leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Oy! A glitch in the system caused me panic;)

Dear Parents,

Today is rather a strange day because I cannot get on my email. For some reason, and so I´m writing this on Word and then I´m going to transfer it. The Missionaries are all in craze it is rather hilarious! So I got the package with all that candy!! It was awesome thanks so much. Its crazy how much you guys love me I never knew I was worth all that. Any way Lets start with things that would still be good. The ensign with all the conference talks and my white binder with all my quotes and things from Bishop Griner and Sister Riley!! That’s if you get time and if you don’t think it will make it in time you can wait until I’m in Uruguay.

So anyway my week…

Lets start with Prosilitismo. Well it was as it always is a fantastic experience. We had two appointments one I did not mention in my last letter and the other was the Carlos who I did mention(the one who believes it all) but we started the day with contacting these two JW’s and that was pretty funny we have a meeting with them Sat. And then we walked to the House of Elias.. I did not mention him last week he was a younger man who was very interested in our message he had never had religion in his life and our message we think really hit him. So anyway we went by his house (oh he has a Dalmatian & a spaniel best looking dogs we have seen here) and his wife was there he was not but his wife was (she was asleep last time) and she said she had to work but Elias would be home soon. She also said she was not really interested but Elias was and he had made her read our pamphlet. We waited for him he had read Mor 10 but had not prayed, so we taught him how and boy was it great we will go over there again sat.

Then we have of course our golden contact…. We found out a lot more from this wonderful man. He explained some other regions(we think it was psyontology because he was talking about aliens ya took a while to figure that one out) and we talked about why he is not baptized. He expressed his desire to be but it turns out his GF is a Muslim and she does not want to hear about the gospel and he lives with her. We came back and we actually called him on the phone yesterday to make sure that he could see us Sat we are going to pass him on to the other missionaries it was awesome he talked to president. We actually calling him again tomorrow.

Wow typing in English really starts to show how much Spanish is talking over if my emails are hard to read now than just wait. Spanish is coming slowly but surely every day you feel like you haven’t learned enough and then you realize how much you understand and how much you can now say! After 2 years in Spanish class at home I could not say 1 64th what I do now.

Also this week me and my companion played some practical jokes that went a little too far… we have this teacher who we just really like to bug and we decided with it being Valentine ’s Day we would give her a cookie and say it was from another elder. We told him that we were having a signature contest and then we cut his signature out in a heart shape. We then had a sister deliver it. Our teacher is Funny she is only a couple years older and she has not a very controlling person so we over bare her class all the time. Anyway so she knew it was us but the elder bless his heart believed us that it was some giant conspiracy… we ended up with a court case did not go over well. But we did get a lot of laughs. We have not got any shipments of White kids in some time so we are all starting to go crazy. Next Tuesdaywe will be that only white kids left here for 3 weeks until we leave then they get a new shipment. We are all very bummed. We never got to mess with people who don´t know Spanish.

Anyway I have not received a single letter yet only the packages a little weird I hope that they are getting to you.? Lets see what did you want to know Oh I feel bad about what I first said about my companion he Is a lot better as time goes on. He knows the gospel very well and a very hard worker all he ever does is study study study. We get along better every day.

The food here is good I think I have gained weight!!! I know crazy. Oh and a good idea that some of the other guys have are Calendars with pictures of their family IDK just a thought. The people here are the best such a humble and hilarious people. They bear with our awful Spanish over and over It is wild to me that they are as friendly as they are with us.

I Love you all Keep telling me all about you because I love to hear it!

Elder Stewart-Chester

Well not sure when I will send this.

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