leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Here we go

Ok dokey! lets see where to begin. well just to make things nice and clear My Comp: Elder Rojas From: Bolivia Well lets see yes Dad its your camera I got it and all the candy Awesome thanks so much! Still have not got the other package you sent mom I dont think it matters how you send it the Mail system here likes to take a month taking all the stamps off licking them one by one and then put them all back on. Well where to start.  Interviews were this week and talk about fantastic president is a spiritual giant and I already cant wait for next time. It was really good and we lewarned a lot about goals and how they´re the desires of our heart and one of the key ways to recieve personal revalation.  Well we have a Baptism Saturday which should be the bee´s knees. She is the Red head  in the photos I know what your thinking a red head in Uruguay and your answer is yes yes it is possible. She is a miracle not sure if I already talked about her she has a boy friend who lives n a far away city in the other mission she met on the internet who is a member and yah he gave her a BOM and asked her to read it she got really far but she has trouble understanding it. so she stopped us on the street the 1st sat I was here and asked what time church was we stopped by and brought her sunday and we started teaching her from there.  Oh yes in the other photos the one of the family this is the little girl Seyla who gave the prayer. She is awesome and so are her little brothers Santigo and oh I just lost the other name. oh and in the pictures from last week the reason I sent a picture of the bathroom is because its pretty cool you can shower, go to the bathroom and brush your teeth all at the same time because it is so small:) pretty cool no. Something super awesome about our house here is an member lives right next store who is like the mission mom she brings us food all the time she even bought our house a washing machine which is really awesome. There are lots of areas where we do the washing by hand, or a member of the ward for us.  I  had devissions last week with our Dl which was great I went with his Comp in his area. Elder Rosete from Mexico who is only a member of the church since a year and a half. He is awesome we worked super hard and it felt good. We contacted a guy who was watching two Roosters fight to death in his back yard haha and he wants to speak to the missionaries again.:)   This letter is kind of random but There is also a family we are working with that are wonderful. They`re really humble and they have 13 dogs! I will take a picture when I get the Chance.   I was thinking about some of my favorite scriptures the other day and Well here is a couple still have not found one to beat 2Nephi 4 : 17 to the End. And Isaias 63 : 8-9, Mateo 11: 28-30 Anyways I love you all BE safe BE happy  Elder Stewart Chester

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