leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Excerpt from recent hand written letter…

It is crazy for me to think that I have a new baby brother.  The whole dynamic of our home must’ve changed.  What made you decide on the name Flynn?  Just so’s you know you made my life very difficult because that name is unpronounceable in Spanish.  I pronounce every “y” with a “shhh” sound so thanks a lot:)  just kidding I like the name a ton.  I didn’t like Casper as much.  I haven’t got any packages yet, I think boxes get here easier. Oh and the email “my lds” one actually anyone back home can write to me on that one.  I just can’t write them back.  I have to write them aback through a handwritten letter.
Well, the mission field well like I said on my email I’m loving it here and feel as though I have been here all my life, preaching the gospel.  The language is coming sloly but surely coming.  Every day I realize I can understand more and more.  I am hoping to be fluent by the ned of my second change.  Everything here is by FOOT, our whole mission is actually.  My shoes are great!  Can you believe I forgot shoe polish though!  It’s really starting to cool off now it was freezing last night but I stayed nice and warm don’t worry about a thing.  We have interviews with president this Thursday which will be pretty cool because I will get to meet my zone.  Today was a pretty crazy day, we had 39 contacts today because almost all of our lessons fell through and we want to hit our goal of 140 in a week.  The crazy part about it is we had so many actually really good contacts.  We invited tons to General conference and if they all come we will be busy for a while.  I felt pretty sick last night but today I already feel better.  I have been getting letters but many times out of order.  
…..I’m very busy tromping the streets of Uruguay.  Conference was amazing don’t you think.  So many amazing talks about so many things.  On that jumped out to me was rescue! … And remember Kindness is the key to everything.  I love you all.  The Church is so very true.  I can’t believe out of all the people on the earth I get to hold the priesthood of God.  Oh, mother’s day is soon no?  Ha Ha maybe I will be on the phone talking to you all very soon!
Love, Elder Stewart-Chester
PS; Here is some Argentina Money
PPS:  This my first map for proseliting in Argentina.

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