leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I miss this boy!!

Well It is that time of the week again!!!

I dont have much to report on Prosilitismo this week. a lot of our return appointments fell through saddly. Our guy who is the golden contact had work so we could not make an appointment with the other missionaries to pass him on. But we have now moved on to a new are next week and so we will not be able to return. I am kinda stoked for the new area though hopefully more people will be out on the streets. We taught those JWs again though that went well we have a lot more similarities than I thought. I hope the missionaries around here will find these people again.

Do´t worry I will get to all those triveal Q´s:) but first i want to tell you how we woke up yesterday...
We woke up to presidente And we all jumped out of our bed scared to death that we had over slept or something. He said that he was waking us up early for a meeting with him about something and to meet him in our classroom. We followed him up there when he told us that one of the cooks who was the best cook had that morning fallin because of dissyness and hit his head and died. Hermano Galeano was his name. We were not allowed to go downstairs for sometime and it was a strange day. He actually has a son out on a mission. Be safe. Pray for his family Por favor,

We also had Mcdonalds the other day too that was good:)

Ok so we are the only Gringos left at the CCM now All ten of us we had one sister going to our same mission but she left early because her spanish was really good. There are 10 of us total in our district they are all going to West side and most I think 6 are from Utah. My companion is From Lindon and His Name is Elder Long. Its actually is pretty funny we know a lot of ppl in common from utah. then we have one more from california he is the funny one he is from apple valley. CA then we have WY elder and One big headed Texan thats a joke. oh and one from Mesa. Alll will be great elders.

My spanish is improving emensing I am one of the best in my class that is partly because I studdy a ton my companion is better though and talks far too much in the lessons but we starting to really teach in Unity. I love our devotionals they are one of my absolute favorite things about the CCM unlike Provo Presidente teaches all of our Sunday classes and Priesthood and answers alll our Q´s I have learned that the gospel is GINORMOUS and i have so much to learn and I love reading the scriptures.OH a little bit of advice for ben and Matt and Austin and Who ever a good Idea would be to Buy your nice scriptures in your mission language and buy all the marking tools look up ways others have done it ask lots of ppl mine are dope eventually i will need some ore of those morking things though whenever you get the chance I know I ask for a lot.

I play soccer all the time all the gringos have started aswell

the food I swear I talked about but it is good we have some amazing meals some are..... interesting but all edible and fill you up I have gaind weight I think but not enough for how much I eat. there was only 20 of us left here for a little while last two days between transfers. that was interesting. Oh and I am the CCM mail Guy!!! so much responsibilty what will I do! I have taken lots of photos I will see if I can E mail some sooon

I Love you all Its crazy It has already been 6 weeks only 3 weeks left in the CCM and then I am off to the feild!

Elder Stewart cheter

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oy! A glitch in the system caused me panic;)

Dear Parents,

Today is rather a strange day because I cannot get on my email. For some reason, and so I´m writing this on Word and then I´m going to transfer it. The Missionaries are all in craze it is rather hilarious! So I got the package with all that candy!! It was awesome thanks so much. Its crazy how much you guys love me I never knew I was worth all that. Any way Lets start with things that would still be good. The ensign with all the conference talks and my white binder with all my quotes and things from Bishop Griner and Sister Riley!! That’s if you get time and if you don’t think it will make it in time you can wait until I’m in Uruguay.

So anyway my week…

Lets start with Prosilitismo. Well it was as it always is a fantastic experience. We had two appointments one I did not mention in my last letter and the other was the Carlos who I did mention(the one who believes it all) but we started the day with contacting these two JW’s and that was pretty funny we have a meeting with them Sat. And then we walked to the House of Elias.. I did not mention him last week he was a younger man who was very interested in our message he had never had religion in his life and our message we think really hit him. So anyway we went by his house (oh he has a Dalmatian & a spaniel best looking dogs we have seen here) and his wife was there he was not but his wife was (she was asleep last time) and she said she had to work but Elias would be home soon. She also said she was not really interested but Elias was and he had made her read our pamphlet. We waited for him he had read Mor 10 but had not prayed, so we taught him how and boy was it great we will go over there again sat.

Then we have of course our golden contact…. We found out a lot more from this wonderful man. He explained some other regions(we think it was psyontology because he was talking about aliens ya took a while to figure that one out) and we talked about why he is not baptized. He expressed his desire to be but it turns out his GF is a Muslim and she does not want to hear about the gospel and he lives with her. We came back and we actually called him on the phone yesterday to make sure that he could see us Sat we are going to pass him on to the other missionaries it was awesome he talked to president. We actually calling him again tomorrow.

Wow typing in English really starts to show how much Spanish is talking over if my emails are hard to read now than just wait. Spanish is coming slowly but surely every day you feel like you haven’t learned enough and then you realize how much you understand and how much you can now say! After 2 years in Spanish class at home I could not say 1 64th what I do now.

Also this week me and my companion played some practical jokes that went a little too far… we have this teacher who we just really like to bug and we decided with it being Valentine ’s Day we would give her a cookie and say it was from another elder. We told him that we were having a signature contest and then we cut his signature out in a heart shape. We then had a sister deliver it. Our teacher is Funny she is only a couple years older and she has not a very controlling person so we over bare her class all the time. Anyway so she knew it was us but the elder bless his heart believed us that it was some giant conspiracy… we ended up with a court case did not go over well. But we did get a lot of laughs. We have not got any shipments of White kids in some time so we are all starting to go crazy. Next Tuesdaywe will be that only white kids left here for 3 weeks until we leave then they get a new shipment. We are all very bummed. We never got to mess with people who don´t know Spanish.

Anyway I have not received a single letter yet only the packages a little weird I hope that they are getting to you.? Lets see what did you want to know Oh I feel bad about what I first said about my companion he Is a lot better as time goes on. He knows the gospel very well and a very hard worker all he ever does is study study study. We get along better every day.

The food here is good I think I have gained weight!!! I know crazy. Oh and a good idea that some of the other guys have are Calendars with pictures of their family IDK just a thought. The people here are the best such a humble and hilarious people. They bear with our awful Spanish over and over It is wild to me that they are as friendly as they are with us.

I Love you all Keep telling me all about you because I love to hear it!

Elder Stewart-Chester

Well not sure when I will send this.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

4 weeks...yay!

Well Today marks 4 weeks....
It flys by it really does I cannot believe I have been here for so long. Thanks you for everyone who has written me I got a letter from Grandma jackie today please tell her I love her. I also got my Blessing thank You so much Grandad y grandma:)
Ok this week
So we changed areas so I did not get to take my camera which really bums me out cuz I really wanted to take a picture of the cow in the middle of the road for you all to see... Our new area is reeally nice which is not as nice as you would think because in the poorer areas they are always outside so it is easier to contact them. But still boy did we have an amazing experience this week. It started off well different we were so use to people being so kind to us that this guy just kinda shocked us. I asked him if we could help him with his yard and he went on a rant on how awful america Is and how they steal the worlds oil and how the politics are corrupt. and why would he ever want our help...on and on..
but it really was not too dicouraging and we went on our way where we taught a wonderful man for a good hour and a half who seemed very interested everytime we would teach him something he would want more we left him with a comittment to read and we will see him saturday.
then we met carlos. he was sitting up on his porch and we talked to him from his gate he told us that he was a catholic and actually we should come in and talk to him because he had a book of mormon. he let us in and we sat on his porch were he told us his background. he was from Columbia he was a reliogious professor and he had had a book of mormon for a long time. He then showed us why he thought our church was the best of them all he talked about multiple others and how he loved the book of mormon. He became more bold as the conversation wore on he said "I believe in the BOM" he told us that we were an answer to his prayers. He told us that he had a friend who was a bishop we think in columbia who was a great missionary to him. So I know what your thinking and boy we were too. Why is he not baptised! well we asked him. and He has a girl friend who does not believe in our church she is catholic and we think that she has been his girlfriend for a long time we think he has lots of kids with but we are not sure.... He asked us if he could leave us with a prayer and where the nearest chapel was. we gave him both and he said that he could not come to church this time but he insisted that we come back next week and his GF will be there who speaks good English...That is this saturday! what an experience in his prayer he thanked god for sending us to his door.....
Looks like the church is true it does not matter if you move away he will always find you right.... 3 years he had moved away from Columbia.
Anyway i started way late on this email I will not be able to email anyone else so just tell them all that I love Them!
I have sent some letters tell me if they get there
Spanish is getting easier I am astounded by how much I can understand when they speak to me and reading iT the hard part is the speaking but as you practise with the Latinos here you learn so quickly.
I love all the guys here and my companion gets better and better each week he is still a little bit too connected but I hope soon that he will learn that we dont care hahahaha
I am taking pictures dont worry I might bring my camera this week my area is mellow and we have a ton of stores I think that I am going to buy 30 Empanadas this week and stock pile them because they bring me much happyness.
The Church is True Send me note cards and Pens and marking pencils and ramin if you get the chance oh and a note book I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!1

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chance of a lifetime! 2/2/12

Well its that time of the week again!
Pday how i love it so. Well a lot goes on and I will try to convey as much as I can First off I love you so much! I got my package today so dope!
I cannot wait to wear my shirt also I sent a letter about a little more and I will probably send another. Most of my days are spent sitting in a class room It gets pretty old but it is nessisary because spanish is very difecult.l I wish I had studied a little be4 tell matt and ben that they should!! also it is crazy hot here and they should pack a couple more P day shirts!
Ok so for the next package there is a few things that I would really love to have If at all possible... first some colored pencils to mark up my scriptures also small marking sticky notes... I also did not bring enough pens not inky ones and maybe a pencil or too also I love and miss candy weird huh....
So about my week well we went out on the town prosiliting once again and had just as great as an experience as before! again dogs are everywhere and the streets are very dirty but the ppl are the best! we walk up to everyone and they talk to us with kindness it is a very humble spot. once you know all the hand jestures that mean they want to hurt you you are totally fine! so one of our first contacts was a great one it was a 14 yr old kid who did not believe in god we testified to him and talked to him about gods plan for him( he believed in science) he was a great guy. he had never prayed be4 so there on the street I prayed in ok spanish and after each sentance I said he repeated my words!!:) it was awesome! We also tracted into this wonderful man who owned an Ice cream shop. he had moron (I think he meant mormon LOL) friends and did no longer practise his catholic faith and so we talked to him about our relationship with god and the BOM which we had him red the intro(last 2) and committed him to pray and read Mro 5. Powerful day I love it. I get to go again on saturday I am gonna bring my camera to take a picture with the cow on the street! pray that I dont get it stollen! :) We then tracted into a guy who had an accent so thick We literally could not understand two words....
My new companion... he is extremely hardworking and helps me so much on staying focussed on studying spanish but well.. I´m getting a little sick of the fact that he is the best at everything has met everyone who ever lived and writes the best talks and papers cuz well he is just a genious... I bare it well he is a great kid just needs a little humility.... oh he has also been everywhere and knows how everything works...
I love the MTC my teachers are dope strait from Argentina etc. and you would be shocked how fast we learn... getting a little sick of all these progressive investigators but it helps you learn
Jesus the Christ Is amazing Everyone should read It :)
I love YOu all tons I am Going to write you all a letter later today probably.
YOu are the best family I loved your letters make sure that the boys stay away from Tate and dont worry I will not let anyone here write you tate:)
Fletch BE good

Querido Mom & Dad, first handwritten letter...

I am not sure when this will get to you but today is the 15th (It came Feb 2nd) and I guess we will see when this gets to you. I'm sorry I have not wrote(tempted to correct this grammar) sooner but we are so extremely busy and we are only allowed to email every thursday which is our P-day. It is amazing to be here. I cannot even explain how fast they jam the language down our throats. I have learned so much spanish in the last few days you would be extremely astounded. They throw you into it the first day after 2 hours of sleep on the plane. We arrived that morning and we began to learn as much as possible. Waking up early is really not bad of an adjustment at all. I'd say one of the biggest adjustments is just having to go everywhere with your companion. I actually have two companions and they are both such great guys. One of them is litereally Uncle Sean reincarnated. He is so funny, but not as tall. My other companion is very strong in the gospel. The truth is everyone in my district are great individuals. I look at every single one of them and they honestly will all be fantastic missionaries. I feel so blessed to be part of this group.
Argentina is extremely hot and humid. The natives don't really speak any English but are great guys too and I have had lots of fun playing soccer (he crossed this out and wrote) Futbol with them. The temple here is closed the entire time so we do not get to go through. They are having problems referbishing it. But we go out tracting every Saturday from now on so I will get to see the city. The older missionaries say it's a pretty run down town...maybe they will let me bring my camera. We are not allowed to take pictures until the last Sunday of every 3 weeks. (from mom: What? That is crazy...I want pictures) And I will take pictures. It is really cool here because we are such a small MTC. The MTC president is such a big part in teaching us, and so does his wife. Theya re great but we are changing them this Monday. I already met the New president Openshaw and told him about my Grandad Gary which was cool. Anyway I will write more in my email on Thursday. And Oh, DO NOT send box packages to me they will not get to me here in Argentina! They will get to me in Uruguay, but not here. If you want to send me something put it in a smallish padded envelope then it will get to me. When I am in Uruguay I wont get padded envelopes but I will get boxes weird I know. Anyway how is home? How are the kids?