leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day skype.

Spoke to Brady today for Mother's Day.  Highlights:  He kept sayin "K" instead of what.  He spoke beautiful Spanish.  He seems very happy and the little boy in the back kept running back and forth accross the screen.  He is getting cold and so I'm going to get him some thermal underwear:)  He laughed when he saw his chubby little baby brother.  He talked about playing soccer and that the children are all ball hogs:)  He talked about feeling like a baby sitter because they have to try to help the members and the investigators keep their commitments.  He showed us lots of hand movements...(using your pointer finger go back and forth with a no no no sort of movement.  Meaning go away we're not interested.  He said when you put your thumb to all of your fingers, face fingers towards the person and rock your wrist...that means...pourquay?  Why?  What the heck?  He said that Bo and Teddy look different already and commented on how tall fletcher is and that his hair looked funny.  He seemed to get a little choked up when he saw the baby a little bit.  His hair is really long and he said that an inactive member cuts his hair...they're working on getting her back to church:)  We sent him these funny easter glasses months ago and he said that this one catholic woman who shakes her finger at them has been visited three times....they joked that this next time they are going to wear the glasses we sent him.  Maybe she won't recognize them.  He said that his area is not as rural as some others.  He said he loves his companion and is worried that his next companion will be a lot harder because he has been so blessed this time.  He said that since they are in a city that it is really used to missionaries and that everyone knows who they are and so it is a little bit of a challenge because they think they've heard it all.  He said they are mostly Catholic.  But used his hands to show quotation marks to say "Catholic"  meaning they are not really.  He is also said it was very secular.  He said that Tate writes him the most next to me and that he loves mail day more than p-day.  SO WRITE TO HIM if your reading this:)  Anyway, I think the best part was just hearing him laugh and seeing his joy in the journey.  I am so grateful for that boy..Why did I get to be his mom?  I'm so lucky.  Happy Mother's Day to me!

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