leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

1st baptism

Ok First off thank you for all the letters and candy I am going to try and teach the plan of salvation with the sidewalk chalk I will tell you how that goes. Yes all the mail should be sent to the mission home if you would try and send it here to my house It would never ever get here! and boxes are better I heard than packages but idk. wow Its getting hard to not throw spanish in:) Ok mothersday already talked to President about it and I will be making two phonecalls but we are gonna use skype! so you will get to a Uruguayan house in the background! hahah from one of the members I know that both you Mom and Dad have it so ya thats the way we will do It. not sure what time yet we will figure it out and I will tell you next week. Man Its kinda crazy feels like I just left and now I´m approaching 4 months. the Baptism was awesome! we had 3 from our area and 1 from the other district. so 4 in total. I baptised Felipe the Boy the first one that lead us to the family in the first place my comp baptised the friend of the family mom, and her girl was baptised by the our Ward mission lider. What an awesome experience had to memorize it all in spanish and not to mention each person here has 4 names like us:) I was a very white baptism 8 in white:) We confirmed them on Sunday and the work goes forward. Now we just are teaching them the retention lessons after church one and we are going to try to bike out there again in the coming weeks. We are a little worried becuase here comes the chill it is really starting to get cold here it´s a lot like England but we do not have Insulation:) and we couldn´t use the heater becuase our como se dice in inglese our limit on Electricity was not aplyfied until tomorrow. I am very happy:) me and my comp get along a little too well I have a feeling I am going to get a tough next comp Heavenly father is bracing me. Well my comp is the New DL so today we went up to Mercedes for the Zone meeting and while he was in the meeting I got to play football. There was quite a lot of so it was actually pretty sick my shoes are still busted I am going to get them fixed this week when money comes in! Oh actuall something I kinda want is Stephans Hot Chocolate:) Oh and Stamps! We have a ward activity tommorow pretty stoked for that gonna eat tortas fritas and they all will drink mate haha. and probably more futbol. We dont have too many investigators right now so we have been searching high and low. but we actually have a couple of really amazing ones. We have this one lady Maria Ester that after seeing the change in her friends life (her friend was the baptism from the other missionaries in our district, She is awesome was athist her husband died but through the BOM she has a huge test) she said that she could see lights in her eyes:) well she is going through a lot of tough stuff too and so after our first lesson she said she felt peace:) she is awesome we did nothing the lord did all. Remember I love you All Big and Tall Except Fletcher he is OK hahah jk Dont worry about what to write me I like it all its interesting to hear of home remeber to ask me questions about stuff and can explain some of the stuff about Uruguay Like the Giant Pittbull Cimerons we have here!!:) I´m sorry I write slow Not long now and you will see my face on camera.

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