leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biking and splitting

SO most of my time has been filled with pictures I´m sorry I really am a super slow typer please forgive me. It has been a very good week Lets start with the news of changes well I´m staying here:) with my comp for another Change!!! WOOOh I love this area and my comp is awesome so no complaints whatsoever. 

I FINISHED THE OLD TESTAMENT....finally ahahah no it is amazing and I didn´t just read the old testament every week so thats why it took me a while. I learn so much more from the scriptures now its amzing I love personal study. Like i have already said Isaiah  is one of my favorite books of scriptures. 

This week has been one of learning and growing for sure I fall more in love with the mission every week. Great news with our family of new convirts they all attended church without problems and yesterday we taught an amazing retention lesson with all of them. They are wonderful humble and filled with desire to live the gospel. We reviewed El plan de Salvación with them and it was so wonderful to teach that one day they will both have eyes to see and will have glorified bodies. THey are the family in the photo:)

I really am filled with animo for this change I am ready to work hard. we have found quite a few good people in the last couple of weeks and we are really praying for them to continue. We are praying to continue finding and witnesing all these miracles we have been blessed with.  

I went on divisions twice this week one in Barrio Artigas with Elder Silva(from Brazil he was in the MTC in Sao Paulo the same time and my good buddy Elder Stevens) and truely it was a good experience. Elder Silva is a good guy a little difficult to understand but really tries to do well. That is the picture of me on the bike it was actually super fun butt hurt at the end of the day but no real complaints there. 

I also had an amazing Division with Elder Rivera in our area we went to one of our investigators and at the end of the charla she was in tears and excepted fecha and prayed which were things she would not do due to timidness. She is the daughter of a recent convirt Mirian Godoy her name is Florencia and is like 16 I think. She should be baptised this upcoming month. Elder Rivera is from Honduras and is awesome he is in one of the hardest areas in the mission and his stregth and work ethic that has been applified in this area is powerful. Just looking how hard he works gives me power to keep working hard. His area is huge and super poor and all by Bycicle. its really tought but they have a baptism next week.

we have lots of possibles and work for september.We also had an amazing experiece last week where we both just thought to go to a memebers house who is super sick with something terminal and we went with little thought on the matter and He asked us for a blessing of comfort. He asked me to do it. It was very spiritual Heavenly Father loves him. At the End he told us that Heavenly father had told him someone was going to come by. We were on the lords errand it felt more than good. 

Tate I Love you Very much be Strong and read the scriptures sometimes we feel alone But then all we have to do is think of the Lion King you know when Rafiki says "look harder" Heavenly father loves us all and Jesucristo is always there when you need him. I love you 

I love you all so much I love Life and yep there are a lot of pictures of detsroyed feet but their fine trust me.

Elder Stewart Chester

Ps I will write some letters

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Loved ones, yes even you, well maybe not you, and yes expecially you;)

Well let me just say this week was filled with heart stopping intensity. But we´ll get there. First it was good throughout the week we had divisions twice with the Zone leaders and I went with Elder Lopez to his area twice. one was for divisions and the other so they could work through the interviews we were having. I learned a lot he is a very good elder and works very hard. They are really working to change these bad couple of weeks they have been having. Its always good to go with a Latino comp I felt my Spanish improve rapidly just being around them gives me confidence. We actually had a pretty funny experience we got into this house with an old lady who looked as though she was on a little too much medication.  After all of our lesson on how she will be able to see her husband again someday and God loves her . She agreed with everything we said but when it came to the commitment she said she would not follow an answer from Heaven Father, that our message was true but she doesnt like our church because its different than hers. Its probably because we do not talk about Demons all the time hahaha jk. Anyway she then at the end smiled very big and said he´s beautiful..... pointing to me.  They busted up laughing.  I was rather taken aback. I sadly dont think she was all there. Because well lets face it the Plan of salvation is Everything its the best news ever. 

THE BAPTISMS: The Familia Fernandez is wonderful but we began the week with Javier the husband having some doubts about self worthiness. So we worked hard on him and they both passed the interview with flying colors him and his wife Catalina. They are both wonderful people. Well Saturday came around and we found them very early in the church ready for there baptism, well she was. He was sitting on the steps still feeling scared and doubtful. He wanted to have everything wonderful between him and his wife.  He tries really hard but he does not like the argueing etc and was worried about all this and water.  He had never been under water(of course we found out the day of baptism). While my comp talked him through everything I ran around getting the last finishing touches on the baptism and would take others away from the conversation if they would go investigate. After a priesthood blessing of comfort, Which was an amazing powerful experiece as he sat there and just said WOW for like 5 min after the blessing, he felt the peace he needed and was ready and it was a wonderful day I baptised him and Elder McCrany Catalina. 

Sadly it is not the end of our troubles we showed up to church yesterday to find out that he had come early with his family and then left. He was no where to be found he was drinking mate outside his family did not even know he took off. I felt terrible but we prayed I felt peace and with 20 min left before sacrament. Our Quorum leader of Elders decided to go look for him at his house even though his family said he would not be there and in the middle of the first hymn we got a call saying he had him and they would be there in 5 min. Lots of prayers were anwered yesterday with the weather everything that happened. He was comfirmed and we are working hard to ensure that they can be a forever family. 

I cant send pictures I will send them next week with Changes we are in not a good cyber. We played dogeball with our district today I have a huge blood blister I ´ll send a picture next week

Anyway oh the Urgoest@gmail.com mission email thing is better for those who dont have the time to write a letter.  When they send it they print it off in the offices and send it to us here in our areas. 
 ahhh what else... Um we are still working really hard it has been raining like crazy here but Sunday there was nothing, a complete answer to our prayers. We are working with a bunch of the families that we baptised not too long ago and we are trying to make more completed active forever families. I still love the mission and all of you. I think the mail strike or whatever is ending soon.

I am bummed I probably wont pass by the cyber again today to get your letters mom Just know I love you all Time is flying. I Feel Spiritual comfirmations daily. Revalation comes all the time I feel the hand of the lord often. The True is true I wouldn´t be out here if it wasn´t.

Elder Stewart-Chester  

Monday, August 13, 2012

Montevideo in a day

Well Monday once again how the weeks zoom by. Today has been a crazy crazy day. 

We found out the other day that I had to come to Montevideo to sign the papers for my visa today so ya thats where I´m at took a bus through the night i´m like 6 hours away on a bus strait. So it was a rough nights sleep I have a bus back at 5 30 ... But it has been a really good day I pretty much saw all my buddies from the CCM all my group I hung out with them all day and learned about all of our adventures all over Uruguay. Everyone speaks spanish now. Ben and Matt really need not fear. Montevideo is a big city we have been wondering around since dawn I actually ate McDonalds which was honestly heaven because it is so different tasting from what we eat every week. I also Saw Elder Elliot again as his comp also had to sign. 

Please forgive me I have not read all the emails I mostly just skimmed. but I got the headliner.... Lifes very short here on earth I think about it a lot I dont know why I have a testimony of the Plan of salvation It just rings true to my soul. Like I already knew it long ago. I think about all the painful things I have had to go through and all the painful things I have watched others go through. And all I see is the hand of the Lord I really feel that every time I have suffered I have become a stronger better person. I still believe my life was easy I have so many strong heros and people that showed me the way and my heart aches for those who suffer enormously every day. All I know Is rest will come and when it comes we will be so much the wiser and stronger. 

I love you Fletcher You will outstep me by leaps and bounds stay strong and always remeber Justification is of the Devil hit everything head on and love the journey. I Know that one day Christ will rein. 

Well lets try and talk about the week. we are still struggling with one family to get them to Church They are so close just need to take one more step forward. We have a baptism this Saturday she is wonderful Completely blind and always wearing a smile. I´ll send pictures next week. It is wild to me how long I have been here in Uruguay I feel Guayen and understand and speak with a lot more ease. Oh I think Zone conference was last week too well it was awesome. I am starting to really know more people in the mission and I have tons of friends friends I know I will have till I die. 

The Package got here Wow Way too much mom It was so wonderful but be careful how much it weighs and stuff that was a little over budget to send no? I love you all so much and cant tell you all how grateful I am to have all of you. I feel your prayers and I honestly love it here. The lord has given me so so much I could never hope to give it back. 

Its gotten warmer Salto is warm and amazing I love my area I hope I do not leave but I am really thinking it is a possiblity. Who knows. The mission is definately the best decision I ever made. I love you all Soo much 

Elder Stewart-Chester

ps. The mail thing not too sure whats going down but I think things get through by Fedex

Friday, August 10, 2012

(clear throat)

Lets begin

Alrighty lets describe some pictures so some of the last ones are this little town were everything looks the same a good 1 hour walk into the Campo from our area it is a little scary we do not go there very often as there is not alot of people and missionaries  have waisted lots of time out there creeppy huh.

Um... k Baptisms
Estephani Gomez Ré           is the red head
Brian Fernandez       is the 11 year old he is the one who´s both parents are blind and actually right now we are working with his parents and they have already been to Church twice. They are wonderful and have the baptismal date as the 18th but have a lot of fear so We are doing all we can do and leaving the rest for the lord.   
Mirian Godoy      is the one who had the super spiritual baptism she is the super short one she is wonderful and is aleady preaching the gospel to all her family and friends we are also working with all of them! 
Angeles Gonzalez        Is the little girl who was our last batism here. She is really faithful and is always coming with Uncle she has a really tough home life and that is why I believe she was really looking for our heavenly father.

um.... Like I said peanut butter is the most sought after item here on the mission I have already thougght of selling it but I do not want it destract me from the work so I´m not going to. 

Thats all I can preatty much Remeber. 

Ok this week. Well I am all better now not sick at all. We had a capacitation with the APS and it was awesome one of the new APs is a legend and he is like taking over how we do things in the mission pretty cool stuff. We have Zone conference wednesday and I am super stoked I get to see one f my best buddies from the CCM. I still have not recieved any mail in sometime I think that this boarder thing is still going on Who knows I´m pretty bummed but oh well. 

Here in Uruguay we have these liittle shops called Almasins that have like everything and its all on every street well anyway we have one near are house who´s a young family who are just awesome. His father just died last week and we are beginning to teach him he is a wonderful guy It helps remind you what the work is all about.

I finished a Journal!!! thats right mom already I write every day so someday you´ll have a lot to read:)
I also have an investigator with Dreadlocks hahah he is a big dud too works in security very athiest but we´ll see how it goes.

Fletch I love you buddy thought about you this week I wish you were here as my companion. I dont know if your still president of Teachers but just remeber that you could be the difference between someone who is active there whole life and someone who leaves the Church. 
I love you All I pray and worry about you all in the world. The church is true Never forget it. And the priesthood is very real.
Elder Stewart-Chester

Sunday, August 5, 2012

 My NEw Comp Elder McCrany (from my old area in Dolores!)
baptism of 

 In the City of Salto, Uruguay.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Say your prayers

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Makes you think about life huh. Anyway we are trying to find a book in brail for him because he is a teacher of brail so it is really looking up. We just need some more investigators we´ll find them this week. We found a lot but then their husband come home and destroy  it:( but that is ok. Um I dont know about that DVD thing sending videos that Elder Doggett sent home about sounds pretty Trucho(agaist the rules) to me. Idk those Brazilian missions sound a little sketchy hahaha jk. 

Anyways we had a ward council yesterday that just filled me with hope and happiness.  The ward was really supportive about our activity and want to do more. A lot went down and the members and leadership are really liking us more due to certain changes and frankly We are in an amazing ward filled with wonderful members.  Almost every night without fail our neighbor brings us something:  hot chocolate, crepes. She is an angel. 

Life is good We are working very hard through cold and sickness. I´m almost 20 can you believe that?   It really is starting to scare me how fast the time goes. anyway I love you BE safe BE happy Trust in the lord and never spend one day on earth without speaking to our father in heaven atleast once:)

Elder Stewart-Chester   

Letters in parts....

Bueno yo tego mas fotos para compartir. ¡espero les gusta!

Another week bites the dust and wow its Agosto in a couple of days while it is getting hotter there it has gotten colder here. I have been pretty darn sick the entire week and am now as of yesterday coming out of it, but still coughing up lots. Did not lose a day of work nor will I for that matter. did not sleep that wonderfully either. 

Well hmm I had a very interesting week. I went on divisions with a brazilian in our district last tuesday and it was very interesting. He cannot speak spanish very well at all and speaks super fast with tons of portugués mixed in and his accent is all portugués. But I have gotten to the point where I could understand him enough the investigators not so much. He came in my area with me and we had a very interesting day. lets just say that we had an investigator tell us they breaks some commandments in a serious way and we struggled with her to tell her that it is never too far never too late but she is very deep and actually denied the spirit she felt in the church... not good but there is still hope. Always hope:)   

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Ok sorry it is all in parts but the fotos are loading fast good news I have lots to send. 

It is really Crazy the Olympics have started I am kinda bumbed that I wont get to watch mush but I was actually in a house and saw the end of the  opening ceremony which was really cool while my Comp did some baptismal interviews for the Zone leaders Which are in our district. 

This change is a lot better we have lots of support from the Zone leaders who work super hard and our zone is completely filled with good hardworking elders. We have been working really hard on finding this week and have not found any of gold like we were finding before but we have some possibles. Brian who I sent pictures of last week remeber him well I am sure I told you but his parrents are well his mom is completely blind and his dad sees 40% in one eye. Well they came to church last Sunday!! YAY for the first time and I think they really enjoyed it. Hopefully we can make them a forever family:) they are wonderful people like my comp said the other day Catolina (brians mom) is always happy. She lives in a crappy part of town in a very small 1 room house kitchen bedroom everything in one room and she cannot see anything but she is always smiling.......