leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, February 2, 2013

life in riviera



Dear every one of you HOw have you been these days?
I hear that there is a bad sickness going arround down (I think he meant up:) there? anybody sick? Ok first off to answer your question mom,  no I still have not bought new shoes. I went today to look. I  took out money and everything but I just could not find anything I liked.  I am very picky when it comes to futbol shoes. But I´m looking.

My week hmmm... it was a good one. I am getting better at understanding portugues. I dont speak it very much because everyone understands spanis, but it is really fun to speak. We say it sounds like spanish with your mouth full of food hahhaa. But mostly it is fun to speak the way they accent everything. We actually found a lady who only speaks portugues yesterday tracting in a remote part of our area.  yaaaa I know my shoes are detroyed.   Its just when you have something for so long you get attached.

Sorry all the different windows I have pulled up just phych me out trying to write this email is intresting.

I think I might pull a Ben and Matt today and write something spiritual, but first I´ll tell you a little of my week.

Something that happened this week that was super well awesome was we met a professor who was communist, a very open young guy. He let us in and we had one of the craziest lessons of my mission. It was one of those lessons where at the end you wonder to yourself maybe that was why I was sent to this mission. I felt God putting words in my mouth. bringing up things I had learned from my life and it was such an insane lesson. The crazy thing was yes he was comunist but he is Christian as well. He explained about how he believed that Christ taught communism etc. We talked about the law of consecration and prophets and it went back and forth. His wife was also there listening to us both go back and forth. We talked about Dogmas and how we both were dogmatic and so much I cannot put in an email. But in the end he said ok what advice would you give me and I just stumbled through my words until god just put the words in my mouth I talked about the will of God and how that is the most important thing there is and I invited him to read the Book of MOrmon... after that he was like wow that was so clever you left me no room to say anything. He literally was one of the best informed men I have met here. It was insane He may come to our church of of these days the problem is he goes to achurch that is very different I cant really explain it well in email but they believe in letting spirits mof light almost like angels into your body. So we´ll see where it goes from there. other things that happened were it rained the day of our activity after we had filled tons of water balloons and made a slip and slide so we had to change the activity.  Then we also saved a kitten in the street on divisions. I went with an Elder that recently began his mission. a really good guy but it just reinforced the fact in my mind that I am an older elder in the mission... crazy.
I also met two elders from the brazil mission today. Twas nuts.

Anyway, I have been thinking and praying about all of you my family much especially my family that has been on the move for the bazillionth time. First I´m ok with it I get in-state tuition. But I have been praying for you all. This morning I studied up about how to feel the spirit and understand where he needs you to go. As a people I think we worry so much about this searching and searching wanting sure answers but what I have found in my mission more often than not its just thoughts that jump into your mind. I have found that God works through small and simple things. There are things I cannot wait to do now that I am here and think about all of you. First will be to teach Fletch how to become the biggest stud before he even enters into the MTC. I have learned so much I cannot wait to bless the lives of others Fletcher, Teddy, Tanner and Flynn will all be the best missionaries in their missons. I have been thinking of way to send you comfort in hard times but all I feel is the need to send my love your way. Remember its another adventure another day and more lives to impact and make a difference. We spend so much time worrying about the stupidest things in our short lives but the truth is being far away I have come to realize that I Love my family so much and should´ve spent more time with each of them. I have found the importance of each and every one of the actions we do every day and how we can make a huge difference in the life of someone else just filling them with our love.
I spoke on Sunday and almost cried in front of our branch but the tears did not fall. I talked about Presidents Monson's talk in the Priesthood session about seeing in others how they can become. I teared up talking about about the love for the mission and for the amazing experience of seeing someone change.

The CHURCH IS TRUE. I know it I live it I LOVE IT. I love my MOM I almost cry in every lesson where I talk about how she put me where I am today. I love you all. I feel your prayers I hope you feel mine. Keep your head up and love the Journey like mom says!

Those are all the fotos of me and my comp in all the greenery.






countryside in riviera


   Brazillian Money....








Elder Stewart-Chester

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