leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Well First off Lets talk about Changes and my next Comp so You dont all die of anticipation First off I am staying here in Salto!!!Yay  My Comp is Going to Actually my Old Area in Dolores.  My NEw Comp Elder McCrany (from my old area in Dolores!) He is from Laguna California and he is in the ward with The parents of Aunt Jen remember! I am super stoked because we are going to be super obedient and the miracles are just going to keep coming!!  Ok First they like closed the international border here so the mail from the States is not getting through or England I dont think. I also wont be able to send letters for a while but we will just have to wait and see how it goes. The best way to send me a letter now is to Email the Gowest mission email thingy they print it off in the offices and send it to us. I still have not recieved the package , Oh and I keep forgeting Mom I sent a letter a while back but to the old house I dont know if you got it. Maybe it is there whith the new ppl that live there. Ok well I am in a crappy cyber becuase the other one was closed and I am super bummed because I have tons of pictures to send. Looks like next week. Hmmm ok now on to the week Well this week had one of the best experiences of my mission and also some of the worst. Which one do you want to hear first? Lets start out with some of the tough ones. Well my Comp wasnt following some rules, some rules that should be followed and I had to let him know that he could not go on like this. Its super hard because I have to do all of this and then the next day we have to get up and teach with the spirit. Man I pray like crazy for him. Anyway so This thing was getting worse as time went on and so I stopped him that night and told him he cant do that. I dont want to hurt him I feel bad we have to remember who we are etc. He took it very cold said he didnt see it that way and I prayed very hard that night. He could not sleep and neither could I. We had a baptism the next day. For a long time that night he sat at his desk staring at the wall. I prayed. The next day he woke up and said that he can see where I am coming from that perhaps he was out of line and he had no malintentions. We ended with a hug and there began the good part. Well the baptism was amazing. She is a miracle and we honestly did nothing whatsover. She was in an Evangelical church strong for 20 years. Then she met missionaries in montevideo and changed her life all we did was set her back on the right path and baptise her. She asked me to baptise her what a privilege and so we entered the water and the bottom was freezing the top was fine but the bottom no. Well the door that the others see through was locked so we had to wait a while and while we were waiting she said you feel that. And she bagan to weep... they opened the door and after I brought her back out of the water she continued to weep. and everyone was dead silent. Talk about amazing. Of course then I froze to death because I forgot my towel and flip flops for after ahahah but ya same ol me huh After such a wonderful day I had one of the hardest. I felt the spirit and I dont know maybe it was nothing but I felt we should go and visit this house really far away and my comp wouldnt have it we did not end up going and it just broke my heart I am going to go tomorrow as soon as my comp gets here. Their was also some other things that did not go well that day. I was very sad when I got home. I determined that if I was going to have my companion for another change i was going to fast. Because well I was really going to need some help.  What more can I say well we have another Baptism next week the sobrina of one of our members and the week after we have another I hope goes through. We are also in the process of marrying two people together and bringing the families of some of our recent converts into the church. I love our ward I´m super stoked for next change it will be a blast. A scripture I found was MAtt 16 24-25 woooh And something I though about after the baptism is the spirit and when we feel it is when God Lets us feel his love. I feel as though love is tangible and Gods love even more so. There is nothing better than watching the change someone goes through when they feel a confirmation from the spirit It is amazing. Something else that is Amazing are The ensign Oh my goodness me and The conference talks they are amazing Study them mark them up Love them. Well the Church Is true It changes Lives. Boy has it changed mine.  I love you all and pray for all of you regularly.  Elder Stewart-Chester

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  1. That's awesome that he has Jeffrey as his companion! When Jason and I were engaged, I was nursery leader and he was in my class. Boy, am I old! :)