leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Monday, May 28, 2012

Testimony: get on a mission!

But this is for all the rest of you that are not on missions yet. first off: Take out your endowement as soon as you possibly can Honestly the protection is real I get emotional thinking about it. Temptation is about to hit you very hard in these upcoming months and garments are amazing. 2nd you know its true. WHo are you kidding Read Alma 32 an amazing passage of scripture Faith is not a perfect knowledge. I really wish it was It would make life a lot easier but I think It is part of the Challenge. It is one of the things We teach Every day How to recognize the spirit and I really have started to really Feel the prompting like a solid Pounding in my heart! Search your feelings everytime you pray and make sure to wait and listen. THe Church is Flipping True! 3rd leave as soon as you possibly can. Honestly that is what everyone says. Everyone. minus my companion he likes to study:) you will find more and more excusses to wait and go later but why put your life on hold. I know that I am in the one place in the entire Earth that God wants me to be! 4th Don¡t compare yourself to anyone else It doesnt work we all have such different trials and faith comes a bit here a little here for some and some just know their whole life. One thing a wonderfully strong with spirit missionary from Australia told me after I bore my testmony in The CCM that he thinks that for us that grew up in the church around so much of the spirit it is hard for us to recognize it as easily as those who breath it in for the first time. 5th bare your testmony and when you do plan out what you are going to say just say what you feel and the words will come and you will know where you stand and there will be tears.  I Wish I had a stronger testimony Every DAY but the truth is Life is a trial and often we learn precept on precept. I read the Entire BOM and I prayed And my answer didnt come and I prayed again and again and again and again and I recieved something small a Scripture in D and C but I wanted something bigger and that is What I told The Stake President In my Interview I told him I felt that I needed TO pray for Entire day in the Woods Like Enos. And he looked Me in the Eyes and Told me i ALREADY KNEW and I balled.  Go on A mission! I love you 

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