well so they next day we moved them out there. with only a truck and very small trailer. 2 trips and it was pretty aesome we were in the back with all the stuff to move. in the middle of the campo. Its very beautiful. anyway so it was 20 km so we thought we could now just borrow some bikes and visit them to continue the teaching and get them ready for their baptism. so thats what we did but we had huge amount of head wind the entire way we would stop at the bottom of hills...there was lots of hills. and then at 10 km my bikes peddle with the chain gear fell off. we spent the reast with me peddling for a bit then kicking it back on every two or there peddles and walking. but it was a great ex. did not have a camera which really bums me out. we same a giant trianchula crossing the road. anyway so we then had them set up to be baptised this sat. but then we chaned it to today becuase the other side has a baptism and they wanted to do it all together. so we had to cram a ton of commandments for them after church(they hitch hiked to get there!) and then they had the interview which they failled becuase well its hard to explain. we have taught them everything a ton but they take a while to grasp things and are very shy. anyway so to make sure they got baptised my comp and our old DL had to go down there again on bikes to get them more ready. lets just say that was another adventure. But we have the baptisms today and all is well I have no time and I´m gonna put my card in another missionaries camera so I can get the pictures I love You  I love Being a missionary

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Excerpt from recent hand written letter…

It is crazy for me to think that I have a new baby brother.  The whole dynamic of our home must’ve changed.  What made you decide on the name Flynn?  Just so’s you know you made my life very difficult because that name is unpronounceable in Spanish.  I pronounce every “y” with a “shhh” sound so thanks a lot:)  just kidding I like the name a ton.  I didn’t like Casper as much.  I haven’t got any packages yet, I think boxes get here easier. Oh and the email “my lds” one actually anyone back home can write to me on that one.  I just can’t write them back.  I have to write them aback through a handwritten letter.
Well, the mission field well like I said on my email I’m loving it here and feel as though I have been here all my life, preaching the gospel.  The language is coming sloly but surely coming.  Every day I realize I can understand more and more.  I am hoping to be fluent by the ned of my second change.  Everything here is by FOOT, our whole mission is actually.  My shoes are great!  Can you believe I forgot shoe polish though!  It’s really starting to cool off now it was freezing last night but I stayed nice and warm don’t worry about a thing.  We have interviews with president this Thursday which will be pretty cool because I will get to meet my zone.  Today was a pretty crazy day, we had 39 contacts today because almost all of our lessons fell through and we want to hit our goal of 140 in a week.  The crazy part about it is we had so many actually really good contacts.  We invited tons to General conference and if they all come we will be busy for a while.  I felt pretty sick last night but today I already feel better.  I have been getting letters but many times out of order.  
…..I’m very busy tromping the streets of Uruguay.  Conference was amazing don’t you think.  So many amazing talks about so many things.  On that jumped out to me was rescue! … And remember Kindness is the key to everything.  I love you all.  The Church is so very true.  I can’t believe out of all the people on the earth I get to hold the priesthood of God.  Oh, mother’s day is soon no?  Ha Ha maybe I will be on the phone talking to you all very soon!
Love, Elder Stewart-Chester
PS; Here is some Argentina Money
PPS:  This my first map for proseliting in Argentina.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ok let the fun begin

Important notice= Pday is tuesday next week because of tranfers so I
will write you then!

First lets see I did not really recieve any questions Uncle sean I am
very sorry I have not replied as of yet but your letter will be posted
well sort of tomorrow thank you so much for the email.

Its kinda crazy how life still roles a long while I´m here in Uruguay
I feel as though you are all with me going through all the same things
struggling with investigators the whole lot. I just get lost I guess
but Its a good thing. Hey do you think that I could ask to prolong my
mission only so long in the Mission:)

hahaha anyway oh I thought of some things I would really enjoy first I
want a pocket counter you know those little metal things so I can
count contacts super easy just click it in my pocket. and lastly I
need some easy short visial lessons for like a family home evening any
think you can think of or used in your missions let me know.

Ok this week where do we start well I had two devissions this week I
was up in fraybentos with the Zone leader to learn a bit and boy was
that great. we had a pinch perfect lesson like textbook worthy went
through every step and yet it was still comfortable and close. and he
brought members to everything which just rocked. It was a little nicer
than here but very hilly.

I also had a transfer with the the other missionaries in our city of
dolores and I went to their area again. so yes I was out of my area a
ton last week. but they have some pretty good investigators. and they
have this one section which is in the middle of nothingness you have
to walk out for miles to get out there and we walked out there very
late so the time we left it was pitch black and were just two
missionaries for a couple of miles(oh his name is Elder McCrany he is
from Laguna hills you may know his family mom) talking about fast food
hahah and all over is fireflies!! not gonna lie it was really cool.

Ok now for our week well we were hit by a friday the 13th that is for
sure our smoker dropped us she could not even come tell us herself
just left a note also Our amazing family with all those kids were
getting kicked out of that house. on sat. so we spent all that day
searching for a house we found one possibility but we dont think it
worked for them so we were devistated because we thought they had to
move back to the campo where they could not come to church. But they
just moved to there friends house and we have prosponed the baptisms
until the 28th I cant wait to send you that picture! We had lots of
people drop us this last week mostly because they are not willing to
keep commitments. One of our investigators told us that he talked to
his friends and found out we were going to make him stop smoking and
drinking and he informed us that is all he has. but now we get to find
some knew freash investigators seeking the truth.

We found a family yesterday who are awesome they have been taught by
the mmissionaries be4 but not the oldest boy who is 20 he is a great
guy but we think he cant read. I cant wait to teach him more you can
just tell sometimes when people are humble and more prepared than the
wild drunk ones that yell at us haha

Speaking of which listen to this so while we were doing our planning
and studdying on sat morning someone tried to break into our back door
which was chained. but we think he was stoned out of his mind because
when we yelled he slowly took off and hid behind a wall where we could
still see him hahah. next time he comes back I´ll take a picture or
video it for the cops and maybe I´ll send you one.

Oh we also did service on the pinicula I think I will be able to send
the pictures

I love you all!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Worth more than gold

Hello Everyone I have decided not to send any pictures this time so that I can write maybe a poco bit more for you all! It has been a very eventfull week so lets see how I do fitting it down nice and small First off I don´t really need anything I miss your quotes mom did not send any this or last week. Um I don´t think I need anything I make do I have too much stuff if anything. Tomorrow I have divissions with the zone leaders not really sure why we think it is becuase they want to try and gert our one investigator to stop smoking little do they know we have not me but be4 me have been working with her for almost 4 months and others Elders be4 us It is sad to say but she does not really have enough desire to stop smoking. She knows everything is true but she did not even have the will power to fast for herself she broke it an hour after we started it with her. Anyway I am going up to their zone and one of them is coming here. I actually had devissions all ready this week with the district leader he came to my zone with me and it was a really good day we found a very good family lets hope we can get them to leave their church! It kinda crazy when I thought about it at the Mtc I thought I would be teaching these huge deep leasons but here in dolores we actually teach so so simply. We are working with a family who just moved in from Montevideo they have been Inactive for a while but now we are bringing them back and baptising her son who is 9 like Tedd. She is a single mother who lives in this tiny 1 room 1 bed I cant even call it a house with Felipe =9, Panchito=4or5, Lorenso=7, and Romina=13. And we thought we had tough times huh. The kids are great It reminds me so much when I was a kid in England and would just climb all over the missionaries I spent our last lesson with them with Lorenzo's arm around me the whole time and randomly he would give me hugs:) I love being a missionary. We are also working with a family friend of theirs at the same time and the mom and her daughter are of age so them and Felipe should be baptised on the 21st of abril. We work very fast here in our mission we are supposed to give a fecha(baptism date) in the very lesson we have with our Investigators. You would think are you serious ya I am its not that crazy we explain that If they read and pray and they know that its true we have this date for them to work for... more or less thats a brief summary. Lets see what did you ask about the weather, Ya its cooler than It was for sure but still it is very hot in a church pants and all but not as hot as jordan or ben and matt for that matter but, the winters here are supposed to be pretty brutal its like an unexscapable cold and we cant light fires in our furnaces which is not the best but I have a ton of warm stuff so I think I will be fine. We had a crazy awesome activity this last week. We ahd a taco night in the church with karioki aswell. It was a very big success lots of inactives and lots of our investigators my Comp is awesome and he can juggle super good and he has glow in the dark Balls It was a hit the crowd died. Other than that did a lot of service trimbed some tress dug a sewer system you know just the usual here in uruguay I have written some letters not sure when they will get to you all! I love you be safe and mull over these conference talks honestly they are worth more than gold.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Well that took forever and I got no wher on adding pictures:( I only have 20 min lest so I am going to make it quick I am sorry I don`t write more.  will try. We have had a very interesting week where I have learned quite a lot actually first Uruguayos lie when you ask them to come to conference. We actually went to one guys house he said he would be ready was already planning on it then didn´t show. It proved how vital members truelly are in the process from now on I am going to slave with members to bring our investigators to activities. We have a good number of investigators if one can stop smoking she will be baptised on the 14th we shall see how it goes it is going to very hard because he spouse does not support her decission. Lets see this week it is so hard to describe what it is like here the people are fantastic they are so funny we have this inactive member called Hermano diaz he has a huge family and there all inactive very sad but he is a return missionary and loves us so we go over there a bit and he is hilarious if you come to visit at the end we will come here to meet him. I´m trying very hard to fellowship him back. Today we cooked pancakes at his house and my comp made syrup and it did not turn out so well. We also knocked the door of an inactive woman and the right time she had left her house and moved into the nieghbors because her daughter in law was a monster at first she said she was not interesting in coming back but after talking about the importance of family she broke down in tears.... new experience for me. We are pretty sure she is homeward bound. I still sleep like a rock Oh ya we had interviews with president last week that was pretty awesome I got to meet my zone there are some great missionaries in Uruguay let me tell you!! Well I´m out of Time I´m way sorry I am going to try and write more hand written letters I love you all!! Conference was very different on my mission everyone says they like it more not me I felt guilty what an easy oppertunity to invite my friends to hear a prophet of the lord I love You aLL