leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, January 7, 2013

Well WELL Well Can I just say I love it here

I spent the entire afternoon in Brazil eating hotdogs looking through american food and drinking Guadiana it has been a good day. I really enjoy it here. It is the first area I have been in with 4 elders and one of the elders in my house is Elder Nord who is my buddy from the CCM from Alaska. It is just great we eat great things and it helps because you can brainstorm in 4 for activities and things a long those lines.
It is pretty crazy here because everyone speaks a mixture of portugues and spanish called portuñol that sometimes kills me and I have no idea what in the world they are saying. I really need to work on my portugues. Here in Rivera half of the city is in Brazil and the other half in Uruguay so all you do is cross in the middle of a plaza and you are in brazil we are aloud to go like 6 streets in I think. But talking to cashiers on the brazil side was wow tough stuff I felt like I had just arrived here in Uruguay and did not understand spanish anymore. Its really funny even their spanish has a funny accent.
I live a little bit out of the main part of the city but it is really nice sort of like my 2nd area in salto with lots of dirt streets but its nicer and no bikes. We are acually in a branch this time and it is pretty stong. The truth is it could use some good hard wor, but I am ready for that. Here they have lots of things from the states food, electroniocs etc and they have tons of things from brazil super cheap because it is a border town. So basically I just keep running around like a little girl hugging all these cheap great things.
My comp Elder Minter is from California a city called yucapa and he is a super good guy who knows why he is here and wants to serve the lord. I find myself filled with tons of excitement that I have feltt I have lacked and fasted for in past changes.We have not too much investigators so we are in finding mode but we have found some good people and our main goals are to build the ward leave this area booming filled with success and strength in the branch.
Wow I was trying to upload pictures but it is not working so I´ll have to work on that another day. I was sad to leave Montivideo after such a short short time but I find myself better here and feel more needed in the work. My spanish has really begun to amaze me how much the lord has blessed me I speak a lot lot better then many with more time than me and I really need to thank the Lord more. I have had a pretty rough last change but i have become a way better teacher I have a long way to go but I know the lord had a reason to give me every companion I have ever received.
It was so good to talk to my family.   I havent said anything yet.  Im  not going to lie I miss them. I miss all of them all of you but itI would take a lot of bullet wounds to make me think about going home hahaha. No I love you it scares me how much you have all changed and continue to do so I am getting more and more scared for Tate to be 17 becuase that just makes her sound too old. I think of her as a 4 or 5 year old telling me that she was going to tell mom on me.  I love you Tate.
Anyway time has no friends and niether do my typing skills.  I love you all!  Be safe, love the Lord study the scriptures and understand that God understands it all thank goodness we dont have too.
"Home is Behind the Wo---rld ahead and there are many paths to tread"
Elder Stewart-Chester

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