leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, April 15, 2013

Subjects are getting hard to come up with

Well ladies and Gents I love hearing from you all! What a blessing I have to have so so so many loved ones all over the world. Not gonna lie I love being here in God's army. It is fantastic. I have been pushed and challenged more than ever before and I have watched little by little my heart mind and soul change. I love being on the Lord's errand.
Well, you know how I always say I am going to extend my mission especially because they now have taken two weeks from my two years? Well I may have recieved direction from God that I have to go home on time and go straight into school. It is not set in stone we´ll see. I have to fast and pray about it first. I´m sure that will make you happy Mom:) (yes it does!!!!!)

Well another week another hundred kilómetros walked. It is crazy how much we have had to walk this last change. With both sides of the area being ours we have to sometimes cross the entire length of our area to get to the next affirmed lesson and its super sad when the person you walk all the way out to see is not in their house but hey its part of the work. We did not have a very good week when it comes to the work this last week., and we started to analyze and change the way we were working to find out why. After lots of people who were "for Sure" coming to church did not show we really changed things up and just did what the scriptures say. We looked for those on the wayside. That is where I have found the most success in my mission when you go through our bus schedules running back and forth. The Lord is constantly putting people in our paths to lift and teach so even though we had things good things set in our plans we took time to visit others on the way people outside and doors that were open and well we saw the change. It was what we had been lacking. The truth is I am really sad that next week we will lose the other area to two new missionaries because wow have we found some amazing families there that I really feel have been prepared by the lord. But that's how you tell if a missionry is a good one or an alright one or a great one. Even though we know we are going to be giving the area to two new elders, we know that we took a great part in their conversion, the intial contact.

Me and my comp have had huge testimony builders when it comes to the power of the priesthood and the healing powers of God. I will never leave the house without my oil vial again. I have seen miracles. God loves his children. What an amazing thing it is to be a worthy servant of the Lord to administer to thie sick as a representative of Jesus Christ. How I love him.

Last week I barely said anything I couldn´t believe how I forgot to tell you about me getting on the city bus and as my companion handed out invitations I shouted over the noise of the bus about General Conference. I did it because I remembered your story, Dad, asking an entire bus in England, "Does anyone here like to read?"
THe gospel is true and has changed me like crazy I could never picture myself with that much courage, enough to shout to the world that a prophet of the lord will be speaking to the earth but God has changed me. I love this gospel I cannot even explain how many sad people and hardships I have seen and tried to help but without relying on the Saviour we cannot make it on our own. And, people even I did not understand that before. I love President Uchtdorfs talk about never dwelling on the darkness only looking to and filling ourselves full of light. We will never fully recover from the pain we suffer in this life until Jesus Christ makes everything right. But, until then why dwell on it push forward and look to the light that offers forgiveness and happiness. Everyone of you should reread that talk.

Other great things were we saw a possum and scorpion and another carpinchu. A scripture I read today is fantastic from Paul Acts 14:22.

Right now we have a couple of investigators ready for baptism but parents are complicating the process. Hopefully we will be able to have some amazing people believe and take that step of faith that only brings blessings.

I love you all Watch for the mail man:)
Elder Stewart-Chester
also I need our new address Gracias

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Well folks great news!

1. The great news is now you can write me on my Lds mail email yes all of you because the First presidency have changed some of the rules in the white handbook and well now we can email friends as well and we have an hour to email.!!!! So ya it was good news here in the mission.


I already sent some but you know me I am a slow typer so it will still be tough to keep up. anyway This week was a doozy. I am not gonna lie I had a couple of the longest days here on the mission because on friday as I walked arround thinking of the saviour and all he had done for me literally no one attended to us at the door. This whole weeek is like a naccional holiday here and they all go camping and no one attends to you. It was a tough one. A cool thing that happens though is on viernes Santo(holy friday) they all fly kites. supposedly it is becuase they could not bring flowers to the grave of the savior because he rose from the dead so instead they fly their kites of bright colors to the sky and the sky was full of kites. honestly its crazy how high they can get the kites. you can barely see them in the pictures I´ll send next week. But yay it was a hard weekend of work lots of walking lots of walking but hey it is a good thing my comp and I are in really good shape now.

The other day I was going through letters I have saved up you know me the pack rat and I fould the one MOM sent the day I got on the plane. Wow how time flies. I cannot believe I have been here so long and speak fluent spanish. Its crazy. Reading that letter was awesome. It reminded me how much I need to keep giving everything because it will all be over before I know it and I´ll be home whining to go back on the mission.

Something awesome that happened is on monday as we were having a really good lesson with our communist investigator we received a call and who was it the assistants telling me that president wanted to come to our last lesson with us that day... It was a big shocker but we had a FHE planned with an inactive family and so he came to meet us there, It was a powerful lesson the spirit was very strong. The family has three daughters active but the parents are not. I love the father of the family he is such a good man and I think it has to do with he reminds me of you dad. He too served a mission. The spirit was strong and then presidente drove us home then even with his busy schedual and the 6 hours of driving he had to do to get out here he took the time to talk to us for another 30 minutes outside the house. That is love and service. He took the time to talk with us make us feel his love. That is what a true disciple does.

Anyway I love you I have run out of time and I want to send Miguel a quick Email. Conference is the best I cannot wait I know now you are in Utah and cannot invite your friends personally but use Facebook Share what we love so much God will be speaking to the earth next weekend Lets all get exited and tell everyone on Facebook to go and see it for themselves. Plant some seeds FEED MY SHEEP. lets all be true deciples of Christ I love you all terrible I cannot wait to hug and kiss you all a billion times:)(expecially you Fletch)

Elder Stewart-Chester
ps if you send me a package do you know what would be really cool for my son and I is a booster pack small one to open up still sealed of magic the gathering cards Love you