leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ok so this is Uruguay

urugoest@gmail.com is my new Improved website if you want to make a dear elder all you do is send me an email there and instead of them printing it in saltlake and sending it to us we print it here in the offices and they send it to us. Family! Flynn huh I like it I well and truelly cannot wat to meet the little guy!!He looks so adorable. Well i´m here sitting in a Ciber right now in the middle of a burning hot day in Uruguay writing my email with my trainer(also know as father) writes Next to me! Oh by the way Monday is my new Pday from now until the end! My Comp´s name is Elder Elliott He is from Kansas but does not have an accent at all. He is great and we have had a really good week. He was a little shy at first I´ll send pictures next week and he reminds me of Popper who lived across the street from us in PG. But as we have started to teach and get to know each other more he has oppened up a ton. Like Popper he is a way humble and strong guy he really knows his stuff and he can say what ever he wants in spanish. he left the ccm earl becuase he was that good at spanish. I working hard on my spanish and it is coming but there are a lot of times where I am missing huge gaps in our lessons! haha Ok well this week well I got to go through the Temple here the day we arrived I went through the whole process in spanish and understood most of it. there is a powerful spirit in the temple here. We stayed the night in Montevideo in a way nice hotel and the next day we got blood work again not really sure why and we met our comps outside the temple. we then had a bus to our area so we got in the buses and went to the super huge like Bus port called Tres Cruzes it is huge. look it up. when we got there we found out we did not leave until 7 and it was 3 or almost three. so we put our bags(I have too much stuff) in storage and we went to where a mission appartment is and asked them where we should head. so we tracked over there and we learned a little bit of what we both teach like. then we were on the buses and on our way to Dolores, In Mercedes district its like in the middle of the country. Dolores means Pains hahah. It is a really sweet area its pretty small but not too small and the people are awesome! and so are the members! We had three Investigadores with Fecha or bap. date but two have had to be prosponed one could not quite smoking and the other who is the daughter of the one who is getting Baptised on the 23rd awesome stuff She has a good testimony and I´m hoping she will stick. That is one of the sad things about being here there are a lot of inactive families it is very sad. but me and my comp work with them a lot in getting refferences and 2 families came this sunday one of them is such a great family I really like them. I love being a missionary the ward is awesome I get to shake the hands of all the kids and really just interact with people. My house is really nice we have a lot of space and it is dark and I sleep like a rock with all the hard wook we do all day! I have lots of pictures To send ANd I WILL do it next week. Conference is coming up Pay attention we have a prophet on the Earth!!! I love you all untill next week! Oh send all the mail to the mission office its easier:) Elder stewart chester

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