leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biking and splitting

SO most of my time has been filled with pictures I´m sorry I really am a super slow typer please forgive me. It has been a very good week Lets start with the news of changes well I´m staying here:) with my comp for another Change!!! WOOOh I love this area and my comp is awesome so no complaints whatsoever. 

I FINISHED THE OLD TESTAMENT....finally ahahah no it is amazing and I didn´t just read the old testament every week so thats why it took me a while. I learn so much more from the scriptures now its amzing I love personal study. Like i have already said Isaiah  is one of my favorite books of scriptures. 

This week has been one of learning and growing for sure I fall more in love with the mission every week. Great news with our family of new convirts they all attended church without problems and yesterday we taught an amazing retention lesson with all of them. They are wonderful humble and filled with desire to live the gospel. We reviewed El plan de Salvación with them and it was so wonderful to teach that one day they will both have eyes to see and will have glorified bodies. THey are the family in the photo:)

I really am filled with animo for this change I am ready to work hard. we have found quite a few good people in the last couple of weeks and we are really praying for them to continue. We are praying to continue finding and witnesing all these miracles we have been blessed with.  

I went on divisions twice this week one in Barrio Artigas with Elder Silva(from Brazil he was in the MTC in Sao Paulo the same time and my good buddy Elder Stevens) and truely it was a good experience. Elder Silva is a good guy a little difficult to understand but really tries to do well. That is the picture of me on the bike it was actually super fun butt hurt at the end of the day but no real complaints there. 

I also had an amazing Division with Elder Rivera in our area we went to one of our investigators and at the end of the charla she was in tears and excepted fecha and prayed which were things she would not do due to timidness. She is the daughter of a recent convirt Mirian Godoy her name is Florencia and is like 16 I think. She should be baptised this upcoming month. Elder Rivera is from Honduras and is awesome he is in one of the hardest areas in the mission and his stregth and work ethic that has been applified in this area is powerful. Just looking how hard he works gives me power to keep working hard. His area is huge and super poor and all by Bycicle. its really tought but they have a baptism next week.

we have lots of possibles and work for september.We also had an amazing experiece last week where we both just thought to go to a memebers house who is super sick with something terminal and we went with little thought on the matter and He asked us for a blessing of comfort. He asked me to do it. It was very spiritual Heavenly Father loves him. At the End he told us that Heavenly father had told him someone was going to come by. We were on the lords errand it felt more than good. 

Tate I Love you Very much be Strong and read the scriptures sometimes we feel alone But then all we have to do is think of the Lion King you know when Rafiki says "look harder" Heavenly father loves us all and Jesucristo is always there when you need him. I love you 

I love you all so much I love Life and yep there are a lot of pictures of detsroyed feet but their fine trust me.

Elder Stewart Chester

Ps I will write some letters

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