leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Worth more than gold

Hello Everyone I have decided not to send any pictures this time so that I can write maybe a poco bit more for you all! It has been a very eventfull week so lets see how I do fitting it down nice and small First off I don´t really need anything I miss your quotes mom did not send any this or last week. Um I don´t think I need anything I make do I have too much stuff if anything. Tomorrow I have divissions with the zone leaders not really sure why we think it is becuase they want to try and gert our one investigator to stop smoking little do they know we have not me but be4 me have been working with her for almost 4 months and others Elders be4 us It is sad to say but she does not really have enough desire to stop smoking. She knows everything is true but she did not even have the will power to fast for herself she broke it an hour after we started it with her. Anyway I am going up to their zone and one of them is coming here. I actually had devissions all ready this week with the district leader he came to my zone with me and it was a really good day we found a very good family lets hope we can get them to leave their church! It kinda crazy when I thought about it at the Mtc I thought I would be teaching these huge deep leasons but here in dolores we actually teach so so simply. We are working with a family who just moved in from Montevideo they have been Inactive for a while but now we are bringing them back and baptising her son who is 9 like Tedd. She is a single mother who lives in this tiny 1 room 1 bed I cant even call it a house with Felipe =9, Panchito=4or5, Lorenso=7, and Romina=13. And we thought we had tough times huh. The kids are great It reminds me so much when I was a kid in England and would just climb all over the missionaries I spent our last lesson with them with Lorenzo's arm around me the whole time and randomly he would give me hugs:) I love being a missionary. We are also working with a family friend of theirs at the same time and the mom and her daughter are of age so them and Felipe should be baptised on the 21st of abril. We work very fast here in our mission we are supposed to give a fecha(baptism date) in the very lesson we have with our Investigators. You would think are you serious ya I am its not that crazy we explain that If they read and pray and they know that its true we have this date for them to work for... more or less thats a brief summary. Lets see what did you ask about the weather, Ya its cooler than It was for sure but still it is very hot in a church pants and all but not as hot as jordan or ben and matt for that matter but, the winters here are supposed to be pretty brutal its like an unexscapable cold and we cant light fires in our furnaces which is not the best but I have a ton of warm stuff so I think I will be fine. We had a crazy awesome activity this last week. We ahd a taco night in the church with karioki aswell. It was a very big success lots of inactives and lots of our investigators my Comp is awesome and he can juggle super good and he has glow in the dark Balls It was a hit the crowd died. Other than that did a lot of service trimbed some tress dug a sewer system you know just the usual here in uruguay I have written some letters not sure when they will get to you all! I love you be safe and mull over these conference talks honestly they are worth more than gold.

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