leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dear Loved ones, yes even you, well maybe not you, and yes expecially you;)

Well let me just say this week was filled with heart stopping intensity. But we´ll get there. First it was good throughout the week we had divisions twice with the Zone leaders and I went with Elder Lopez to his area twice. one was for divisions and the other so they could work through the interviews we were having. I learned a lot he is a very good elder and works very hard. They are really working to change these bad couple of weeks they have been having. Its always good to go with a Latino comp I felt my Spanish improve rapidly just being around them gives me confidence. We actually had a pretty funny experience we got into this house with an old lady who looked as though she was on a little too much medication.  After all of our lesson on how she will be able to see her husband again someday and God loves her . She agreed with everything we said but when it came to the commitment she said she would not follow an answer from Heaven Father, that our message was true but she doesnt like our church because its different than hers. Its probably because we do not talk about Demons all the time hahaha jk. Anyway she then at the end smiled very big and said he´s beautiful..... pointing to me.  They busted up laughing.  I was rather taken aback. I sadly dont think she was all there. Because well lets face it the Plan of salvation is Everything its the best news ever. 

THE BAPTISMS: The Familia Fernandez is wonderful but we began the week with Javier the husband having some doubts about self worthiness. So we worked hard on him and they both passed the interview with flying colors him and his wife Catalina. They are both wonderful people. Well Saturday came around and we found them very early in the church ready for there baptism, well she was. He was sitting on the steps still feeling scared and doubtful. He wanted to have everything wonderful between him and his wife.  He tries really hard but he does not like the argueing etc and was worried about all this and water.  He had never been under water(of course we found out the day of baptism). While my comp talked him through everything I ran around getting the last finishing touches on the baptism and would take others away from the conversation if they would go investigate. After a priesthood blessing of comfort, Which was an amazing powerful experiece as he sat there and just said WOW for like 5 min after the blessing, he felt the peace he needed and was ready and it was a wonderful day I baptised him and Elder McCrany Catalina. 

Sadly it is not the end of our troubles we showed up to church yesterday to find out that he had come early with his family and then left. He was no where to be found he was drinking mate outside his family did not even know he took off. I felt terrible but we prayed I felt peace and with 20 min left before sacrament. Our Quorum leader of Elders decided to go look for him at his house even though his family said he would not be there and in the middle of the first hymn we got a call saying he had him and they would be there in 5 min. Lots of prayers were anwered yesterday with the weather everything that happened. He was comfirmed and we are working hard to ensure that they can be a forever family. 

I cant send pictures I will send them next week with Changes we are in not a good cyber. We played dogeball with our district today I have a huge blood blister I ´ll send a picture next week

Anyway oh the Urgoest@gmail.com mission email thing is better for those who dont have the time to write a letter.  When they send it they print it off in the offices and send it to us here in our areas. 
 ahhh what else... Um we are still working really hard it has been raining like crazy here but Sunday there was nothing, a complete answer to our prayers. We are working with a bunch of the families that we baptised not too long ago and we are trying to make more completed active forever families. I still love the mission and all of you. I think the mail strike or whatever is ending soon.

I am bummed I probably wont pass by the cyber again today to get your letters mom Just know I love you all Time is flying. I Feel Spiritual comfirmations daily. Revalation comes all the time I feel the hand of the lord often. The True is true I wouldn´t be out here if it wasn´t.

Elder Stewart-Chester  

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