leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, July 23, 2012

Peanut butter

Ok Dokey I have decided that this week my words will be short but the pictures will be many! I love you all so very much and it has been a very good week. We have such an amazing area and it is so wonderful to be with a companion who enjoys it as much as me. My new Comp is from California and actually there are 5 californians in Salto right now. We have been working very hard and we´ve been going in to some of our invetigators and just being super strait forward and bold with them we comitted a good number to baptism last week and now we just need to bring them to Church.  All the grey areas have been erased and we are 100% obediente and its feels good. We also had another baptism last week and it was the niese (however you spell that its easier in spanish) of a member. My companion came in with tons of faith and comitted her mom to baptism if she felt the spirit in the baptism and she really said she did and she came to church even though she was sick. We just have to help her to quite smoking but once they have felt the spirit they believe in the help of the lord and its a wonderful process.  Oh Hermana Wappler is not a sister missionary dont worry she is a lady in our ward who stepped on a nail with diebities and they almost had to cut up her foot becuase of infection and everything she is ok now they just cut off some of the fleash off her foot. All these foot problems has really oppened my eyes that I need to be a Foot Speciallist Grandpa. 

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