leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, February 9, 2012

4 weeks...yay!

Well Today marks 4 weeks....
It flys by it really does I cannot believe I have been here for so long. Thanks you for everyone who has written me I got a letter from Grandma jackie today please tell her I love her. I also got my Blessing thank You so much Grandad y grandma:)
Ok this week
So we changed areas so I did not get to take my camera which really bums me out cuz I really wanted to take a picture of the cow in the middle of the road for you all to see... Our new area is reeally nice which is not as nice as you would think because in the poorer areas they are always outside so it is easier to contact them. But still boy did we have an amazing experience this week. It started off well different we were so use to people being so kind to us that this guy just kinda shocked us. I asked him if we could help him with his yard and he went on a rant on how awful america Is and how they steal the worlds oil and how the politics are corrupt. and why would he ever want our help...on and on..
but it really was not too dicouraging and we went on our way where we taught a wonderful man for a good hour and a half who seemed very interested everytime we would teach him something he would want more we left him with a comittment to read and we will see him saturday.
then we met carlos. he was sitting up on his porch and we talked to him from his gate he told us that he was a catholic and actually we should come in and talk to him because he had a book of mormon. he let us in and we sat on his porch were he told us his background. he was from Columbia he was a reliogious professor and he had had a book of mormon for a long time. He then showed us why he thought our church was the best of them all he talked about multiple others and how he loved the book of mormon. He became more bold as the conversation wore on he said "I believe in the BOM" he told us that we were an answer to his prayers. He told us that he had a friend who was a bishop we think in columbia who was a great missionary to him. So I know what your thinking and boy we were too. Why is he not baptised! well we asked him. and He has a girl friend who does not believe in our church she is catholic and we think that she has been his girlfriend for a long time we think he has lots of kids with but we are not sure.... He asked us if he could leave us with a prayer and where the nearest chapel was. we gave him both and he said that he could not come to church this time but he insisted that we come back next week and his GF will be there who speaks good English...That is this saturday! what an experience in his prayer he thanked god for sending us to his door.....
Looks like the church is true it does not matter if you move away he will always find you right.... 3 years he had moved away from Columbia.
Anyway i started way late on this email I will not be able to email anyone else so just tell them all that I love Them!
I have sent some letters tell me if they get there
Spanish is getting easier I am astounded by how much I can understand when they speak to me and reading iT the hard part is the speaking but as you practise with the Latinos here you learn so quickly.
I love all the guys here and my companion gets better and better each week he is still a little bit too connected but I hope soon that he will learn that we dont care hahahaha
I am taking pictures dont worry I might bring my camera this week my area is mellow and we have a ton of stores I think that I am going to buy 30 Empanadas this week and stock pile them because they bring me much happyness.
The Church is True Send me note cards and Pens and marking pencils and ramin if you get the chance oh and a note book I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!1

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