leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Well Well Well

Every week I feel like it gets harder and harder to write home.  I have become so used to mission life that I forget what its like to not have 9 mice in your house, have to wash all your clothes by hand, and shower with and always use flip flops so I am never without shoes. You kinda just forgetting what it is like to be home you eat sleep and dream about the mission. 

This week... well... we worked extremely hard one of my personal opinions about the mission is people have stopped contacting knocking doors because Elder Oaks said we should work with inactives.   My last comp was big on this but now that I am here with someone who has never been in this area we hit the pathment hard between every lesson we had and well we actually found some pretty good people. I love to work hard I love to say ok 1 more house and then right after ok just one more. 

My comp is Elder Nilsson and yes he is from  Alberta Canada. He actually came with me to the mission at the same time but went to provo so I did not get to know him all that well. He is super Quiet yes Daniel Elliott more quiet than even you. But its good we do a lot more talking about those we are teaching and the mission and less talking about things at home. 

We found a person the other day knocking at 8:45 again:) that is when you find all the miracles right before the very end. The people are pretty evangelist here there tons of christian churches that people just set up in their garage and then they invite the neighborhood and they do lots of singing. My only complaint is I wish they sang better hahah. But it is good lots of work to do.  Our area is a little harder than some and we are trying to stregthen the branch but it is tough delicate work. There are lots that need to read Elder Bednars Talk about not being offended that is for sure. 

Being a District leader I am not going to lie is strange I was always watching my comps as they did it all and now I realize it is very different than than I thought it was. The Elders in my district are awesome I have been really blessed all of them are working hard. I will have to do my first 4 baptismal interviews this Friday which will be something new for me. and Tomorrow I will be teaching District meeting should be great I am going to use a lot of things some from the Talk from Elder Hastings that blew my mind it said everything I have ever wanted to say and more. and than also stories from Bro. Griner. and PMG. I´m exited. Wow that reminds me I have to do divissions tomorrow I need to pray and find out who.    

Something I´m personally working on right now is Charity and just blooking for the good in people and not talking about the bad. I have had some hard changes and it has made me hard in some areas but I find myself loving more serving more and just not telling  others the bad only the good. It is like the Tonge of angels talk by Elder Holland where he talks about how the tong controls everything. I Love the mission I love you all too. I think often of the people who have impacted my life in such small ways primary teachers. sunday school teachers so so many people. I think of Elder Rigby because to me he will always be elder Rigby GOd sometimes takes the best to be with him sometimes I feel. So its a good thing hge wont be coming for me anytime time soon. hahah. I love the Plan of Salvation my Companion and I were talking the other day about the world as a whole. We came to the conclussion that if people understood the importace of the plan of salvation the importance of all that the father has given us in his plan they would obey any commandment. And if us as missionaries could fathom the importance of what we are doing we would be far more powerful missionaries. We are here to save the world. I was teaching it the other day. we taught a teenager and we were saying it is as simple as this we are here because we want you to go to the celestial kingdom we want you to have the best be the best you can be.... 

I love the truth and the truth is the Church is true if anyone would read the Book of mormon and then go kneel in prayer they would know too.

I love you all be strong and lift others there are many who need it. 
Elder Stewart-Chester

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