leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 9, 2012

6 months this week holy COW

Well First off I just want to say It is a lot harder than you think to write these things I forget what I have already told you and I am a very slow typer!!! I am in a different cyber so I did not have as much Time So I will send the pictures in next weeks Email. Which will come on tuesday because we have changes. I am almost positive that I will stay and my comp will go But who knows what the Lord has in Mind just gotta say come what may and Love it right!   Another Important thing is why the Heck Have I not recieved an Email From Elder Stevens if he is sitting at home!! You better get on that.MR Stevens.   Ben and Matt as I read their Letters I feel for them It sucks not understanding what is Going on in the lesson. But you just have to let it go trust the Lord Do your part and Trust that he Will do his.  I love you Ben I know what its like to have a really tough comp. But I know that through you he is changing!! and that is something you did and will continue to do is change lives. Just loose yourself don´t give yourself time to think. Something someone told me is you do not need to speak spanish to baptise just the spirit thats all you need and you got that Brother!   Hmmm well This week was a pretty tough one not gonna lie my comp likes to follow rules less and less. Its hard because he has been in the mission for a long time and has lost a listening Ear. Its hard to have a Companion who always knows everything and If you dont agree tears your oppinion apart. But Hey I´m learning to love him. We are good friends when It does not come to missionary work. HAhah the good news is the lord is blessing us like crazy and we are finding lots of miracles lots of baptisms. Often I do not feel I deserve them because frankly we do not work hard enough and there are other missionaries that work their tails off and dont get anything. But I am just going to keep Working I love My district Leader Yesterday he called at exactly the time I needed him to and told me exactly what I needed to hear It showed me that god Knows when I need an Extra Boost.    The Baptism was precious to me. Brian is such a good kid 11 yrs old. and His testimony was simple and powerful after the baptism. He lives in a crappy part of town and both of his parents are blind. He is a spiritual giant.    I almost killed a kid at soccer this last week He said the F word too many times in my face so I grabbed him by the sruff of the shirt and told him I did not want him on my team anymore and If he says one more thing I will kick him out for good. I felt terrible afterwards and apoligized then he was great! I felt awful though my patience is thin lately due to my companion.    Hmmm what else Oh we have another baptism next week that just flew out of no where! It is awesome to have lots to do There is just so much more we could do. I Love you all very much It is crazy that we moved houses! I Truely love it here There are days that are rough Where I cant believe some people had to go through on there mission this way not giving the Lord everything you got. I Could never come home early Becuase I only have this mission with my Uruguay today now and I am needed. I keep thinking of the talk by Elder Oaks in the last Conference ¨Knowing the sacrifice that The saviour did for me all the pain he suffered for me I am willing to do this small sacrifice of two years¨ It really is no time whatsoever I feel more prepared for life and I know the Church is True!    Elder Stewart Chester the First     Sent from my iPhone

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