leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Joseph Smiths example of work

Well its that time of the week once again...... First off wholy cow that was wierd to read Ben and Matts Email about the CCM. I don´t think I could go back to fake investigadores. Uruguay is Better though:) ANy way lets see Questions from last messages No packages have arrivied as of yet but I have not given up hope I think that the office elders are going through them and taking out all the stuff they want hahah. hopefully tommorw I will get them. Tomorrow we have a class with president with my zone I cannot think of the word in English... pretty sweet. Next week I will be emailing Tuesday and will tell you what the changes are like and who is my new companion. pretty crazy it shoots by. Ben and Matt are about to meet their trianer and Become OROs and I have just become a regular missionary. Happy Birthday Tanner ANd Dad this week I will try to send a letter! but who knows when it will actually get there. First off we had a wonderful new member baptised and confirmed last week. What an awesome spirit he is and how much growth he has already had. A ton of his family turned out for the service. We are struggling a little with the mother she is so kind and nice feeds us agrees with everything we say but still will not come to church we go and get her and she tells us that she will follow us a little later and then does not show. We are really going to focus on members to hermanar. He is awesome loves church and hopefully he will get the priesthood this week! the rest of his family will follow him in the month to come. Their older brother has returned who I am conviced is a future missionary. Consejo de Barrio took some really strong steps in the right direction this week. We were really pleased their was just a lack of functioning well in the last ones that this one really helped becuase we have some good new convirts and some inactives that really need to be talked about more. We had a really Spiritual experience with a wonderful inactive man in the ward this week. He was a missionary here in Uruguay and has lost his way for some time. The missioaries have always gone by because his daughter is on the action list. But we have just been spending some P-day´s at his house learning to cook Empanadas and just becoming really good friends. The other week he informed us that his family member was gravely sick and in the hospital. He asked for us to pray for him and we invited him to fast suday and to fast with us for him. We didn´t really expect him to come but we fasted. He talked about faith and the importance of faith when we pray. well we went by this week to stop by and we just started talking outside I asked how his family member was doing he again talked about faith and how we need to have it in blessings and prayers he told us of a mission experience he had  where someone in his house gave a blessing trying to heal someone and they tried to heal the boy but after he wept and wept because he told them that was not what the spirit wanted him to say. It wanted to release him. The boy died.  He told us how he prayed for his family member and felt a peace. then he thought of him self talked about his testimony how he still has a lot of faith he broke down in tears telling us that he knew that he lost so many blessing for himself and his family and how he had really hurt his family. The spirit was very strong I cried with him. He told us how he wants to come back. We fasted for him the next day, and he still may not´ve come to church but he is that much closer. I love him very much and his family. Lets see we hit the goals of excellency this week which is pretty sweet but it feels bitter sweet because you always know that you have other investigators who should´ve come to church and diddn´t. We are teaching this family of Catholics right now just lovely people it is a little hard becuase If we push too hard they step back and say we are catholic we love for you to come and blah blah but we watched the restuaracion with them sat and she the most active we think really felt the spirit!! something Awesome about our mission is that if you baptise afamily that gets sealed in the temple you can go down to Montevideo and go through with them. You have to get it in your first year becuase they have to have been a member for a year to be able to go through. I was a little bit under the weather yesterday but thanks to the example of José Smith Dad always showed me I will always work on like he did even after he was tarred and feathered. I feel better today. I think it is because I figured out I can by 100 pesos worth of potatoes then reinberse it and then I can eat french fries for really cheap but I think I will try to stop that as of now. THe church is true I love it here!! Oh and Mom I am not quite sure how to do it my Comps mom just ordered them from the Distrubution center here in Uruguay and they sent them here I only need like 2 or 3 pairs. Elder Stewart - Chester

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