leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I miss this boy!!

Well It is that time of the week again!!!

I dont have much to report on Prosilitismo this week. a lot of our return appointments fell through saddly. Our guy who is the golden contact had work so we could not make an appointment with the other missionaries to pass him on. But we have now moved on to a new are next week and so we will not be able to return. I am kinda stoked for the new area though hopefully more people will be out on the streets. We taught those JWs again though that went well we have a lot more similarities than I thought. I hope the missionaries around here will find these people again.

Do´t worry I will get to all those triveal Q´s:) but first i want to tell you how we woke up yesterday...
We woke up to presidente And we all jumped out of our bed scared to death that we had over slept or something. He said that he was waking us up early for a meeting with him about something and to meet him in our classroom. We followed him up there when he told us that one of the cooks who was the best cook had that morning fallin because of dissyness and hit his head and died. Hermano Galeano was his name. We were not allowed to go downstairs for sometime and it was a strange day. He actually has a son out on a mission. Be safe. Pray for his family Por favor,

We also had Mcdonalds the other day too that was good:)

Ok so we are the only Gringos left at the CCM now All ten of us we had one sister going to our same mission but she left early because her spanish was really good. There are 10 of us total in our district they are all going to West side and most I think 6 are from Utah. My companion is From Lindon and His Name is Elder Long. Its actually is pretty funny we know a lot of ppl in common from utah. then we have one more from california he is the funny one he is from apple valley. CA then we have WY elder and One big headed Texan thats a joke. oh and one from Mesa. Alll will be great elders.

My spanish is improving emensing I am one of the best in my class that is partly because I studdy a ton my companion is better though and talks far too much in the lessons but we starting to really teach in Unity. I love our devotionals they are one of my absolute favorite things about the CCM unlike Provo Presidente teaches all of our Sunday classes and Priesthood and answers alll our Q´s I have learned that the gospel is GINORMOUS and i have so much to learn and I love reading the scriptures.OH a little bit of advice for ben and Matt and Austin and Who ever a good Idea would be to Buy your nice scriptures in your mission language and buy all the marking tools look up ways others have done it ask lots of ppl mine are dope eventually i will need some ore of those morking things though whenever you get the chance I know I ask for a lot.

I play soccer all the time all the gringos have started aswell

the food I swear I talked about but it is good we have some amazing meals some are..... interesting but all edible and fill you up I have gaind weight I think but not enough for how much I eat. there was only 20 of us left here for a little while last two days between transfers. that was interesting. Oh and I am the CCM mail Guy!!! so much responsibilty what will I do! I have taken lots of photos I will see if I can E mail some sooon

I Love you all Its crazy It has already been 6 weeks only 3 weeks left in the CCM and then I am off to the feild!

Elder Stewart cheter

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