leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

I think Brady likes the trees:)

wet dirt roads:)

Be obedient

I talked to our ward mission leader and he actually has a visa to the US and is working on a way to fix his foot he said that they here were going to try one more opperation and than just put in two plates and make his foot stable. He actually might be interested in this switzerland thing and would like a number or information of a good one there.  ok so some of the pictures well thats brian and all the peanut butter is becuase we found a place that sells it here and we taking pictures to taunt other missionaries because it is one of the most sought after item here. I really want to sell it at a higher price but I have yet to do so fearing it will take away from the work.  hmm its hard to explain the rest I cannot see them when I send them. I am actually under the weather right now but still fighting it will take a lot to stop me from working. and I have been boosting my immune system a ton to try and help me heal faster.  My advise to all is be completely obediente in all times in all places with all people  I love you Elder Stewart Chester

Peanut butter

Ok Dokey I have decided that this week my words will be short but the pictures will be many! I love you all so very much and it has been a very good week. We have such an amazing area and it is so wonderful to be with a companion who enjoys it as much as me. My new Comp is from California and actually there are 5 californians in Salto right now. We have been working very hard and we´ve been going in to some of our invetigators and just being super strait forward and bold with them we comitted a good number to baptism last week and now we just need to bring them to Church.  All the grey areas have been erased and we are 100% obediente and its feels good. We also had another baptism last week and it was the niese (however you spell that its easier in spanish) of a member. My companion came in with tons of faith and comitted her mom to baptism if she felt the spirit in the baptism and she really said she did and she came to church even though she was sick. We just have to help her to quite smoking but once they have felt the spirit they believe in the help of the lord and its a wonderful process.  Oh Hermana Wappler is not a sister missionary dont worry she is a lady in our ward who stepped on a nail with diebities and they almost had to cut up her foot becuase of infection and everything she is ok now they just cut off some of the fleash off her foot. All these foot problems has really oppened my eyes that I need to be a Foot Speciallist Grandpa. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well First off Lets talk about Changes and my next Comp so You dont all die of anticipation First off I am staying here in Salto!!!Yay  My Comp is Going to Actually my Old Area in Dolores.  My NEw Comp Elder McCrany (from my old area in Dolores!) He is from Laguna California and he is in the ward with The parents of Aunt Jen remember! I am super stoked because we are going to be super obedient and the miracles are just going to keep coming!!  Ok First they like closed the international border here so the mail from the States is not getting through or England I dont think. I also wont be able to send letters for a while but we will just have to wait and see how it goes. The best way to send me a letter now is to Email the Gowest mission email thingy they print it off in the offices and send it to us. I still have not recieved the package , Oh and I keep forgeting Mom I sent a letter a while back but to the old house I dont know if you got it. Maybe it is there whith the new ppl that live there. Ok well I am in a crappy cyber becuase the other one was closed and I am super bummed because I have tons of pictures to send. Looks like next week. Hmmm ok now on to the week Well this week had one of the best experiences of my mission and also some of the worst. Which one do you want to hear first? Lets start out with some of the tough ones. Well my Comp wasnt following some rules, some rules that should be followed and I had to let him know that he could not go on like this. Its super hard because I have to do all of this and then the next day we have to get up and teach with the spirit. Man I pray like crazy for him. Anyway so This thing was getting worse as time went on and so I stopped him that night and told him he cant do that. I dont want to hurt him I feel bad we have to remember who we are etc. He took it very cold said he didnt see it that way and I prayed very hard that night. He could not sleep and neither could I. We had a baptism the next day. For a long time that night he sat at his desk staring at the wall. I prayed. The next day he woke up and said that he can see where I am coming from that perhaps he was out of line and he had no malintentions. We ended with a hug and there began the good part. Well the baptism was amazing. She is a miracle and we honestly did nothing whatsover. She was in an Evangelical church strong for 20 years. Then she met missionaries in montevideo and changed her life all we did was set her back on the right path and baptise her. She asked me to baptise her what a privilege and so we entered the water and the bottom was freezing the top was fine but the bottom no. Well the door that the others see through was locked so we had to wait a while and while we were waiting she said you feel that. And she bagan to weep... they opened the door and after I brought her back out of the water she continued to weep. and everyone was dead silent. Talk about amazing. Of course then I froze to death because I forgot my towel and flip flops for after ahahah but ya same ol me huh After such a wonderful day I had one of the hardest. I felt the spirit and I dont know maybe it was nothing but I felt we should go and visit this house really far away and my comp wouldnt have it we did not end up going and it just broke my heart I am going to go tomorrow as soon as my comp gets here. Their was also some other things that did not go well that day. I was very sad when I got home. I determined that if I was going to have my companion for another change i was going to fast. Because well I was really going to need some help.  What more can I say well we have another Baptism next week the sobrina of one of our members and the week after we have another I hope goes through. We are also in the process of marrying two people together and bringing the families of some of our recent converts into the church. I love our ward I´m super stoked for next change it will be a blast. A scripture I found was MAtt 16 24-25 woooh And something I though about after the baptism is the spirit and when we feel it is when God Lets us feel his love. I feel as though love is tangible and Gods love even more so. There is nothing better than watching the change someone goes through when they feel a confirmation from the spirit It is amazing. Something else that is Amazing are The ensign Oh my goodness me and The conference talks they are amazing Study them mark them up Love them. Well the Church Is true It changes Lives. Boy has it changed mine.  I love you all and pray for all of you regularly.  Elder Stewart-Chester

Monday, July 9, 2012

6 months this week holy COW

Well First off I just want to say It is a lot harder than you think to write these things I forget what I have already told you and I am a very slow typer!!! I am in a different cyber so I did not have as much Time So I will send the pictures in next weeks Email. Which will come on tuesday because we have changes. I am almost positive that I will stay and my comp will go But who knows what the Lord has in Mind just gotta say come what may and Love it right!   Another Important thing is why the Heck Have I not recieved an Email From Elder Stevens if he is sitting at home!! You better get on that.MR Stevens.   Ben and Matt as I read their Letters I feel for them It sucks not understanding what is Going on in the lesson. But you just have to let it go trust the Lord Do your part and Trust that he Will do his.  I love you Ben I know what its like to have a really tough comp. But I know that through you he is changing!! and that is something you did and will continue to do is change lives. Just loose yourself don´t give yourself time to think. Something someone told me is you do not need to speak spanish to baptise just the spirit thats all you need and you got that Brother!   Hmmm well This week was a pretty tough one not gonna lie my comp likes to follow rules less and less. Its hard because he has been in the mission for a long time and has lost a listening Ear. Its hard to have a Companion who always knows everything and If you dont agree tears your oppinion apart. But Hey I´m learning to love him. We are good friends when It does not come to missionary work. HAhah the good news is the lord is blessing us like crazy and we are finding lots of miracles lots of baptisms. Often I do not feel I deserve them because frankly we do not work hard enough and there are other missionaries that work their tails off and dont get anything. But I am just going to keep Working I love My district Leader Yesterday he called at exactly the time I needed him to and told me exactly what I needed to hear It showed me that god Knows when I need an Extra Boost.    The Baptism was precious to me. Brian is such a good kid 11 yrs old. and His testimony was simple and powerful after the baptism. He lives in a crappy part of town and both of his parents are blind. He is a spiritual giant.    I almost killed a kid at soccer this last week He said the F word too many times in my face so I grabbed him by the sruff of the shirt and told him I did not want him on my team anymore and If he says one more thing I will kick him out for good. I felt terrible afterwards and apoligized then he was great! I felt awful though my patience is thin lately due to my companion.    Hmmm what else Oh we have another baptism next week that just flew out of no where! It is awesome to have lots to do There is just so much more we could do. I Love you all very much It is crazy that we moved houses! I Truely love it here There are days that are rough Where I cant believe some people had to go through on there mission this way not giving the Lord everything you got. I Could never come home early Becuase I only have this mission with my Uruguay today now and I am needed. I keep thinking of the talk by Elder Oaks in the last Conference ¨Knowing the sacrifice that The saviour did for me all the pain he suffered for me I am willing to do this small sacrifice of two years¨ It really is no time whatsoever I feel more prepared for life and I know the Church is True!    Elder Stewart Chester the First     Sent from my iPhone

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Well let me start by saying again I did not read your letters before time I just am doing it to save time. Because If we came twice I don´t think it would be very good for my companion. I Love you all and hope you are doing fantastic.  Happy birthday Tedd yesterday thought of you my little brother I gave someone the gift of the holy Ghost on your birthday! And Bo Happy birthday in a couple of days!  Well I have lots to share we had a crazy week but lets start with the baptism which is like the chocolate cake before the dinner but oh well. Well Estephani was baptised and all was fantastic My comp did the baptism and I Directed the baptismal service. I know crazy huh. I have felt my Spanish grow huge these last couple of months I did the whole service during the brake we watched a movie (the resturation) for all the investigators that were in the chappel and I was a very wonderful experience for me I invited our convirt after the service to bare her testimony and she cried happy tears. Also she was dead set on me giving her the holy Ghost. (usually it is the bishopbrick) and so I did In SPANISH:) I was very nervous but I dont know I felt good and I know that I spoke what he wanted me to say. It is a lot harder than you think because to give a blessing we speak in a different form we us Tu form of speash and so all the ends of verbs are congregated differently. Heavenly father helps us when we trust in him I have found in my mission. Also sometimes he likes to see if we can figure things out for our selves. Like how can you make it work with your companion. We have another Baptism Next week an 11yr old boy se llama Brayan and he is awesome. I think I already talked about him but he has already recieved persicution the other kids make fun of him for following us for going with us to church and he shruggs it off. He said to them I am following God And am doing the right thing I know this will bless my life (well something along those lines) He is awesome we take him to play fĂștbol with us every friday too.  something crazy that also happed this last week is while we were helping one of the families in our ward hermana Wappler stepped on a nail a rusty one and is now in the hopital. We went there yesterday. Scary place. and she is doing ok but has diabetis so she might have to get an amputation.:( Oh so the pictures of the foot this is our ward mission leader he has had four operacions here and they have destroyed his foot he has traveled much of the world and he may need another opperacion I told him that Grandpa is the best and so I am sending you the photos so you can send them to him to look at. He is wonderful man that looks after us everyday. His ankle is the problem and he is 50 something years old.  I also found another scripture I love today D and C 122: 9 Miracles are just jumping out of the woodwork here. We really dont do any of the missionary work It is all the lord we have just had like 4 or five more investigators who just came out of no where references and service that are wonderful investigators. I love my area and I feel the blessings of the lord. I do not know why I get to see baptisms I wish all got to see them My mission is wonderful I feel blessed to be here. BUT and it is a big one baptisms really are not everything. Its the life time convirts I am trying to find to teach help and in turn I learn tons aswell. Mom I do not know if you even noticed what you sent in one of the letters Completely and utterly inspiration one of the talks that you sent by President Holand. IT was exactly what I needed to here. and you sent it a while ago I just only read it recently. The spirit pounds on my heart many a day I am realizing to listen harder and fight to have it more in longer parts of the day.  One more quick story not sure if I told was I worked contruction more or less the other week for a member in the ward it was so that he could have this house he has to work a certain amount of hours in the construction and he needed help. I know what your thinking how did you do that you do not know constuction the truth is no I was more of the person that brought the mix of cement for the bricks:) the hard part was when he asked for tools It was like a movie I would bring random things and say ¿Esto? hahahah I Love you Tell Matt and Ben to Stop worrying about the langauge just keep talking to everyone you meet and then it will just come and you will direct a baptism! I love you All  Here is some pictures including the plan for the baptism. E S-C