leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well well well changes...are you excited!!!!

Changes are here and well I´m staying here wwwwoooot 

I have a new companion he is from Canada his name: ELder Nielson
and I am District Leader crazy huh

Ya came as pretty a surprise to me for sure but I am exited for sure I love Rivera and I am exited to be able to help other elders in our mission. 

But that is enough of that I do not have much time but lets see this week was a tough one a tough one for sure honestly I think 2 thirds of all our lessons fell through this week for some reason or other. Right now it is the time of a giant Brazilian Holiday called Carnival which is just women in underwear or nothing dancing so everyone is on vacation pretty much and everyone of our investigators stayed up far too late saturday and destroyed our attendence in the branch. 

However we still had one heck of a charla with Juanita our best investigator for the moment. One of the most amazing charlas I think I have ever had in the mission. Our investigator Juanita has been talking to other family members about the church about all she has been learning and well she invited 5 family mebers to a lesson and we had a member and everything and we taught about the resteration and I have never had a group that big listen so intently to the message. The spirit was powerful and I think there could be an amazing new family in the branch. The intresting thing is they were all women just goes to show women are so much better than the rest of us guys. They look for the spiritual things so much more than we. 

Ok Now get this about Sebastian.. So he loves to go out and go to lessons with us and so we take him quite a bit we were trying to get him to bring a young girl to church becuase he is a studly guy but anyway. So after a couple of lessons fell through he asked us hey will you come over and help me with my Duty to God..... so we did this kid was baptised less that a year ago he lives with only his older brother who is 20 something and so we get there and he had already been doing a lot of it on his own. We asked his who he had been doing it with becuase you need more than 1 person becuase there is a part about sharing what you learn. He told us oh Mauro the only other active young man in the ward with a active family I couldn´t believe the goodness of that young guy. He has no one and is just so good by himself. I never got my Duty to god what a looser. Seba goes with a couple of other mebers and makes food and sells it so that he can go to the temple aswell. What an amazing kid no!!?? 

I gotta go I have things to do it is the last day for my comp here so I gotta go I also played with a baby pitbull ther other day
I love you all I hope you enjoy the photos I will talk to you next week 
Elder Stewart Chester

Views of Uruguay..

Zone conference....

But anyway some of the pictures yes I bought a sweet pancho me and my comp:)

So hot I come home sweaty and drenched most days!!!

um THe picture of the kid on the couch is Sebastian the one I want Tate to marry. I´ll talk about him later.

Our Bug Strip...yuck

  and oh that is us an average day on the Bus all crammed together. We take busses everywhere.

then you´ve got pictures of Burger king wooper it may not mean anything to you guys but to us here its gold.

 Brady said there are soo many stray animals dogs and cats...it is really sad, but the only positive is that they get to play with lots of puppies and kittens...This is his companion Elder Nielsen from Alaska
those are some families in the ward that are awesome.


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  1. He is so darn handsome! I miss seeing that face. Thanks for sharing the great pictures!