leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

welcome one and all....

Well I´d just like to say I love you all lots and lots. I am at a different cyber right now and its a lot beter but I cannot send pictures. I brought it all and everything. Anyway Christmas is in the air I am going to do Skype Christmas night 25th at about 8 o'clock my time. I am very exited did you know I cut my hair the other week shorter than it has been since that one time in UT and I was devistated hahaha.

 Anyway lets go through some key highlights this week:
First off the baptism did not go through:( but for good reason and actually it was president who denied the baptism. The problem is MArgarita the wonderful lady we are teaching, she lives in a house with her grandkids and her old partner. WE did not think it was going to be a problem because they are both pretty old and are more like siblings.  They are in the same house for the grandchildren. Her x partner was inactive from a long time ago but when the missionaries started teaching his grandson he came back in full force and is one of the best reactivated members I have seen.HE loves church. Anyway so we had some problems there and it did not go through but IT is only a mater of time and finding out what we can do for them we have a couple of solutions and we´ll just have to find the way to make it work.

Someone broke into the chapel as well and  stole a computer and an electric piano. It is sad how hard it is here to keep people from robbing things. All the windows of the church have huge bars on them and so they picked up the brick around it and took it off and broke into the secretaries office. WE think they have been in the chapel before becuase they knew exactly which window to climb in.

Fletcher...Dude remember that "Heman song" thing on You tube? Dude I heard that song here the other day on the bus and died laughing to myself:) made me trunky (miss home)

Did you know that Uruguay is over run with cats and dogs I have told you this no? well its the truth everywhere every house has like 4 dogs. But guess what that also means there are puppies and kittens everywhere here hahaha too bad they have fleas....I still play with them:) It literally is crazy though how many baby animals there are here.

Teddy and Bo guess what you know that Vegetales sing along song about the cucumber danceçing and singing. Guess what now I can sing that song and know what it says I was singing it just from memory the other day: "Mire el Pepino":)

Scripture of the week: Mormon 9:14 It talks about the impure staying impure and the clean clean. For me it reminds me of the importance of being happy in this life because the happy will be happy and the unhappy will  be even more unhappy. I will finish the book of mormon this week in Spanish how much I love that book and often find myself trying to find more time in the day to read more. I also found myself thinking of my saviour this christmas time... How much I wish he didn´t have to suffer for my mistakes but at the same time I just find so much love for him. I am amazed by his unfathomable love, stregnth and intellegence.

Anyway time is up I love you all like crazy oh my foot is fine not to worry and DAD we have DVD players in every house not to worry:) I love you all tons and tons be happy live everyday happy and make sure to tell everyone who is freaking out about the end of the world on the 21st that its all a bunch of balone.

This is a foto with Elder Viñas and our zone is Salto and photos from when I left Salto
 Elder McCRanny


Elder Stewart-Chester

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