leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Empanada recipe;) can't wait

Well they day afetr mothersday:) Now we have to wait till christmas for the next one but by that time I will already have a year! the time goes by far too fast! I think the biggest shocker was Tanners voice wholy cow I feel like I am going to come home and there will be a little man there Telling me how to opperate the newest 4d TV´s:) Also Baby Flynn is Crazy I feel like I knew him a little though from all the pictures wasn´t too big of a shocker seeing him:) I was super surprised How hard it was not to speak in Spanglish I am so use to talking to my comp and all the Latino comps know bits and pieces of English so ya. Anything I forgot to say.... Ok so last week was a pretty good one we have a wonderfull family that is progressing right now wonderful people  one should be baptised the 26 the rest to follow the 2nd and then Changes!! it flies by. Um We have Zone conference next thursday which should be super awesome! we are going to another zone because you conbine with 1 or 2 other zones for it. So we are going to Paysandu and I am super stoked. I am gonna by these super cheap trucho(fake) Raybands from the market you can get there! awesome. Also I get to see one other from my group in the CCM and see how his Spanish is coming. Oh and all the OROS (greenies) and those who are dying bare there testimonies so I will be doing so this week pretty cool. It kinda screws up our work schedual though we do not have thursday for lessons. Oh I forgot to tell you On the mission you completely overcome all fear of singing infront of crowds. Maybe because it is in a different language or maybe because many many are tone deaf but ya I have already sand infront of intire ward off the Pulpet Come thou fount in Español:) I thought to myself wow Mom would really want to see this ahaha. I am going to take a picture with the Cimeron Puttbulls we have here ahaha they are Illegal in the US because they are too violent but here they are Everywhere. I will try to get a picture as soon as I can. Today me and my comp went to one of our favorite Inactive families in the ward And she taught us how to make Empanadas!!! I wrote down the recipe they were so good! I´ll make them when we get home. You learn so much Practicle things when you are on a mission. from cleaning to plumbing and comunicating and reading when people are lying to you and cooking its crazy I am so grateful for this experience. My spanish Is coming Cant wait till I dont have to stop anymore and ask my comp what Is this in Español. Mom I think we did a really good job with all my stuff my watch is boss and Honestly I feel ready for anything. Lets hope I dont get robbed huh:) I love the Lord the Church Is true and the Spirit is tangible the more I humble myself and search for the spirit I am so much more in tune and It is a powerfull thing. Our first Convert you guys just have the picture of her just got diagnosed with cancer again she has undergone treatment be4. her sun has Luceamia and her duaghter ran away the other day.... never think life is too hard we had a powerful lesson with the other day... She is a strong bright convert  I love you all until next week!!! Elder S-C

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