leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, February 3, 2012

Chance of a lifetime! 2/2/12

Well its that time of the week again!
Pday how i love it so. Well a lot goes on and I will try to convey as much as I can First off I love you so much! I got my package today so dope!
I cannot wait to wear my shirt also I sent a letter about a little more and I will probably send another. Most of my days are spent sitting in a class room It gets pretty old but it is nessisary because spanish is very difecult.l I wish I had studied a little be4 tell matt and ben that they should!! also it is crazy hot here and they should pack a couple more P day shirts!
Ok so for the next package there is a few things that I would really love to have If at all possible... first some colored pencils to mark up my scriptures also small marking sticky notes... I also did not bring enough pens not inky ones and maybe a pencil or too also I love and miss candy weird huh....
So about my week well we went out on the town prosiliting once again and had just as great as an experience as before! again dogs are everywhere and the streets are very dirty but the ppl are the best! we walk up to everyone and they talk to us with kindness it is a very humble spot. once you know all the hand jestures that mean they want to hurt you you are totally fine! so one of our first contacts was a great one it was a 14 yr old kid who did not believe in god we testified to him and talked to him about gods plan for him( he believed in science) he was a great guy. he had never prayed be4 so there on the street I prayed in ok spanish and after each sentance I said he repeated my words!!:) it was awesome! We also tracted into this wonderful man who owned an Ice cream shop. he had moron (I think he meant mormon LOL) friends and did no longer practise his catholic faith and so we talked to him about our relationship with god and the BOM which we had him red the intro(last 2) and committed him to pray and read Mro 5. Powerful day I love it. I get to go again on saturday I am gonna bring my camera to take a picture with the cow on the street! pray that I dont get it stollen! :) We then tracted into a guy who had an accent so thick We literally could not understand two words....
My new companion... he is extremely hardworking and helps me so much on staying focussed on studying spanish but well.. I´m getting a little sick of the fact that he is the best at everything has met everyone who ever lived and writes the best talks and papers cuz well he is just a genious... I bare it well he is a great kid just needs a little humility.... oh he has also been everywhere and knows how everything works...
I love the MTC my teachers are dope strait from Argentina etc. and you would be shocked how fast we learn... getting a little sick of all these progressive investigators but it helps you learn
Jesus the Christ Is amazing Everyone should read It :)
I love YOu all tons I am Going to write you all a letter later today probably.
YOu are the best family I loved your letters make sure that the boys stay away from Tate and dont worry I will not let anyone here write you tate:)
Fletch BE good

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  1. For FHE we all wrote to Brady. 5 individual letters on their way to Argentina. Loving this blog. Thanks, Heather!!!