leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Well First I`m gonna email and then I am going to call later tonight

I forgot my agenda at home with all the notes I took about things to write about and things that I wanted to tell you about from the past week. But because my comp is disobedient I do not want to come back and waist more time here so I figure I`ll just do it now and send some more fotos.

I am super exited to speak to you all and it should be really great i hope that everything gets figured out and runs smooth sailing.

Christmas is completely different here. It was one of the hottest days I think I have experienced in my life
Yesterday not positive but it was so hot and so humid. Anyway so It does not feel like christmas. So here the traditions are more like our forth of july they get together as a family eat lots and lots of meat and potatoe salad like dishes and eat and eat and then around midnight everyone lights up the sky with bazzilions of fireworks every house all over and it just lights up the sky everywhere we watched off the roof of our house into the night. It was insane. Not going to lie its probably because I am use to back home but I would trade all this anyday for a white magical christmas with my family. I do find myself missing all you lot a lot more It has a lot to do with how trunky my comp is but what you gonna do about it.

I got a bunch of packages. I finally recieved that little foto book how flippen awesome is that little guy! and I got your letters and a package from grandma and the bishop and the awesome Valient class!! thank you so much I shared with everyone here:) The truth is I am very tired not use to staying up past 10:30 hahah

This Sunday we also had 3 baptisms here:) It was a very good service with lots of the ward showing up to give their support. Their mother did not come which is a worry of mine I want them to stay strong and active edifying the church here. My comp is more of a  baptise it kind of person. Changes are next week so i`ll be emailing tuesday. But it was a reallyy wonderful experience I had the oppotunity to baptise the two young boys 12 and almost 12 you`ll see in a foto Ill send Ezequiel and Jonathan. and my comp baptised the 13 year old girl Antonella.

This is a picture of here in "Deo" near my house and my foot when it was all messed a couple of weeks ago from the vinegar.

 After our zone confernce we had to rush off to the middle of the heart of Montevideo because Elder Montes and his area have a couple that are going to get married. So we had to go for support and to be witnesses. It was super strange to be in the big city after so long in the country. It was wierd to hear english music aswell. anyway we also entered a catholic cathedral there aswell after just to look arround and it was pretty filled with saints but beautiful in lots of ways that got us to talk about the temple and how much better it is with the couple.

Also That same day I had a huge Illergic reaction my skin was covered in red bumps and I had to call the mission nurse for the first time It was pretty uncomfortable not really sure what it was but it went away. Maybe i`ll send a foto I have to get it  from Elder Montes.

Anyway today I should watch The movie Brave today as a district I`m really exited. I heard the Hobbit is out I am super jealous and dont really want to be reminded about it.

Anyway I love you all so much and I love the Saviour. I realize as I read his teachings how much better I need to try and be and how I will never get there But one day Christ will make everything right. Sometimes I am amazed by the evil in our day  but then I remind myself that We already know who wins in the end the Saviour. I am more and more getting to the point where not obeying the lord hurts me inside. I love the saviour and I want to have the giant change of heart at the end of my mission to be the best father I can be.
I heard a song and now I say this in my prayers where he said something like "HElp me to give more of myself" and that is what I now say.

I will end with Scripture: Moroni 8: 3
I finished the Book of Mormon is spanish...... I love that book It continues to change my life everyday
I love you all terribly

Elder Stewart-Chester

welcome one and all....

Well I´d just like to say I love you all lots and lots. I am at a different cyber right now and its a lot beter but I cannot send pictures. I brought it all and everything. Anyway Christmas is in the air I am going to do Skype Christmas night 25th at about 8 o'clock my time. I am very exited did you know I cut my hair the other week shorter than it has been since that one time in UT and I was devistated hahaha.

 Anyway lets go through some key highlights this week:
First off the baptism did not go through:( but for good reason and actually it was president who denied the baptism. The problem is MArgarita the wonderful lady we are teaching, she lives in a house with her grandkids and her old partner. WE did not think it was going to be a problem because they are both pretty old and are more like siblings.  They are in the same house for the grandchildren. Her x partner was inactive from a long time ago but when the missionaries started teaching his grandson he came back in full force and is one of the best reactivated members I have seen.HE loves church. Anyway so we had some problems there and it did not go through but IT is only a mater of time and finding out what we can do for them we have a couple of solutions and we´ll just have to find the way to make it work.

Someone broke into the chapel as well and  stole a computer and an electric piano. It is sad how hard it is here to keep people from robbing things. All the windows of the church have huge bars on them and so they picked up the brick around it and took it off and broke into the secretaries office. WE think they have been in the chapel before becuase they knew exactly which window to climb in.

Fletcher...Dude remember that "Heman song" thing on You tube? Dude I heard that song here the other day on the bus and died laughing to myself:) made me trunky (miss home)

Did you know that Uruguay is over run with cats and dogs I have told you this no? well its the truth everywhere every house has like 4 dogs. But guess what that also means there are puppies and kittens everywhere here hahaha too bad they have fleas....I still play with them:) It literally is crazy though how many baby animals there are here.

Teddy and Bo guess what you know that Vegetales sing along song about the cucumber danceçing and singing. Guess what now I can sing that song and know what it says I was singing it just from memory the other day: "Mire el Pepino":)

Scripture of the week: Mormon 9:14 It talks about the impure staying impure and the clean clean. For me it reminds me of the importance of being happy in this life because the happy will be happy and the unhappy will  be even more unhappy. I will finish the book of mormon this week in Spanish how much I love that book and often find myself trying to find more time in the day to read more. I also found myself thinking of my saviour this christmas time... How much I wish he didn´t have to suffer for my mistakes but at the same time I just find so much love for him. I am amazed by his unfathomable love, stregnth and intellegence.

Anyway time is up I love you all like crazy oh my foot is fine not to worry and DAD we have DVD players in every house not to worry:) I love you all tons and tons be happy live everyday happy and make sure to tell everyone who is freaking out about the end of the world on the 21st that its all a bunch of balone.

This is a foto with Elder Viñas and our zone is Salto and photos from when I left Salto
 Elder McCRanny


Elder Stewart-Chester

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Its the most wonderful time of the year"

I’m sorry I cannot send more pictures today, next week I will. These are photos from Salto. I did not send any from here yet. The truth is I’m testing out the area to see if I can take it around with me. It looks pretty safe.  Now the only thing is one minute it's sunny the next it's pouring. The truth is I am not too far into the city, we are more on the outskirts.  Unlike the states where the inner city is the rough part here it is the outside where all the poor live. I love my area. We have like 20 lessons with a member every week because there are so many that are willing to help and lots of people to teach.

Something that me and my companion (my mom didn't correct this even though she should have-love, mom) have really begun to focus on is reactivating and we are seeing lots of fruits from our labor. This last Sunday a lot of very big recent convert family that went inactive came to church!! There is so much work to be done in reactivation here and we have set our goals high to bring many back to fill the church full once again. 

Me and my companion (mom needs to teach grammar to her sonJ)get a long really well. I tried something new this change and just worked hard to make him laugh and become his friend. I do not chew him out I just serve and do all that I can thinking about the savior. Our goal as a mission is to be one of the saviors’ friends, to serve out of love not out of duty. I love my savior. I think about his question so amazingly put by Elder Holland often "DO YOU LOVE ME?"   I think about it and then I serve all that I can. I think about it when I arrive at the house in the night, which is such a mess and there is so much to do and all I want to do is sleep and then I get to work and fight the tiredness. My foot has been causing me problems and yet I thought about serving him truly loving him and I kept going and washing and cleaning all by myself.  That day I felt his hand uplift my burdens. 

I did what Grandpa said and soaked my foot in apple vinegar boy did it hurt and then the second day I did it again and that next day my foot swelled up huge and that’s where I am at today. I soaked it in ice water last night and it helped and the swelling decreased but I just hope I did not do something wrong.

I went on diviones last week with an elder from El Salvador who was baptized at 19 he is  a powerful missionary and knows how to teach. Anyway we had a lesson with one of our investigatores Margarita who is 60 something and wants to be baptized but is quitting smoking. We had an amazing charla with her. She said that she was feeling as though God did not love her but after Elder Rivas spoke she knew He really did. Anyway she is getting baptized next week and we are exited! Lots of work is going on here. 

Scripture: 4nephi 1 15

 15 And it came to pass that there was no acontention in the land, because of the blove of God which did dwell in the hearts of the people.

The Book of Mormon is amazing read it
I love you so much I don’t really feel like its Christmas time, it’s too hot:) and no family

Love you all 
Elder Stewart-Chester
 BON BON coma....
 Salto rainy!!

 SALTO!!  rain
 Making sausages......ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww (love mom)

 I actually got to baptise Florencia which was wonderful as always but you know me I forgot my towell at least it is insanely hot here!!

Dec 3 (late update from mom) Well we are at that time again!

Please forgive me this thing is terrible. I am going to start emailing in the morning. Anyway ahhhhh I forgot the cord to send the pictures.... nuts. Next week I’ll spend time sending pictures. P-days are busy days where you try and cram lots in and then you have to agree with your comp and it just makes it even harder to do all you would like to.

Anyway, so where do I start.  Well I had a very spiritual experience this Tuesday on divisions with a different Elder called Elder Montes.  He is from Spain but lost his accent completely. Anyway we actually had a couple of spiritual experiences. First, we went to an 18 yr old young man’s house who had been baptized recently 8 months ago to try and teach his sister. He’s super active and actually was a corto plazo (a missionary before the mission) with my comp for two days before I got here. Well when we got there he told us that he had decided that he was going inactive. We were shocked and so we sat down and had a lesson I will never forget. We asked him why and things like that. He said it was because he was a bad person. We talked about the atonement, about never giving up about how much god loves him. I cried.  My comp cried and so did he. In the middle of the lesson I had the weirdest feeling. I literally sat back and thought to my self as I listened to myself speak. I have already heard and said all of this before in my dreams the night before. I told everyone and I was amazed. After that lesson he told us he was not going inactive. He later sent us a message telling us that he had been kneeling asking the Lord to help him repent, to help him. He said that we were his answer. My favorite part of being a missionary is following the spirit and being the answer to someone’s prayers.

Wow, O have so many things to say such little time. Fast...... my comp has P90x.  We work out. We had a baptism this last Saturday and it was really great. Our ward is wonderful and it is working well to get things moving. His name is Alexander he is the brother of a recent convert. In the baptism President Heaton came to see our baptism and well the mom of Alexander is an investigator of ours and she had not shown up yet and so I went looking for her in the car with presidente.  Ha-ha, through some rough streets with his nice car super strange to use a seatbelt.

That is all I will have time for for now forgive me.  Typing is a weakness of mine I will be talking again with Skype very soon!! So you can ask me all kinds of questions then as well.
I just want to say I love you so much. Be safe and love the lord the hard things are what mold us into what god wants us to be!
Elder Stewart-Chester