leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/1/2012. Thought I'd posted this??

Hola Familia(Spanish)

Well again we are having problems with the computeres and you should see it! one thing you should never do to some of these Gringos is take any time away from their email time... its rather scary! dang i forgot to upload pictures maybe next week if I get time. anyway I have a bunch of letters and 2 packages to open when I finish this and I am super stoked! I have such An amazing family who Knew hahah.

Well were to begin... Lets start with Prosilitismo because it was not the best of them all. We have a new area and it is an extreamly wealthy area which does not do well for us because we need more of the humble folk the´re nicer and have more time. My new area does not have any main streets now either so we have had to switch to knocking doors instead of street contacts and so lots of ppl telling us to go away or come back some other time it was a long day but we have a couple that could turn into some lessons this Sat so we will have to wait and see....

well they have largely became my favorite part of the MtC these guys are just the best and you find yourself rolling on the ground Laughing becuase they are so funny! We get knew ones every three weeks so interesting to see the new ones come in and how quickly you end up best friends with all of them. At the moment we have a giant Hilarious one we call Gigante who fills each day with laighter. We moved rooms so now it is me and My companion( oh his brother is a VP Vivint so you might know him) andI share a room with these new Latinos who are DOPE one always wants to learn English but the one who is my favorite is from Peru and he always manages to steal food from the kitchen yesterday all the Latinos (from other rooms aswell) were having a dance off with this one (I dont even know how to decribe him except really sheltered and innocent and then is crazy at night and chases butterflies in his head) I love him though he is great.

It is crazy to me how well it has hit me lately that this is exactly where I am suppose to be I feel as though these are my people already they truely are the best. Some of these elders here sacrificed so much to get here I love it here.

However been in the MTC for this long is making us all a little crazy

Havent really talked about them before have I? our teachers are all natives and are all reesently returned misssionarys and filled with wisdom I probably needed all this time and more in the MTC just so I can learn all the Doctrine. Every Sunday after Presidents deep classes I think to myself are you sure you read doctrine & cov?

Oh if you could you should find out were ppl are going on their missions to for me I would love to hear about It. Well I have little to no time left but How are you? you all so excited for the Baby? I cannot wait to SEE pictures I will probably be able to print them out this time:) Its hard to think of questions now and I´m sorry If I dont answer yours I get stressed because of time and spanish is all that is left in my head!!

Spanish is comming I will get this darn Language eventually:)
I love you all Be good to MOM she is the Best!

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  1. Still waiting on a letter today and realized I didn't get this posted last week....forgive me I'm delivering a baby in the morning.