leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, June 18, 2012

Welcome welcome

Welcome Welcome come one come all! I love all your guts except Fletchers because lets face it they do not really work:)  hahah anyway yes I flipping have a Camera great news I know I will be sending fotos now more regularly. well hmm how should I begin. Well I have not read your emails I am going to print them I like it better that way. So If I dont answer your questions tough you will have to wait till next week. Well hmm Salto. Well I really love the new area the members are great this ward is a lot older than others and so It has some really awesome Elderly Members. for Example we have the Stake Patriarc in our ward and he is this Elderly little man who just beems with love and goodness and gives us giant hugs everytime he sees us:) Our ward mission leader seriously Fletcher and Tate is Captan Silver from Treasure Planet. I'll send a picture he has a crutch and everything speakes the exact same way minus it´s all in spanish. Um the trees are really awesome here I´ll take a picture soon they are huge south american trees that cover the road like a tunel in some places. Also I can see Argentina across the water from here so that is pretty cool. The other day I ate Ebu which I still don´t know how that is possible because I thought that it was native to Australia but oh well it was delicious red meat.  Hmmm this week. well we had a pretty darn good week my DL was pretty stoked with us last night for our numbers but let me tell you its a lot of work and prayer to motivate my comp. We get a long really well but then it comes to rules. But that doesn´t matter we are working and we´re bringing the spirit. The other day the sisters passed a reference and we went and visited it and found a 13 yr girl. During the lesson she broke down in tears when my comp was talking about how God loves you and knows you and what you have gone through in your life. Than at the End of the lesson she gave one of the best prayers I have ever heard in my life she broke down in tears asking for help and to know that he is there and loves her. She said that all she needs is his help and guidance in the world..... I know right... afterwards my comp said "soy un gusano" which means I am a worm. What a powerful daughter of God right. We talked to mom the other day and we think she has been through some really sad hard times. Hmmm on a less spritual not Cabani one of the Uruguay players his family lives in our area we are trying to catch him in the house and teach him:) we´ll have to wait and see. Thank you for all your words of wisdom they help a lot and recieve stregth from them. Tomorrow we have interviews with president. I´m really stoked.  Elder Stevens I Love you buddy I hope you are using this time at home to insure that Tyson and others get those papers in:) I pray for you buddy. The truth is I  pray for Tons of you reading this Email right now, every night. Be strong and remeber with what all the saviour went through on our behalf we should be thrilled to go through these small sacrifices. Expcially if they involve others I love being a missionary I am overwelmed with happyness often. I love you all be safe  Elder Stewart-Chester   

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