leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Well First I`m gonna email and then I am going to call later tonight

I forgot my agenda at home with all the notes I took about things to write about and things that I wanted to tell you about from the past week. But because my comp is disobedient I do not want to come back and waist more time here so I figure I`ll just do it now and send some more fotos.

I am super exited to speak to you all and it should be really great i hope that everything gets figured out and runs smooth sailing.

Christmas is completely different here. It was one of the hottest days I think I have experienced in my life
Yesterday not positive but it was so hot and so humid. Anyway so It does not feel like christmas. So here the traditions are more like our forth of july they get together as a family eat lots and lots of meat and potatoe salad like dishes and eat and eat and then around midnight everyone lights up the sky with bazzilions of fireworks every house all over and it just lights up the sky everywhere we watched off the roof of our house into the night. It was insane. Not going to lie its probably because I am use to back home but I would trade all this anyday for a white magical christmas with my family. I do find myself missing all you lot a lot more It has a lot to do with how trunky my comp is but what you gonna do about it.

I got a bunch of packages. I finally recieved that little foto book how flippen awesome is that little guy! and I got your letters and a package from grandma and the bishop and the awesome Valient class!! thank you so much I shared with everyone here:) The truth is I am very tired not use to staying up past 10:30 hahah

This Sunday we also had 3 baptisms here:) It was a very good service with lots of the ward showing up to give their support. Their mother did not come which is a worry of mine I want them to stay strong and active edifying the church here. My comp is more of a  baptise it kind of person. Changes are next week so i`ll be emailing tuesday. But it was a reallyy wonderful experience I had the oppotunity to baptise the two young boys 12 and almost 12 you`ll see in a foto Ill send Ezequiel and Jonathan. and my comp baptised the 13 year old girl Antonella.

This is a picture of here in "Deo" near my house and my foot when it was all messed a couple of weeks ago from the vinegar.

 After our zone confernce we had to rush off to the middle of the heart of Montevideo because Elder Montes and his area have a couple that are going to get married. So we had to go for support and to be witnesses. It was super strange to be in the big city after so long in the country. It was wierd to hear english music aswell. anyway we also entered a catholic cathedral there aswell after just to look arround and it was pretty filled with saints but beautiful in lots of ways that got us to talk about the temple and how much better it is with the couple.

Also That same day I had a huge Illergic reaction my skin was covered in red bumps and I had to call the mission nurse for the first time It was pretty uncomfortable not really sure what it was but it went away. Maybe i`ll send a foto I have to get it  from Elder Montes.

Anyway today I should watch The movie Brave today as a district I`m really exited. I heard the Hobbit is out I am super jealous and dont really want to be reminded about it.

Anyway I love you all so much and I love the Saviour. I realize as I read his teachings how much better I need to try and be and how I will never get there But one day Christ will make everything right. Sometimes I am amazed by the evil in our day  but then I remind myself that We already know who wins in the end the Saviour. I am more and more getting to the point where not obeying the lord hurts me inside. I love the saviour and I want to have the giant change of heart at the end of my mission to be the best father I can be.
I heard a song and now I say this in my prayers where he said something like "HElp me to give more of myself" and that is what I now say.

I will end with Scripture: Moroni 8: 3
I finished the Book of Mormon is spanish...... I love that book It continues to change my life everyday
I love you all terribly

Elder Stewart-Chester

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