leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Letters in parts....

Bueno yo tego mas fotos para compartir. ¡espero les gusta!

Another week bites the dust and wow its Agosto in a couple of days while it is getting hotter there it has gotten colder here. I have been pretty darn sick the entire week and am now as of yesterday coming out of it, but still coughing up lots. Did not lose a day of work nor will I for that matter. did not sleep that wonderfully either. 

Well hmm I had a very interesting week. I went on divisions with a brazilian in our district last tuesday and it was very interesting. He cannot speak spanish very well at all and speaks super fast with tons of portugués mixed in and his accent is all portugués. But I have gotten to the point where I could understand him enough the investigators not so much. He came in my area with me and we had a very interesting day. lets just say that we had an investigator tell us they breaks some commandments in a serious way and we struggled with her to tell her that it is never too far never too late but she is very deep and actually denied the spirit she felt in the church... not good but there is still hope. Always hope:)   

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Ok sorry it is all in parts but the fotos are loading fast good news I have lots to send. 

It is really Crazy the Olympics have started I am kinda bumbed that I wont get to watch mush but I was actually in a house and saw the end of the  opening ceremony which was really cool while my Comp did some baptismal interviews for the Zone leaders Which are in our district. 

This change is a lot better we have lots of support from the Zone leaders who work super hard and our zone is completely filled with good hardworking elders. We have been working really hard on finding this week and have not found any of gold like we were finding before but we have some possibles. Brian who I sent pictures of last week remeber him well I am sure I told you but his parrents are well his mom is completely blind and his dad sees 40% in one eye. Well they came to church last Sunday!! YAY for the first time and I think they really enjoyed it. Hopefully we can make them a forever family:) they are wonderful people like my comp said the other day Catolina (brians mom) is always happy. She lives in a crappy part of town in a very small 1 room house kitchen bedroom everything in one room and she cannot see anything but she is always smiling....... 

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