leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, April 16, 2012

Ok let the fun begin

Important notice= Pday is tuesday next week because of tranfers so I
will write you then!

First lets see I did not really recieve any questions Uncle sean I am
very sorry I have not replied as of yet but your letter will be posted
well sort of tomorrow thank you so much for the email.

Its kinda crazy how life still roles a long while I´m here in Uruguay
I feel as though you are all with me going through all the same things
struggling with investigators the whole lot. I just get lost I guess
but Its a good thing. Hey do you think that I could ask to prolong my
mission only so long in the Mission:)

hahaha anyway oh I thought of some things I would really enjoy first I
want a pocket counter you know those little metal things so I can
count contacts super easy just click it in my pocket. and lastly I
need some easy short visial lessons for like a family home evening any
think you can think of or used in your missions let me know.

Ok this week where do we start well I had two devissions this week I
was up in fraybentos with the Zone leader to learn a bit and boy was
that great. we had a pinch perfect lesson like textbook worthy went
through every step and yet it was still comfortable and close. and he
brought members to everything which just rocked. It was a little nicer
than here but very hilly.

I also had a transfer with the the other missionaries in our city of
dolores and I went to their area again. so yes I was out of my area a
ton last week. but they have some pretty good investigators. and they
have this one section which is in the middle of nothingness you have
to walk out for miles to get out there and we walked out there very
late so the time we left it was pitch black and were just two
missionaries for a couple of miles(oh his name is Elder McCrany he is
from Laguna hills you may know his family mom) talking about fast food
hahah and all over is fireflies!! not gonna lie it was really cool.

Ok now for our week well we were hit by a friday the 13th that is for
sure our smoker dropped us she could not even come tell us herself
just left a note also Our amazing family with all those kids were
getting kicked out of that house. on sat. so we spent all that day
searching for a house we found one possibility but we dont think it
worked for them so we were devistated because we thought they had to
move back to the campo where they could not come to church. But they
just moved to there friends house and we have prosponed the baptisms
until the 28th I cant wait to send you that picture! We had lots of
people drop us this last week mostly because they are not willing to
keep commitments. One of our investigators told us that he talked to
his friends and found out we were going to make him stop smoking and
drinking and he informed us that is all he has. but now we get to find
some knew freash investigators seeking the truth.

We found a family yesterday who are awesome they have been taught by
the mmissionaries be4 but not the oldest boy who is 20 he is a great
guy but we think he cant read. I cant wait to teach him more you can
just tell sometimes when people are humble and more prepared than the
wild drunk ones that yell at us haha

Speaking of which listen to this so while we were doing our planning
and studdying on sat morning someone tried to break into our back door
which was chained. but we think he was stoned out of his mind because
when we yelled he slowly took off and hid behind a wall where we could
still see him hahah. next time he comes back I´ll take a picture or
video it for the cops and maybe I´ll send you one.

Oh we also did service on the pinicula I think I will be able to send
the pictures

I love you all!

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