leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Well It has been a very long tiring week with way not enough sleep

First off My Change:

I´m already leaving!!!! can you believe it not going to lie I was pretty sad

I´m going up North to where its really Hot And well I will be on the border of Brasil and Uruguay in RIVERA 
My new comp is called ELder Minter he is from the states I am pretty stoked to work super hard with him up there not too exited for the heat but I´m going to buy a giant hat and loose myself in the work I am exited to make more of a difference It felt too much like my companion had everything under control here. I am actually oppening up the area. there was only 2 missionaries before for a really big area but now they are sending us up there. I really could not believe it but hey the lords in charge. 

I forgot to tell you all about a costom the children have here.... well maybe I already did but just incase so leading up to Christmas all the children begin to ask every passerby for money. The say "Coins for Judas" because what they do us they use that monet to buy tons of fireworks and every year they burn and put fireworks inside of a dummy(judas). so every year they burn Judas here..... Not really sure Jesus Christ would enjoy that custom.

I actually went to the offices to talk to presidente who gave me my change a little early so I was able to say goodbye to a lot more people and take some pictures. I am just bummed that I never get to spend any time in an area everyone is literally astounded by my changes my comp who is finishing his mission only has 5 areas. I cannot believe first that I will have been out here a year in 10 days and second that Tate will be 17 it scares me a lot to think of myself so old. 

I have decided that this next year all I want and desire is to think of others with all my heart and mind, and to feel the spirit every day through testifying and in the end haveing the grand change of heart that is described in the Book of MOrmon. 

 The trash from all the fireworks from the New Years Eve Spectacle.....

I have had a couple of pretty good days since we last talked Happy New years my Newyears was pretty good could´ve been better but cant complain lots and lots of fireworks. 

Today was a super crazy day I am in the heart of the city right now(i took pictures for another day) we went and ate at a place called California Burrito. here in the heart there are tons of people from the states and I talked to a bunch today. It was super strange they said I have an accent on my English how terrible.:) It was super strange good thing I am going back to the Campo!!! 

Wow all those people are married...... wierd.....

I love the mission I am so tired I am sick of packing and I know that tomorrow I am going to have little to no sleep again but I will find the strength and I wont let it slow me down. I am greatful to give the lord a small sacrifice such as this. He has given me so much. I am so grateful for all of you your words of wisdom I like Ben and Matt am touched often but what you all have written me. 

Just remember I think of you often even though I am terrible at writing letters but I am going to be better at that too this year!!!!

I love you next week I will be in Rivera burning alive!!!
Elder Stewart-Chester

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