leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Friday, August 10, 2012

(clear throat)

Lets begin

Alrighty lets describe some pictures so some of the last ones are this little town were everything looks the same a good 1 hour walk into the Campo from our area it is a little scary we do not go there very often as there is not alot of people and missionaries  have waisted lots of time out there creeppy huh.

Um... k Baptisms
Estephani Gomez RĂ©           is the red head
Brian Fernandez       is the 11 year old he is the one who´s both parents are blind and actually right now we are working with his parents and they have already been to Church twice. They are wonderful and have the baptismal date as the 18th but have a lot of fear so We are doing all we can do and leaving the rest for the lord.   
Mirian Godoy      is the one who had the super spiritual baptism she is the super short one she is wonderful and is aleady preaching the gospel to all her family and friends we are also working with all of them! 
Angeles Gonzalez        Is the little girl who was our last batism here. She is really faithful and is always coming with Uncle she has a really tough home life and that is why I believe she was really looking for our heavenly father.

um.... Like I said peanut butter is the most sought after item here on the mission I have already thougght of selling it but I do not want it destract me from the work so I´m not going to. 

Thats all I can preatty much Remeber. 

Ok this week. Well I am all better now not sick at all. We had a capacitation with the APS and it was awesome one of the new APs is a legend and he is like taking over how we do things in the mission pretty cool stuff. We have Zone conference wednesday and I am super stoked I get to see one f my best buddies from the CCM. I still have not recieved any mail in sometime I think that this boarder thing is still going on Who knows I´m pretty bummed but oh well. 

Here in Uruguay we have these liittle shops called Almasins that have like everything and its all on every street well anyway we have one near are house who´s a young family who are just awesome. His father just died last week and we are beginning to teach him he is a wonderful guy It helps remind you what the work is all about.

I finished a Journal!!! thats right mom already I write every day so someday you´ll have a lot to read:)
I also have an investigator with Dreadlocks hahah he is a big dud too works in security very athiest but we´ll see how it goes.

Fletch I love you buddy thought about you this week I wish you were here as my companion. I dont know if your still president of Teachers but just remeber that you could be the difference between someone who is active there whole life and someone who leaves the Church. 
I love you All I pray and worry about you all in the world. The church is true Never forget it. And the priesthood is very real.
Elder Stewart-Chester

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