leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, February 4, 2013

No pictures this week, maybe next week!

Well I really just want to tell you all that I love you all. I find it hard to tell you all why I am so happy all the time. I just am I love being a missionary if they ask me to go help open the China mission when I get home sorry I would have to go:) they wont do it but maybe.... 

First off next week is changes and it is going to be a really short change only 4 weeks becuase they are setting us up on the same schedual as the MTC and so we are losing 2 weeks... I have been waiting to tell you because well I dont really like it because well they are taking 2 weeks from my mission and well I want to extend my mission so we´ll see what happens there is a long time still until that time. 

any way where do you start about my week.... well we had interviews with presidente this last week tuesday and they were awesome I cannot really explain how my presidente is but all you have to do is picture one of the nicest men you know who is just filled with charity and then thats him. We spent the entire interview laughing.. you would think he would ask questions about my progress etc but just in the short 10-12 min he just talks and he asks about life and things about the mission often I feel as though he already knows he can tell in our eyes the spirit about us our love for the lord and that is how the interview is dictated. 

It is Hott!!! I mean Ben and MAtt definately have it worse but still the himidity kills It is my number 1 enemy here in the mission. everywhere you go soaked:) rained a bit though the other day so luckily its not too bad right now. 

We had a water activty the other day we used the water balloons you gave me Mom and we threw them across the feild with towells catching them back and forth. they loved it! huge success for sure. We were going to have a slip and slide but someone threw away the tarp we had bought and stuck together and so we could not make it happen the kids would´ve flipped they would´ve been so happy.

My companion killed a mouse the other day that was destroying our house. do you know one of those electric fly swatters that are like rackets? well he smacked it with the rackets and well yep killed it we had been trying to get him for a while. 

We had an amazing family home eve lesson the other day and I actually met an angel on earth her name is Victoria and she is 7 and does not have very good use of her legs she had a problem as a baby and well it  left her like that. She was the neighbor of an inactive family we are working with and we shared an awesome visual lesson with them and then watched the Scripture videos for little kids. they loved it. My comp and I  as we talked to this little girl that wants to walk so bad she has a walker thing and she walks around with the weels and support. She spoke way older than 7 and I was remainded often of president monsons talk when he went to this sick little girls house to give the blessing and they fell to the floor due to the spirit. This little girls faith was tangable made me look at life very differently I wanted to adopt her and take her home. She is an angel on earth.

WE are having some trouble with some of our investigators that just do not want to come to church so we are going to start leaving some strong commitments and then look for those the lord will put in our path. We are still teaching Juanita and she is awesome she is inviting like everyone in her family to come to church with her and to listen to the missionaries aswell. can you believe that Juanita likes like 1 street away from our house. Looks like we were ment to teach her right now.

Anyway I love you all be safe go on missions love the lord give the lord a little more each day and find those that are suffering and lift them up . Nothing is better than that in this world. 

Elder Stewart-Chester
ps. Fletch someone here in the cyber is playing mine craft game with all the cubes ya thought of you little bro

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