leaving on a jet plane.....

leaving on a jet plane.....

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Time flies when you are saving lies

Well folks I as usual am running a thousand miles an hour today with lots of things to do and not enough time to do it. I did not read your email yet. So i´ll read it after. I love you all though can I just tell you. I cant believe I will be with you in 2 weeks !!!!! What!!! Lots to do before then though. 

Lets see this week was Crazy we like Ben had the visit of a 70 called Elder Gonzalez this last week which would definitely have to be the highlight of my week.  We had to do preparations and we had half of the mission together  here in Montevideo and the other half in another area. It was nuts,  but wow did we learn so so much. Elder Gonzalez is a 70 from Uruguay so it was special for him to be here and he loves the Football team Pe├▒arol and talks about it all the time in all his talks and everything. The big focus was helping all the missionaries understand that they needed to baptize. Something that has happened is with so much of a focus on working with less actives missionaries have forgotten to branch off of them and look for investigators. I am not going to lie working with less actives is changing Uruguay so many are returning to church. However there are more that need the restored gospel and lots of times missionaries forget to find and help those who do not know the truth. Lets just say Elder Gonzalez came down and said exactly what our mission needed to hear. It is so amazing to me how perfectly he clarified everything we needed to do in the scriptures. He is known as a master of the book of Mormon and lets just say he lives up to that name. I was dumbfounded on many occasions. As he showed us a scripture in D and C 39 that the lord is telling a man that he has to be baptized. Within that same month he disobeys the commandments and goes inactive. He asked us after why did the Lord himself ask him to be baptized if the Lord knew he was going to be inactive. He told us we need to listen to the spirit do not, not baptize someone because you feel they could go inactive but baptize them with faith and do everything in your power to keep them active if they live up to the requisites. It was powerful stuff. 
Something awesome he told everyone in the middle of his talk, with the 5 zones, was he said (as he was talking about the importance of learning English in the mission) "The assistant with the really long last name  speaks really good Spanish" that was me :)

Today we almost went golfing but yet again Uruguay sees the need to close the entire course when there is a tiny tournament..... Jerry was not happy. We are making a BBQ in a few hours for a small branch in an area in our mission called Carmelo that has turned itself around and are bring the largest group in history to the temple they have ever brought. It is a miracle. They have had lots of trials and the work there was very slow but The Lord is hastening his work and the elders and sisters there are doing miracles. So president asked us if we could help feed them. 

We also have had some spiritual experiences lately with a lady who wakes up crying and is trying her absolute hardest to quite smoking and after attending Church the other week she told us she had stopped crying. God is a God of miracles. 

We are teaching some amazing people I wish i could explain it all in detail but their is no time. We are teaching this one teenager who my second day here we had a lesson with him and he went back to church he is such a stud and now we have him memorizing all the scriptures in the scripture mastery program. He lives so far from the church in some hard circumstances but gets himself up early for church and brings all his siblings. Super stud.  

What else can I say. I  got the calender of chocolate from mom and the chocolate from Henry, Molly and Fiona.  Thank you all so much I am  so grateful for everything I wish I had more time to write and tell you all personally but even as I type my companion is telling me we have to go. 

Know that I love you and am excited to sit down and give you my testimony in the skype call christmas. Thank you for loving me I Will see your happy faces soon . 

Elder Stewart-Chester

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