leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Well before anything else I am sorry but I have not read any of the previous emails

Ok so I did not have too much time to read becuase the cyber close to our house was closed not sure why but here we go! Ok great news I got a camera last week and counter!boya I am super soked thanks so much for sending them. I have some more pictures to send but I`ll do it next week. Also this counter is really helping with my comp. you would be really suprised what little things like that can do:)  Well lets begin with the Baptisms,  Well We  started late one of our baptism did not show up till the last second. It was the one I was going to baptise Marcelo he is awesome all went super well but I forgot a change of clothes so I had to put back on almost all wet clothes amd walk home in the freezing cold. Our previous baptism brother of Marcelo, Lucio gave the talk about baptism and did a wonderful job future missionary for  sure he does not have fear speaking in public that is for sure. It was a great way to end my first area it was a lot of work though let me tell you. then I left for Salto the next day but the bus broke down and got stuck in the terminal for two hours so did not get there until a lot later than normal. Wasn´t a very good start but I am am in Salto and I really like it here. It is a pretty big city with a god bus system and I idk I like our area it has a lot of promise we have a couple of really good investigators should have some baptisms coming up soon. I really just feel so blessed all the time I am in the Best mission there is and I have all of you who are reading this and experiencing some of this with me.  My comp has been in the mission for a long time he goes home in October. And well we already get along really well and we laugh and joke around like crazy. There are some things that he does not like to do but for the most part we are working and pretty well. One thing latinos do far better than Gringos is make the invistigator feel comfortable and really get the invistigator laughing and joking around. We have a really great ward I really like it we share it with Sisters which is different but they baptise like crazy. There is a new sister and I feel bad for her she is a little lost when it comes to all the spanish. As was I. But I am feeling more and more comfortable everyday. It really helps that rarely do I ever speak in English any more. Todo es EspaƱol  Well I love you all like crazy The church is True listen hard to the spirit and It will pound on your heart. Oh and always follow promptings no matter how rediculous show god that If it is what you think it is you will go and do not sit and think.  Elder Stewart-Chester the one and only 

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