leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, August 13, 2012

Montevideo in a day

Well Monday once again how the weeks zoom by. Today has been a crazy crazy day. 

We found out the other day that I had to come to Montevideo to sign the papers for my visa today so ya thats where I´m at took a bus through the night i´m like 6 hours away on a bus strait. So it was a rough nights sleep I have a bus back at 5 30 ... But it has been a really good day I pretty much saw all my buddies from the CCM all my group I hung out with them all day and learned about all of our adventures all over Uruguay. Everyone speaks spanish now. Ben and Matt really need not fear. Montevideo is a big city we have been wondering around since dawn I actually ate McDonalds which was honestly heaven because it is so different tasting from what we eat every week. I also Saw Elder Elliot again as his comp also had to sign. 

Please forgive me I have not read all the emails I mostly just skimmed. but I got the headliner.... Lifes very short here on earth I think about it a lot I dont know why I have a testimony of the Plan of salvation It just rings true to my soul. Like I already knew it long ago. I think about all the painful things I have had to go through and all the painful things I have watched others go through. And all I see is the hand of the Lord I really feel that every time I have suffered I have become a stronger better person. I still believe my life was easy I have so many strong heros and people that showed me the way and my heart aches for those who suffer enormously every day. All I know Is rest will come and when it comes we will be so much the wiser and stronger. 

I love you Fletcher You will outstep me by leaps and bounds stay strong and always remeber Justification is of the Devil hit everything head on and love the journey. I Know that one day Christ will rein. 

Well lets try and talk about the week. we are still struggling with one family to get them to Church They are so close just need to take one more step forward. We have a baptism this Saturday she is wonderful Completely blind and always wearing a smile. I´ll send pictures next week. It is wild to me how long I have been here in Uruguay I feel Guayen and understand and speak with a lot more ease. Oh I think Zone conference was last week too well it was awesome. I am starting to really know more people in the mission and I have tons of friends friends I know I will have till I die. 

The Package got here Wow Way too much mom It was so wonderful but be careful how much it weighs and stuff that was a little over budget to send no? I love you all so much and cant tell you all how grateful I am to have all of you. I feel your prayers and I honestly love it here. The lord has given me so so much I could never hope to give it back. 

Its gotten warmer Salto is warm and amazing I love my area I hope I do not leave but I am really thinking it is a possiblity. Who knows. The mission is definately the best decision I ever made. I love you all Soo much 

Elder Stewart-Chester

ps. The mail thing not too sure whats going down but I think things get through by Fedex

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