leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

more pictures....need labels?

more pictures

Ok so this is Uruguay

urugoest@gmail.com is my new Improved website if you want to make a dear elder all you do is send me an email there and instead of them printing it in saltlake and sending it to us we print it here in the offices and they send it to us. Family! Flynn huh I like it I well and truelly cannot wat to meet the little guy!!He looks so adorable. Well i´m here sitting in a Ciber right now in the middle of a burning hot day in Uruguay writing my email with my trainer(also know as father) writes Next to me! Oh by the way Monday is my new Pday from now until the end! My Comp´s name is Elder Elliott He is from Kansas but does not have an accent at all. He is great and we have had a really good week. He was a little shy at first I´ll send pictures next week and he reminds me of Popper who lived across the street from us in PG. But as we have started to teach and get to know each other more he has oppened up a ton. Like Popper he is a way humble and strong guy he really knows his stuff and he can say what ever he wants in spanish. he left the ccm earl becuase he was that good at spanish. I working hard on my spanish and it is coming but there are a lot of times where I am missing huge gaps in our lessons! haha Ok well this week well I got to go through the Temple here the day we arrived I went through the whole process in spanish and understood most of it. there is a powerful spirit in the temple here. We stayed the night in Montevideo in a way nice hotel and the next day we got blood work again not really sure why and we met our comps outside the temple. we then had a bus to our area so we got in the buses and went to the super huge like Bus port called Tres Cruzes it is huge. look it up. when we got there we found out we did not leave until 7 and it was 3 or almost three. so we put our bags(I have too much stuff) in storage and we went to where a mission appartment is and asked them where we should head. so we tracked over there and we learned a little bit of what we both teach like. then we were on the buses and on our way to Dolores, In Mercedes district its like in the middle of the country. Dolores means Pains hahah. It is a really sweet area its pretty small but not too small and the people are awesome! and so are the members! We had three Investigadores with Fecha or bap. date but two have had to be prosponed one could not quite smoking and the other who is the daughter of the one who is getting Baptised on the 23rd awesome stuff She has a good testimony and I´m hoping she will stick. That is one of the sad things about being here there are a lot of inactive families it is very sad. but me and my comp work with them a lot in getting refferences and 2 families came this sunday one of them is such a great family I really like them. I love being a missionary the ward is awesome I get to shake the hands of all the kids and really just interact with people. My house is really nice we have a lot of space and it is dark and I sleep like a rock with all the hard wook we do all day! I have lots of pictures To send ANd I WILL do it next week. Conference is coming up Pay attention we have a prophet on the Earth!!! I love you all untill next week! Oh send all the mail to the mission office its easier:) Elder stewart chester

Brady loves his mission!

Ok Here we go agian

well the baptism so my comp already had this Baptism solid be4 we got here here name is Virginia and her daughter was supposed to be baptised too but her father is pretty agaist us right now we are gonna try and work with her this week. I am not really sure how we pulled this baptism off there was a lot of problems 1. she was scared of water 2 she had work all day becuase she is poor and we could not teach her all the lessons we could. 3. we had not taught chastity or tithing 4. she came out crying to us 2 days be4 the baptism her kids had lied to us said she was not in the house she had been fighting with her husband. 5 oh and she had so much work we could barely fit the baptism in and interviews. but the lord provided a way!! and it all worked out

The church is true have faith!

I miss you all But I love my mission!
Elder Stewart-Chester

Friday, March 16, 2012

Night before he left for Uruguay.

Oh man It is crazy to be so far away!! I don´t have much time you know me I am taking forever to pack! He looks adorable I´m really bummed I have to wait so long just to meet him:( but I´ll live I have more important things to worry about. Does he have blue eyes? I can´t print a picture off here so i will have to later at the mission home. I fly out at 7:25 in the morning which is very early your time. And I´m not sure when we get there but it is very short! We rise tomorrow at 5! I have lots of pictures to send hopefully in the mission office. I get to meet my mission Pres. tomorrow and go though the temple!! oh did I tell you that this one is closed so we havent been able to go though. Amo Jesucristo y Amo that Baby!!! I love you I think that I will send you another Email when I land!

Elder Stewart-Chester

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From the mission office!!

Dear Stewart-Chester Family,
We would like to inform you of the arrival of your son to the Uruguay Montevideo West Mission. He arrived here safe and sound this morning and met President and Sister Heaton. He will receive some training in the mission home to help him get to know the mission and feel comfortable in Uruguay. The missionaries will have lunch with the Heaton Family and, afterwards, will be attending a session in the Uruguay Montevideo Temple. Tomorrow he will meet his trainer and leave for his new area. It is such an exciting time for him, and we wanted to share it with you. We have included a picture of your son with President and Sister Heaton. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to get in contact with us. Our email isurugoest@gmail.com. We thank you for all you have done as parents to help your son reach this point in his life.
Elder Daniel A. Guerrero
Executive Secretary
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission

Friday, March 9, 2012

A day late but totally worth it!!!

Dear Faaaaammmmmily,

Well guess WHAT the internet is once again messed up!!! HUrraY!

So now I’m in the computer lab writing a very long Email on word. And I have downloaded pictures so looks like you will get a small glimpse of my life hereJ however I have left some out because well they might be a little crazy. First off that is a giant Worm thing I saw during Prosiltismo and that is a full sized brick. I kept him for a pet. Not really.

Wow English is getting harder and harder to write. Ok so this is my last P-day in the MTC! What I’m a little frightened still struggling with Spanish It is tough you try so hard and work so hard but they speak so fast and very backwards so you have to sit there and flip everything around your head and then they have already moved on and so you get very lost. Also you have to sit there and conjugate it all in your head and they get sick of waiting for you and the Latinos finish your sentence. But Oh ya I forgot to tell you

So the other day was just a normal day until Presidente and the guy who runs all the education of the MTC came into our language study and informed us that now we were moving into the Latino Districts! Den den duuuuh!!! So they put me and my companion in a district with all the Latinos! It is extremely difficult now 100% in Spanish. Our District is crazy diverse too We have a Peruvian, a Brazilian( he is struggling with Spanish along with us he is supper awesome and he is going to our mission con nosotros! Dope huh oh and he says that I can come stay at his house 4 the world Cup), a Spaniard(whos accent Kills me and) Bolivian Hermana, and a Uruguay. Let’s just say my head is spinning by the end of the day. I love them all though It is crazy how fast you become best friends with every single one.

So I guess will warn you now I have become super more touchy like the Latin ppl haha I am slowly losing my personal bubble completely so by the time I get home I will be very different just soos you know I will need hugs constantly.

Prosilitismo!!! Well this last week was a very interesting one we knocked lots and lots of doors and no doors were successful. We talked to a lot of ppl on the street a little better some said they wanted a message but later we´ll see if they fall through next week. We knocked on this door of the extremely old Lady who had emigrated from Holland she was like 82 and was so nice. We talked her for some time she was not really interested in our message but was the nicest person we had talked all day but then her sisters came and shewed us away. We were bummed but we thought that we were late so we ran to where the bus was to pick us up and we were bummed cuz we figured out that we were actually early and we could not go back to our area cuz it was too far away. We were bummed because we could’ve knocked more doors. However we had worked hard that day and knew we had done our best. So as we sat on the side and practiced EspaƱol a guy drove past on his Moto with his son on his lap we waved and then he turned around up ahead and came and expressed his desire to talk to us about the Church he said he always wanted to talk to missionaries and it was awesome. We gave him the address of the Chapel and he said that he wanted to attend. Who knows where that will go but It was an awesome experience.

I´m sorry I have not written more hand written letters my days are very busy marking my scriptures and trying to learn this Language. This Monday I am pretty sure I get to Email you again about me Leaving. I am very ready I have been the CCM for a very long time I Know I still have so Much to learn but I’m ready for the field I cannot tell you how sick I am of Fake investigators.

So Anyways I´m sure I will find out how much longer until the baby comes when I finally get on the Internet do you know whats crazy is that he could be born on a completely different day than me. How is Everyone at Home? I loved all your letters they were the best. I can feel Every single one of your prayers they help so much don’t stop.

One of the greatest leccions I have learned in the CCM was about Prayer. I cannot remember the Scripture off the top of my head but it says that God Knows what we need to pray for. That does not mean that he will just give it to us. It specifically says ask and Ye shall receive no? so I have taken to writing down the things that I feel that day I need to pray for. My prayers are extremely long now too it is crazy how long they can become when you start to really speak to heavenly Father. Also that Ensign Is crazy amazing thank you so much.

On a not so serious note me and my companion decided the other day that instead of teaching the assigned topic to one of our teachers (one of our sister teachers) we would teach Chastity. Wow was it funny. We began by saying we had been praying about what we thought she needed to here the most and we gave her a scripture she busted up laughing. The rest of that lesion consisted of synchronized pamphlet flipping(we both had a pamphlet) . And telling her that she needed to keep he thoughts clean and not hoop and holar anymore when we passed by. So Funny so so funny we will not be forgotten. I hope this made you all laugh.

I LOVE the Scriptures they are amazing. I just finished all of Psalms last week and don’t see why ppl don’t like them they are filled with amazing pieces of gold. Make sure you pray be4 though because that helps even more! It helps to understand even more!! Well next week I will be in URUGUAY!! Life is good

I love you all I cannot wait to meet this new member Of the Family

(When I say I love you all that Includes everyone who reads this)

Elder Stewart Chester Master of all 4 Elements

ok day later I hope this sends i´m trying to add these pictures but I´´m having problems

Thursday, March 8, 2012

3/1/2012. Thought I'd posted this??

Hola Familia(Spanish)

Well again we are having problems with the computeres and you should see it! one thing you should never do to some of these Gringos is take any time away from their email time... its rather scary! dang i forgot to upload pictures maybe next week if I get time. anyway I have a bunch of letters and 2 packages to open when I finish this and I am super stoked! I have such An amazing family who Knew hahah.

Well were to begin... Lets start with Prosilitismo because it was not the best of them all. We have a new area and it is an extreamly wealthy area which does not do well for us because we need more of the humble folk the´re nicer and have more time. My new area does not have any main streets now either so we have had to switch to knocking doors instead of street contacts and so lots of ppl telling us to go away or come back some other time it was a long day but we have a couple that could turn into some lessons this Sat so we will have to wait and see....

well they have largely became my favorite part of the MtC these guys are just the best and you find yourself rolling on the ground Laughing becuase they are so funny! We get knew ones every three weeks so interesting to see the new ones come in and how quickly you end up best friends with all of them. At the moment we have a giant Hilarious one we call Gigante who fills each day with laighter. We moved rooms so now it is me and My companion( oh his brother is a VP Vivint so you might know him) andI share a room with these new Latinos who are DOPE one always wants to learn English but the one who is my favorite is from Peru and he always manages to steal food from the kitchen yesterday all the Latinos (from other rooms aswell) were having a dance off with this one (I dont even know how to decribe him except really sheltered and innocent and then is crazy at night and chases butterflies in his head) I love him though he is great.

It is crazy to me how well it has hit me lately that this is exactly where I am suppose to be I feel as though these are my people already they truely are the best. Some of these elders here sacrificed so much to get here I love it here.

However been in the MTC for this long is making us all a little crazy

Havent really talked about them before have I? our teachers are all natives and are all reesently returned misssionarys and filled with wisdom I probably needed all this time and more in the MTC just so I can learn all the Doctrine. Every Sunday after Presidents deep classes I think to myself are you sure you read doctrine & cov?

Oh if you could you should find out were ppl are going on their missions to for me I would love to hear about It. Well I have little to no time left but How are you? you all so excited for the Baby? I cannot wait to SEE pictures I will probably be able to print them out this time:) Its hard to think of questions now and I´m sorry If I dont answer yours I get stressed because of time and spanish is all that is left in my head!!

Spanish is comming I will get this darn Language eventually:)
I love you all Be good to MOM she is the Best!