leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here we go

Ok dokey! lets see where to begin. well just to make things nice and clear My Comp: Elder Rojas From: Bolivia Well lets see yes Dad its your camera I got it and all the candy Awesome thanks so much! Still have not got the other package you sent mom I dont think it matters how you send it the Mail system here likes to take a month taking all the stamps off licking them one by one and then put them all back on. Well where to start.  Interviews were this week and talk about fantastic president is a spiritual giant and I already cant wait for next time. It was really good and we lewarned a lot about goals and how they´re the desires of our heart and one of the key ways to recieve personal revalation.  Well we have a Baptism Saturday which should be the bee´s knees. She is the Red head  in the photos I know what your thinking a red head in Uruguay and your answer is yes yes it is possible. She is a miracle not sure if I already talked about her she has a boy friend who lives n a far away city in the other mission she met on the internet who is a member and yah he gave her a BOM and asked her to read it she got really far but she has trouble understanding it. so she stopped us on the street the 1st sat I was here and asked what time church was we stopped by and brought her sunday and we started teaching her from there.  Oh yes in the other photos the one of the family this is the little girl Seyla who gave the prayer. She is awesome and so are her little brothers Santigo and oh I just lost the other name. oh and in the pictures from last week the reason I sent a picture of the bathroom is because its pretty cool you can shower, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth all at the same time because it is so small:) pretty cool no. Something super awesome about our house here is an member lives right next store who is like the mission mom she brings us food all the time she even bought our house a washing machine which is really awesome. There are lots of areas where we do the washing by hand, or a member of the ward for us.  I  had devissions last week with our Dl which was great I went with his Comp in his area. Elder Rosete from Mexico who is only a member of the church since a year and a half. He is awesome we worked super hard and it felt good. We contacted a guy who was watching two Roosters fight to death in his back yard haha and he wants to speak to the missionaries again.:)   This letter is kind of random but There is also a family we are working with that are wonderful. They`re really humble and they have 13 dogs! I will take a picture when I get the Chance.   I was thinking about some of my favorite scriptures the other day and Well here is a couple still have not found one to beat 2Nephi 4 : 17 to the End. And Isaias 63 : 8-9, Mateo 11: 28-30 Anyways I love you all BE safe BE happy  Elder Stewart Chester

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome welcome

Welcome Welcome come one come all! I love all your guts except Fletchers because lets face it they do not really work:)  hahah anyway yes I flipping have a Camera great news I know I will be sending fotos now more regularly. well hmm how should I begin. Well I have not read your emails I am going to print them I like it better that way. So If I dont answer your questions tough you will have to wait till next week. Well hmm Salto. Well I really love the new area the members are great this ward is a lot older than others and so It has some really awesome Elderly Members. for Example we have the Stake Patriarc in our ward and he is this Elderly little man who just beems with love and goodness and gives us giant hugs everytime he sees us:) Our ward mission leader seriously Fletcher and Tate is Captan Silver from Treasure Planet. I'll send a picture he has a crutch and everything speakes the exact same way minus it´s all in spanish. Um the trees are really awesome here I´ll take a picture soon they are huge south american trees that cover the road like a tunel in some places. Also I can see Argentina across the water from here so that is pretty cool. The other day I ate Ebu which I still don´t know how that is possible because I thought that it was native to Australia but oh well it was delicious red meat.  Hmmm this week. well we had a pretty darn good week my DL was pretty stoked with us last night for our numbers but let me tell you its a lot of work and prayer to motivate my comp. We get a long really well but then it comes to rules. But that doesn´t matter we are working and we´re bringing the spirit. The other day the sisters passed a reference and we went and visited it and found a 13 yr girl. During the lesson she broke down in tears when my comp was talking about how God loves you and knows you and what you have gone through in your life. Than at the End of the lesson she gave one of the best prayers I have ever heard in my life she broke down in tears asking for help and to know that he is there and loves her. She said that all she needs is his help and guidance in the world..... I know right... afterwards my comp said "soy un gusano" which means I am a worm. What a powerful daughter of God right. We talked to mom the other day and we think she has been through some really sad hard times. Hmmm on a less spritual not Cabani one of the Uruguay players his family lives in our area we are trying to catch him in the house and teach him:) we´ll have to wait and see. Thank you for all your words of wisdom they help a lot and recieve stregth from them. Tomorrow we have interviews with president. I´m really stoked.  Elder Stevens I Love you buddy I hope you are using this time at home to insure that Tyson and others get those papers in:) I pray for you buddy. The truth is I  pray for Tons of you reading this Email right now, every night. Be strong and remeber with what all the saviour went through on our behalf we should be thrilled to go through these small sacrifices. Expcially if they involve others I love being a missionary I am overwelmed with happyness often. I love you all be safe  Elder Stewart-Chester   

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well before anything else I am sorry but I have not read any of the previous emails

Ok so I did not have too much time to read becuase the cyber close to our house was closed not sure why but here we go! Ok great news I got a camera last week and counter!boya I am super soked thanks so much for sending them. I have some more pictures to send but I`ll do it next week. Also this counter is really helping with my comp. you would be really suprised what little things like that can do:)  Well lets begin with the Baptisms,  Well We  started late one of our baptism did not show up till the last second. It was the one I was going to baptise Marcelo he is awesome all went super well but I forgot a change of clothes so I had to put back on almost all wet clothes amd walk home in the freezing cold. Our previous baptism brother of Marcelo, Lucio gave the talk about baptism and did a wonderful job future missionary for  sure he does not have fear speaking in public that is for sure. It was a great way to end my first area it was a lot of work though let me tell you. then I left for Salto the next day but the bus broke down and got stuck in the terminal for two hours so did not get there until a lot later than normal. Wasn´t a very good start but I am am in Salto and I really like it here. It is a pretty big city with a god bus system and I idk I like our area it has a lot of promise we have a couple of really good investigators should have some baptisms coming up soon. I really just feel so blessed all the time I am in the Best mission there is and I have all of you who are reading this and experiencing some of this with me.  My comp has been in the mission for a long time he goes home in October. And well we already get along really well and we laugh and joke around like crazy. There are some things that he does not like to do but for the most part we are working and pretty well. One thing latinos do far better than Gringos is make the invistigator feel comfortable and really get the invistigator laughing and joking around. We have a really great ward I really like it we share it with Sisters which is different but they baptise like crazy. There is a new sister and I feel bad for her she is a little lost when it comes to all the spanish. As was I. But I am feeling more and more comfortable everyday. It really helps that rarely do I ever speak in English any more. Todo es EspaƱol  Well I love you all like crazy The church is True listen hard to the spirit and It will pound on your heart. Oh and always follow promptings no matter how rediculous show god that If it is what you think it is you will go and do not sit and think.  Elder Stewart-Chester the one and only 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Me Voy a Salto

Well All you wonderful people I love all so Much Changes are in and yes I am leaving Dolores which is kind of sad we have so many good investigators I will never get to see progress but I think the lord realized that if he left me here I would get lost so much that my next comp may kill me:) but I will get more to that later because boy have we had a week. first off all of you I was very disheartened to here that yet again we are looking for another source of income. I do not worry about the kids though we all know they will be strong wherever they go... more so I worry for you Never stop Keep pushing though. You´ll find it and always look for the silver lining. I´m jealous of the heat that is coming your way because it is cold here very very deep cold. But its livable and I think it is better than 120° which I could have to experience in the summer If I go up North next summer. Well we had a week filled with blessings from the lord. We had 18 lessons with member things just fell into place people were home and we have some fantastic investigators. where to begin well remeber that golden referal we got a while ago who really felt the spirit after we showed the movie of the Resturation. well we lost track of her for a couple of we she started to cancel every lesson we had. and those who have served missions know that is usually not a good sign but we did not give up hope. ANd finally last friday we had a lesson with her. we spent 1 hour before hand looking for a member to help us with no success and when we showed up there was already one inside:) (1 miracle) then we started with a rough beginning of the lesson where her mother in law kinda went off on us and that sort of thing. But then we had a very strong lesson in the End. I could feel the spirit (I am learning how to really recognize it more) and I asked her if she felt it too and she agreed. She loves the peace we have brought in her life. Well we reaffirmed everything her faith all of that but my comp mentioned thatone of us would be leaving and she sat back told us how she knew she needed to be baptised. And then she said that she wanted both of us there for the baptism becuase we were the first ones to bring this peace in her life. Now this is not a good thing because 1 she only has 2 assistences and 2 because she still had to quite smoking. and 3 they dont like people getting baptised for this missionary that is leaving. We tried to dewade her but she would not have it:) We told her It would be possible but she would have to quite smoking that day.(she had been reducing but not that much) She was very shacky about this but then we said ok first off just make it to tomorrow when we come back we will call our leaders to make sure we can do so that is what we did. The next day she had abstained all day but was feeling beyond terrible. We brought a member of the bishop brick and he gave her a blessing. afterwards she said that she felt somthing go down her back like fuel giving her strength. Up to this point she still has not smoked and she has a powerful testimony of prayer, The BOM and priesthood:) and so do I :) I am pretty sure I always have. So we have the baptism tonight. her and the brother of our last baptism. I am baptising him and my comp is baptising her:) and Tomorrow morning I´m gone. To SALTO it is the highest baptising area in our mission. I am super stoked closer up north so it will be a little warmer. My comp is From Bolivia Elder Rojas and he is pretty old in the mission. From what I have heard about him I have some work ahead Maybe some trials. But actually I´m stoked for the oprtunity I want a hard mission so I can grow as much as I can because I know that I will need everything I learn in all my life after. :) My testimony Grows everyday I Love being a missionary. I´m super stoked for my knew comp It will help my spanish so much. Never forget to pray for comfort No one comforts better than the Savior E S-C OH and still no Packages but dont give up hope.