leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Well how do I describe this week hmmmm successful but tough very tough. But first, questions and a sad story First I broke my camera I did something stupid and now it wont turn on darn it all! and we have the baptism tonight and the whole shabang lets just say I am very sad so if at all possible could you send me the same camera I could go buy one here but I don´t really like the technology here. That was the best Camera Dad you know what type. If not let me know and I can just buy one on this end. the way to send it is in a box with other things hidden in a different kind of box to hide it and put stickers of the virgin mary. 2nd I do not no why you sent me medicine I have to much already I´ll probly leave it at the house next change. I need to start cleaning out what I don´t need so cambios dont kill me. 3rd I have recieved 2 packages one filled with chawlk sent forever ago and one with the calender! thanks so much I love it. It´s awesome. I also already destroyed my soccer shoes but I´m taking them to a zapataria tonight so he can fix them up for me. ok now to the good stuff.... Ok first No I didnt change I´m still with my same comp in dolores for another change he is now DL and we are getting another newby here tommorow so I wont be the youngest which is pretty cool cambios are crazy the mission is like on edge and then errupts into phone calls. usually you stay in an area for 3 changes before you leave but I have a hunch that I am going to leave next change. No we don´t have bikes in our mission there are some areas with bikes the problem is you put anything down here and go inside for a min and its gone. And the Ap´s and the Office elders are the only ones with cars in the mission. Ok the baptism now here is the crazy part. So it is still the same family I was telling you about remember how they moved into their friends well the next day we went by again and they told us they were going to move back to CaƱada nietos 20km away. they told us it would be cheeper and they could take a taxi to church. well so they next day we moved them out there. with only a truck and very small trailer. 2 trips and it was pretty aesome we were in the back with all the stuff to move. in the middle of the campo. Its very beautiful. anyway so it was 20 km so we thought we could now just borrow some bikes and visit them to continue the teaching and get them ready for their baptism. so thats what we did but we had huge amount of head wind the entire way we would stop at the bottom of hills...there was lots of hills. and then at 10 km my bikes peddle with the chain gear fell off. we spent the reast with me peddling for a bit then kicking it back on every two or there peddles and walking. but it was a great ex. did not have a camera which really bums me out. we same a giant trianchula crossing the road. anyway so we then had them set up to be baptised this sat. but then we chaned it to today becuase the other side has a baptism and they wanted to do it all together. so we had to cram a ton of commandments for them after church(they hitch hiked to get there!) and then they had the interview which they failled becuase well its hard to explain. we have taught them everything a ton but they take a while to grasp things and are very shy. anyway so to make sure they got baptised my comp and our old DL had to go down there again on bikes to get them more ready. lets just say that was another adventure. But we have the baptisms today and all is well I have no time and I´m gonna put my card in another missionaries camera so I can get the pictures I love You  I love Being a missionary

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