leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Joy in the journey

Ok this one Will be for the rest of the stuff. First off oh man Dad sounds like a flipping blast we will have to return! And no none of the Packages have arrived as of yet I am hopping they get here tomorrow! we will see don´t worry they will get here its just what will they take out I thought a good idea would be to put a mother mary sticker over all the slits they would have to open might deswade them even more. Well This Semana was A really god one I learned A lot. We began the week by giving Fechas to all of our Investigators one by one And all were really looking up and well. But this week was a little crazy with the Traveling to Mercedes for Stake conference and so many lost there Fechas. But the Truth is we have some really good Families we are working with here. we have 1 baptism this week and this kid is awesome! he Knows by memory the Story of Nefi and just from his sunday school class Alma and abinadi. He is such an awesome kid. He comes from a pretty hard life father passed away he is 1 of 13 kids and only the yougest live at home and he lives in a pretty rough part of town. He is super stoked for the baptism and is already well intigrated into the Barrio. He was the best fellowhipper in our entire ward to the the olther elders Investigadores. His family is coming along a little slower then him. But they are so wonderful the mom has some troubles with some of the cammandments but we´ll get there. Our Golden invetigator is really struggling she is having some family crisisis and so we havent seen much of her. But we are conviced that with some help from the ward she we be an Amazing convert. I learned a ton From last Zone conferenced and both me and my comp. really returned with knew ideas and feeling spiritually edified. We are really going to work with our ward these next couple of weeks and change who we bring to our lessons to really help the Investigador. So we are going to switch lunches with the other Elders and get to know the other side becuase at the moment we have been a really split ward and we have never got to know the other side. Zone Conference was awesome there was only one Elder from my CCM group but it was good to see him. we are both about the same in Spanish. Met one of the best baptisers in the mission he is like a legend its pretty funny he refuses to contact only works through members and inactives. We also got to ride a bus ride all the way to Paysandu It was like a mini bus very uncomfortable but awesome because I got to my Zone a whole lot better. I sat right in the middle of all the Latinos:) I also had two Elders tell me that they hope that they get me for a Jr comp. made me fell really good. Today we went up to Fraybentos and played futbol was awesome our Zone Is the Best. The Church Is True!!! Love Elder Stewart-Chester

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