leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All My Loved Ones

Well I have not come to a conclusion here whether I stay or if I go quite yet this week I will be in the temple praying and i'll find out then. But until then whatever happens will be the will the lord. 

Today I am sitting in President's house hanging out with his family. It has been such a good day and made me feel like I was home with you all once again. We even had a water fight. you know how much I love water fights. Well I am so happy to hear from you all the truth is I miss you all and this thanksgiving I just want to tell you that truely I could not ask more from God than the family I already have.  You are all amazing I love you all so much. and everyone who wrote, thank you.

My thanksgiving was great just to let you all know as well. There is a missionary senior couple that work in the offices and they cooked an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for all of us in the offices.   It was fantastic. Some day when I'll tell you all more about all my journeys. ( ps from mom: I hate when he says this!!!!! I want more!!!!!)

The truth is there is no time whatsoever. But just to answer some questions really fast I am soooooo happy!!!! I love it here.  I have been so blessed by the Lord. We have a stake conference starting shortly and today was the birthday of one of the AP's so we are eating with everyone here in the mission home.   It is great forgive my short letter I love You all.  

I am with Hermana Smith right now and she wants me to tell you that You have an amazing son and that she is so happy to have me closer here in the mission and she said if I did not write it in she would take the computer and write it for me.

Elder Stewart-Chester

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